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6.21 - 'I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime' (The Vampire Diaries)

Oh my goodness! I actually got it up before the weekend officialy started for most of you, huzzuh!!!

Once again, I totes loved it. So, so, good. Well, of course, except for Jo. And on that note: YES! Halleluja! Do I hear a chorus of angels?! Nah, not quite, because I'm not sure she's dead-dead. But still when she was suddenly invisibly stabbed from behind and then Kai appeared I literally shouted "YES!" I kid you not. (And when Kai asked if he was missed, I said: "Yes!")

I'm not sure that was the response they were hoping for, but it's sure what they got from me. So freaking happy! But seriously how could I not be? I mean, was I supposed to find Jo's anxiety about her shoes and dress, etc. amusing? I did not. I found it annoying. I find her annoying. So can she please to be being dead, pretty please?!? If she is not, oh, my precious Kai, you will have failed me! You were supposed to be like Raid and have killed her dead!

Pretty dress, though. Also pretty dress? Elena's. Damon had that right. It was quite lovely. I did not *like* the straightened hair, though. Boo! Especially when it was so, so pretty earlier when she woke Bonnie up from her prophetic dreams. (So nice to see those coming back, uh huh! And, aww, Matty believing in her. Luff him!) Oh, yeah, speaking of Elena, let's get to her and Damon. Gonna bullet-point a bunch of thoughts.

- At first I was upset that Elena was the one behind Stefan pushing Damon to not take the cure but then I realized it was because Elena loves Damon so much and she believes that he truly doesn't want it and she is sacrificing what she wants for him because she loves him that much. Awww!

- OH MY WORD! When Damon was about to tell Elena his decision and then he flashed back to seeing that cool car driving up, of course, we all thought it was ‘Ooh, I'm a vampire, I have all of these cool tricks up my sleeve, I can just compel a cool car, etc.' But then it turns out that he saw this older couple who have been together for 40 years and they're still in love. And that's what he wants. He wants the possibility of that with Elena and my heart just turned to utter mush. When he told her "I want to be your husband, your partner, the father of your children," and then the kiss and the lighting and the setting and the camera pullback and all of it and I was AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Before we got to their next scene with their clothes dropped all over a hayloft and there they were sexing it up in a pile of hay! BWAHAHAHAHA! I love it! I love them! And you know, I *am* happy with what we've gotten with them this season, dangit! I had whined a few episodes back about how we hadn't had enough Damon/Elena, but then I told myself (well, all of you, telling myself) that maybe good stuff was coming. Boy, was that the case. Think of it! We've had since then:

- Adorable bathroom-in-towels stuffies.
- Their first ‘I love you's' without her memories with the lovely kisses by the fountain.
- Elena opening up to him about what she wanted as a future with them if they were both human. More sexy, sweet kisses.
- Elena not getting upset with Damon about the cure, but being totally understanding. Her deciding not to take the cure to be with him, and then him telling her that he'd take the cure with her. Which was basically a proposal. And it was so awesome and amazing.
- Damon and Elena on the clock-tower.
- The recreation of the Gilbert Porch. We got another freaking Gilbert Porch scene for goodness' sake! And it was awesome and beautiful and I LUFFED it!
- Damon talking about the first time he kissed her.
- Elena getting her memories back. And I don't care what anyone says, it was freaking awesomely done!
- Including us seeing a part of their first date (which we never saw before). And it was soooo cute!
- Another hero-carry!
- Elena's first reaction to being human wanting to passionately kiss Damon. Which she did. And you know what it was? It was awesome!
- Damon telling Elena he wants to be her husband, be the father of her children while they're standing at (literally) a wedding altar.
- A hilarious, sexy quickie in a hayloft!
- Making goo-goo eyes at each other across a bride and groom during wedding vows.

All of this in FOUR freaking episodes! Seriously! All of this stuff and this, I tell ya, was the true, absolute definition of epic. DUDES! Freaking awesome. If we did not know that Nina Dobrev was leaving, every single Damon/Elena fan would licking all of this up with a spoon and swooning with delight because it is freaking awesome. Stupid, stupid, stupid crewmember—and no Julie Plec did *not* want us to know. :RME: What she is saying now in interviews is what the industry refers to as “damage control." However, I refuse to NOT enjoy all of this Damon/Elena delicious awesomeness because that is exactly what it is... awesome spoon-licking delicious awesomeness!

- So I still think that I'm possibly right and that someone else is gonna have to drink Elena's blood, but now I'm thinking it's Bonnie (or, ugh, Jo! Because, yeah, alas, I don't think she's dead-dead, please let me wrong, please let Kai have done the job right)... unless, they killed Elena. But I really, really, really doubt they did. Cuz that's just stupid. And I really, really, really don't think these showrunners are stupid; I think they are awesome-sauce.

I still think that she'll be trapped in an alternate universe or maybe kidnapped somewhere, etc. and we only see her every now and then or towards the end. We'll see the other characters still mention her, talk about her and she's a driving force for Damon and her friends. That will work... but actually killing her off? Nah. Viewers won't accept Damon with another love interest and you don't have someone like Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore and not have him without a love interest, you just don't... but a love interest that he's pining for, desperate for his love who is separated from him, yeah, that works.

- Speaking of Ian Somerhalder... he killed it, I mean, he JUST KILLED IT in the scenario where Elena was killed. No dialogue, just Damon walking around that empty room, but the emptiness and desolation just radiated from him. So, so good. I love that the show knows they can trust him to do something like that, no dialogue, no emo song playing, just the tight direction and his wonderful performance.

- And speaking of those scenarios, oh, my heart. Damon bought a place for him and Elena in New York, a loft over a bar—just like Elena wanted. He DID think it through. *sigh* My heart is all aflutter!

- I liked Elena and Alaric's talk, but in retrospect, the whole "I feel alive" sounded like very doomed foreshadowing. But, eh, it's just a tease.

Moving along from Elena to Caroline—who looked SO gorgeous at the wedding. Her dress, her hair! So pretty! But let's move away from the shallow, shall we? Oh, Caroline, my baby girl, I'm so proud of you! As much as I want my Stefan and Caroline together, she was so, so, so right and she was so, so, so strong and I'm so very proud of her. She put herself first and what was smart and right and best for her and, honestly, for them in the long run. She does need to get herself in order and that means being in control and she is at her least in control when she's in a relationship, especially in the early stages. So good call, Caroline, as heartbreaking as it was.

- Hah! Stefan/Elena are soooooooooo beyond over that Stefan could actually *joke* about a brother swap to her. BWAHAHAHA!

- Aha! What I said about Damon and Stefan, and Stefan and Caroline all played into my theory about what I said last for the episode that I foresee happening next season. Hmm..... We will see. We will see, indeed!

- So, I said above that maybe Bonnie or Jo (ugh) might wind up drinking Elena's blood… and I so could see Elena and Damon deciding doing that for Jo and Alaric if they have to use vampire blood to save her and she gets turned or something because the show has been trying to act like they're some great love story we should care about. (Spoiler alert: We don't.) But I have another theory that was prompted by one Mr. Stefan Salvatore!

Or Damon *does* drink Elena's blood and he *does* become human and *then* to punish him for lying to her and keeping her "family" from her, Lily with the help of Kai traps Elena in 1903 to separate them. Uh huh. Then we would get a season of human!Damon without Elena. I had honestly never considered the idea that we would get a human!Damon next season, but that certainly would be a surprising twist.

That might have been the very reason we got that comment from Stefan describing what Damon was like as a human and then comparing it to before he found himself as a vampire. So maybe we'll see what human Damon (the sweet guy that he was) is like now that he's "found himself" and what that combination will be like.

And you know when you think about it, Damon would probably be better as a human than one would imagine. Because as a vampire, the human characteristic that seemed to have been magnified was his lack of self-worth, and that made him pretty awful as a vampire because he had an "I don't give a fuck" attitude. If he didn't care, you couldn't hurt him. On the other hand, Stefan's whole schtick of 'the world revolves around me' was magnified as this act of martyrdom which made him want to be better as a vampire.

So Stefan actually is a better person as a vampire while Damon is worse. Sure, he has better control, but he's an asshole. Yes, we all love him, but he is an unrepentant dick. He's mean to everyone except Elena. He treats everyone with disdain and mockery, even his best friends. Whereas Stefan tries to be good, tries to be a good person (even if he fails at times), he still tries. So I think that as a human, now that he's found himself, his self-worth, does have friends, does have the love of his life, Damon would be a pretty damn awesome human.

- You know what really struck me in this episode. I believe I was wrong about Matt's arc. I had a sadz when Matt basically said that he and Bonnie can't trust Damon (not trusting Stefan I didn't care about, because duh!). But Matt was right, and that's when I realized that I was probably wrong when I was saying that Matt was seeing the vampires in black and white. Because he does see the shades of gray since he hasn't cut out Caroline, Damon, Stefan, etc. from his life. He's just smart enough now not to completely trust any of them because he sees them for what they truly are... monsters who can flip on a dime and kill him and anyone he loves if the flip is switched.

I guess it's not just Damon now who is the show's truth-teller; Matt Donovan is as well.

Vampires are monsters which this season has gone to great pains to remind us. Caroline, Lily, Stefan have all shown us the dark side. For some it's just a flip of a switch and you're killing people or even just coming this close to doing so, even those you love. For others, it's just a few more drops of blood, a loss of control and people are dead. Yes, Damon and Elena could have eternity together, but something happens, something goes wrong, a flip gets switched and one or both can easily become that monster again. Vampires are monsters. They aren't the good guys. Even if we love them, vampires are the bad guys. That's a pretty heady message for a show where most of its leads are vampires. (Have I mentioned how much I love this show?)

- Liv cut her hair! It is not… very flattering. She looks better with more hair. The dress is cute though. Speaking of Liv…

- Tyler is an asshole! The sky is blue!

So, great episode. I loved it. I have loved this season. My only complaints are Bonnie could have been used more. I was disappointed in how Damon and Bonnie's friendship was shown once she came back and what was the freaking point of bringing Alaric back if they weren't going to write Alaric Saltzman? (Who knows? We still have one more episode left to explain him.) And, of course, ugh! Jo!) Other than that, I love it all, everything else. One more episode to go! Woohoo!! Awesome-sauce!
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