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6.20 - 'I'd Leave My Happy Home For You' (The Vampire Diaries)

I am so sorry this is so late. So, so sorry! I just wasn't able to get to this after the show over the weekend. Although, I'm glad I didn't because the one niggle I had with the episode, I figured out and made so much sense to me after the weekend was over and I just didn't have time to write the post during the week. But I have it done (although it's not as thorough as it normally would have been, and no gifs) before the new episode is airing. Yay!

I loved, loved, loved this episode. But of course I did. My beloved Rebecca Sonnenshine wrote it (with Brett Matthews, true, but Rebecca is the key!). Plus I got something that I’ve been waiting for since season 04. Hallelujah, Elena Gilbert is human once more. I know, I know, so many didn’t want that because Damon and Elena are supposed to have an eternity together, blah, blah, blah.

But.... They. Do. Not. Want. That. They don’t want it. Elena has never wanted to be a vampire. She never has. Ever. Even when she told Alaric that being a vampire was OK it was because she would be able to have forever with her soulmate, (Damon).

What she wants is to be a human, get married, have children, grow old and watch her children have children and then she wants to die someday in her old age with the man she loves (Damon) by her side. That is her first choice. That is what she wants.

And what about Damon? Damon wants to be human too... we know that; we know that he does because when he was at his rawest, most vulnerable he revealed that.

Damon: Hi, Jessica. I have a secret, I have a big one and I never said it out loud. I mean, what’s the point? It’s not gonna change anything, it’s not gonna make me good, make me adopt a puppy. I can’t be what other people want me to be, what she wants me to be. This is who I am, Jessica.
Jessica: Are you gonna hurt me?
Damon: I’m not sure because you are my existential crisis. Do I kill you or do I not kill you?
Jessica: Please don't.
Damon: But I have to, Jessica because I’m not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world! That is my secret but there is only so much hurt a man can take.
But, but, but you say... what about what he told Elena in "Into The Wild," the very memory that Elena recalled that she told Damon about? Well, I’ve mentioned that before and I’ll go over it again. Look at the dialogue from that scene as well:

{Damon turns around and starts walking away.}
Elena: Take the cure with me. [Damon stops.] That's how much I know this is real. That's how certain I am that I'm going to love you even after this is all over. Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together. Grow old together. This doesn't have to be hard anymore.
Damon: {Still facing away from her.} That's not me, Elena. That's Stefan. You know, I used to miss being human. Now I can't think of anything more miserable on Earth.
There are three key things to take from this. The first is that Damon turns and walks away and even after Elena makes that rather shocking request, he doesn't look back at her. The second is the mention of Stefan. The third is the callback to Damon's existential crisis in "The Descent" referenced by his "I used to miss being human." Let's break those three things down.

So I've long said that Elena asked Damon to take the cure with her was her essentially proposing and whaddya know? The show agrees. Check out this line between Elena and my favoritest character ever, Jo: "So, basically, Damon did the vampire-version of a wedding proposal, and you just walked away?" And what did Damon do? Oh, that's right. Damon basically said that after Elena took the cure, he would take the cure too to be human with her.

See? A proposal. Ah, how well I know my show. But moving along. So back to "Into The Wild" when Elena did propose to Damon. Instead of turning to face her, Damon kept his back to her and instead of feeling any joy from this question, he felt only devastation. Why? Well, we then move onto number two: Stefan. At this point, Damon still truly believed—hell, EVERYONE except for Elena truly believed—that once Elena took the cure and became human again she would return to Stefan. Her love for Damon was not real; it was brought on by the sirebond and would dissipate once the sirebond was gone. As a human, she would be incapable of loving Damon. As a human, she had chosen Stefan and it was only as a vampire that she had turned to Damon. Once she was a human, she would run back to Stefan. So anything she said now about loving him, about wanting to be with him after she took the cure meant nothing because once the sirebond was gone, she wouldn’t love him, wouldn’t want him anymore.

And so he couldn't face her. And so he lied to her... by lying to himself. And that’s where number three comes in. We deliberately got that line about missing being human which he specifically, so heartbreakingly confessed in "The Descent." Damon believes that Elena does not love him because it's all the sire bond and he loves her so much that he wants her to be happy. He believes that her happiness will be with Stefan and so he tells her what he has to believe himself. That being human is not what he wants, not what he is. That it's Stefan, that being human would make him miserable and what he once said (in the show's timeline less than a year before) in his darkest, most honest hour is suddenly no longer true.

And even now, he’s convinced himself of this. After all this time of being with her, of loving her, of her loving him. And maybe if they have time—which of course is what Elena is giving him—Damon will realize this and will tell her this. But right now, he hasn’t even gotten this himself. He wasn’t honest with himself back in Novia Scotia and so how can he be honest with Elena now and such a rushed circumstance? Of course he can’t.

Now I’m jumping into some speculation. I think they decided to go with drawing out Damon’s realization a bit (which, while frustrating, *does* make sense and *is* in character considering all of Damon’s self-worth issues) in light of Nina Dobrev’s series regular departure next season.

We have to take into account the Damon and Stefan relationship. As important as Damon and Elena are, Damon and Stefan are important too and while the Elena side of things is all but settled in the matter of love, when it comes to Damon and Stefan… well, not so much. But more than that, things are not settled for Stefan’s heart period. Damon has found his soulmate. He no longer needs his brother to bear eternity. He truly can be happy and will feel that he has lived a fulfilled life having a complete human life with Elena, get married, have kids, grow old together.

Stefan doesn’t have that. He still needs Damon to fill the empty void of forever because he doesn’t have his other half. He *could* have that with Caroline, but right now, things are so beyond not there, so all Stefan feels he really has that's a definite is Damon. Their relationship has to be in a good place before both brothers can have their happy ending... and if Stefan is not settled in a place where he can be happy with Damon’s happiness—which means that he has found *his* soulmate—that won’t happen. And this isn’t about Stefan being selfish. It would be the same were the positions reversed. To love a family member that deeply (as the brothers do love each other that deeply) you can’t be truly happy unless your loved family member is truly happy themselves.

So *these* are the key things that I believe the next season will be about. It will be about bringing the brothers back to the relationship they had before Katherine came between them. It will be about getting Stefan to the same place with Caroline that Damon is with Elena. And it will be about having Damon without Elena and seeing that, even as a vampire with all of the nifty vampire tricks is not enough, that an eternity without Elena doesn't mean anything. And he will realize that his whole spiel about not missing being a human was just a cover-up for his fear that she wouldn’t love him if she was human.

So where will Elena be? I think that the cure won’t be available for Damon to drink but rather that someone else will drink Elena's blood (as Mama!Salvatore threatened to do, maybe even her) either taking it from her or more likely as a no-vampire-saving measure—meaning it will be Alaric (thus all the foreshadowing discussion) OR Matt!!! Yes, Matt will wind up being turned into a vampire and because Elena knows how very much he hates it—thus the reason for that hospital scene—and well, everyone knows (including Damon) how much Matt does not want it, Matt will drink Elena's blood.

Which brings us back to where will Elena be next season? I go back to my earlier theory which is that she will be stuck in 1903 somehow (through Kai and the Heretics arc). Then by next season's end, they will manage to get her... AND the 1903 cure. Damon will drink it because Stefan will then be in a better place to understand why Damon wants to take it, Damon will know that he wants to take it, and Damon and Elena will get their human happily ever after. Yuppers!

That’s my theory anyway.

But about what has actually happened, well, as I said at the top. I loved this episode, I truly did. I must have rewound that scene from the two of them on the porch (WE GOT A GILBERT PORCH SCENE AGAIN!) from the moment Elena drank the cure until Stefan called about a gazillion times. Now that… that, my friends, is what you call freaking epic. It was just… oh my heart, be still, my beating, freaking, overflowing, hyperventilating heart. So beautiful. Just all of it. Everything. From her getting her memories back. To wanting to kiss him. To throwing herself into his arms. To the way she looked at him. And the way he looked at her. To the hero-carry (again!). To him recreating the Gilbert porch. To just gah! Every single moment. To just all of it. The memories flooding back. And just so freaking awesome and I loved it so much. I just really, really, really did. It was so beautiful. So, so, so beautiful.

OK, I’m going to be lame from here on out and just throw the rest of my thoughts under random because this post is so incredibly late. I am sorry, so, so, so sorry, but at least I’m getting this out there before the next episode airs!!

- Someone pointed out in comments after my last write-up, that was how Damon would get the cure, makes sense (I still like 1903 idea too and am using it for my theory. See above!)

- The only Alaric scene that I liked was the Damon/Alaric scene... go figure! I wonder why... let me try and put my finger on it. Hmmm.... Well, let's see the two actors had chemistry. They had history. I buy that they aren't a forced construct by the writers to make me believe in this relationship for some reason. Oh, and the actor playing opposite Alaric isn't a wholly unapproachable, unlikable one.

- I kinda love Enzo now that he's a real boy and not just a blank canvas that flits in and out of scenes with witty lines and revenge plans.

- Matt was next to Damon for the bachelor party!! (I will take ANYTHING I can get, OK!!!)

- I loved Stefan's smile just hearing Caroline's voicemail. Awww!

- When Tyler told Matt he realized that by being a deputy he could kill someone, I was like, see, trust that the show would get there. It makes sense that Tyler hadn't thought that through right away. It *is* Tyler and Matt, after all. Not exactly a brain trust here.

- So, yeah, remember how I was all cool and kinda liking Tyler oddly enough the first half of the season because of Tyler and Liv? Well, apparently without the "And Liv" part, it doesn't really work because seeing Tyler in this episode I had an immediate, 'ugh, Tyler!' reaction and all of the words coming out of his mouth annoyed me, and his face annoyed me, and I just wanted him gone, like dead, forever. So, it really was all about Liv making Tyler palatable, I guess.

- Hah, see this is why I need to listen to my own advice—I complain about friendships not being shown, what happens... shit-ton of friendships this episode and when you think about it and the time-frame and all that's been going on, IT DOES make sense, plus, new writers are the ones who have been letting us down friendship-wise, my gorgeous Rebecca Sonnenshine co-wrote this one, of course she'd give us lovely friendship stuff. LUFF HER!

- On that note... OK, so they can give us scenes of Bonnie and Damon being mean, manipulative and hurtful to one another, but not Damon calling Bonnie up, pouring his heart and soul out to her, her being his listening board and there for him? OK then, cool. NOT! Although, I was very glad to hear that they're all BFFs again, still! I guess we go back to what happened in "A Bird In A Gilded Cage." That's just their relationship—they fight really badly and then once they get the anger out, they probably go, 'Uhm, my bad, sorry, we cool? Yeah, we cool, so this is my latest dramaz.' And then gab like besties. Uhm, OK.

- I'm just assuming that Bonnie will be fine. She better be. And I'm really hoping that next season we'll see a much better, stronger, heavily featured storyline for her. That's all I'm gonna say.

- Ian Somerhalder looked gorgeous, Nina Dobrev's hair looked gorgeous. I know I keep saying this, but damn... those things keep striking me. (Oh, on the Dobrev note, this was the first episode since the news leaked—can we say damage control, Ms. Plec—that I didn't think of the fact that Nina was leaving until the episode was over. What can I say? I am so this show's bitch, not even real-life TVD sadz can affect how much I love it for long.)

- When Lily walked in to diner, I immediately perked up and thought, 'Ooh, please kill Jo. Please, please, please! Let Matt's advice to Alaric have been foreshadowing, pretty please!' And then she did not! Ooh, I hate her!

- Damn, Lily was going to kill Stefan. Beeyotch, I hate her!

- *sigh* Jo and Alaric—so boring. What else is new. When he told Jo that she and the babies were all he cared about, I was like duh! Seriously show why did you bring Alaric back if you were going to take away everything that people loved about him: His bromance with Damon, his quasi-parental, not-so-skilled guidance of Elena and Jeremy, his badassery? I do not understand. I truly do not.

- When Stefan told Damon he was being a dick by not mentioning taking the cure to him because it would be hard for him and Damon said that's why he didn't, I thought of course Damon would think that because he is aware of Stefan's feelings (duh). And then when Stefan said that Damon wasn't letting Stefan have a say, I thought: 'Oh, Stefan, that's so you. You don't get it.' And I shook my head, because of course he doesn't. Because he doesn't realize that the world does not revolve around him and that not everything is about him. Silly, silly, selfish boo. Oh, Stefan, don't worry, I still love you.

- O.M.G. when we saw Kai I smiled, and then when *he* smiled at the end there, I was all "Oh, Kai, I've missed you so much!" Is that bad?

- It's the checklist, yo—add one more. Definitive proof that even as a human, yuppers, Elena loves Damon! AHA!!!!

- I loved, loved, loved all of the talk of fantasy vs. reality and how Damon and Elena... yuppers, they are the reality. Yes, they are!

So I really did love the episode. I thought it was awesome. And, of course, all that I wrote in here, spec-wise could be completely proven wrong in a handful of hours, but hey, that's part of the fun, right? I think this has been a great season for the most part. And I'm still in it for the long haul. I have faith that the show is going to handle things (including Nina's departure) the best way possible and in a way that works out even for Damon and Elena. I have faith!
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