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6.19 - 'Because' (The Vampire Diaries)

Barely Friday morning and I already have my write-up here, what is this world, right? Anyhoo, thoughts behind the cut, not many gifs.

I continue to be very numbly bummed but still overall positive with what will be the final outcome, but this episode had some issues that allowed me to express a frustration that has been growing. Which will be expressed forthwith at the top and comes out of my dislike with what was one of my favorite relationships on the show. So let's get on with it.

I don't like what they've done with Damon/Bonnie, there I said it. The relationship that I loved so much when they were trapped together on the prison world and then seemed to still exist when she returned has seemingly evaporated. Even though, they made up so quickly after that first fight, it seems that the closeness is just gone period. The friendship is gone. But, hell, isn't that pretty much the case for *every* friendship this season? Damon/Alaric? Bonnie/Elena? Bonnie/Caroline? Caroline/Elena? Matt/Elena? Matt/Tyler? Damon/Enzo? Damon/Jeremy? Damon/Matt? Matt/Jeremy? Any permutation you can think of… it's gone… Well, other than Damon and Liz in the episode or two before she died, but that was before she died. And sure we saw Stefan and Caroline's “friendship” given a lot of attention, but that was all about taking them to next level. What happened to paying attention to the friendships and their importance on this show? It's really, really disappointing.

Also disappointing is how the whole cure discovery and the scenes leading up to it played out. I am sorry, but I'm not buying that Damon wouldn't have given her cure. Not for this long, not keeping that information for her for days. I just don't buy it. Damon loves Elena more than anything; he always puts HER wants first. For a little bit of time, yes, he'd swing back and forth over the thought of it… but not for this long and not walking away from the ascendant like that.

It's just so frustrating because the whole thing could and should have been played out differently in a way that would have led us to the same point and had everyone in character and been awesome. But as it was... it was just SO WRONG! All of it, Damon, Bonnie, Elena, all of it was wrong. Damon should have told Elena about the cure, she's upset, yes, that he didn't tell her sooner, but they don't have time to talk about it now because of Lily's blackmail so they go to Bonnie. Then the three of them could have discussed it together, all of them concerned about the situation and trying to figure out what to do. Then Elena would have said, no, I don't want the cure, basically what she said at the end to Damon, and then added... especially not at the risk of these Heretics coming back.

Cut to… Damon comes back to the mansion and the final scene plays out as it did. Elena goes upstairs and what do you know, the cure is still there, surprise, surprise. Lily is a beeyotch. Final Damon/Elena scene, then they hash out him not telling her about the cure beforehand and the rest of the scene plays out as it did on the show. And we get the same result. Isn't that all SO MUCH MORE in character? All around? Yes! Yes, it is. And it doesn't screw up Damon and Bonnie. It doesn't make Damon once again betraying their friendship. It doesn't make Bonnie so mean to him and not even try and see his point of view. Plus, it puts freaking Bonnie and Elena in the same damn scene together. Again, disappointing and frustrating, because they didn't do what I suggested, they did, well, what they did. And Damon and Bonnie are once again in an awful place. But at least Damon and Elena are not. Small favors, right?

I did like their scenes, I did. I just can't care right now and be all excited because I know that Elena won't be here next season and so… yeah. I want more now, and I'm getting to the point that I know others are feeling where I'm angry because they knew it was the last full season with Damon and Elena, so why didn't we get more with them. Why not? I want more. And I'm really, really pissed off because I really, really feel like if I *didn't* know that Nina Dobrev was leaving that I would be loving these scenes because they are confirming everything that I believe and have been saying about their story. But it's not enough right now.

Still that last scene was great and totally unexpected. I thought we'd get another quasi-break-up, honestly. I really did. But Elena was understanding, and not only that, I was totes completely wrong. Even with her memories gone, even with the cure right in her hand, she said let's give it to someone else because I would prefer to be with you than not. And just like that, Damon automatically said, ‘no, you are going to take the cure” because it's what she wants but that he'd take it with her.

It also proves once again that Damon just has to lose his insecurity when it comes to her because Elena does love him as much as he loves her and she's going to choose him. It's just especially hard for him right now with Lily there, reminding him of yet another immensely important woman in his life who didn't choose him. However, Elena *did* choose Damon unconditionally again, even without her memories. So maybe this time it will stick. And whatever happens, even without Nina Dobrev as a full-time participant next season, Damon will finally be fully confident in her love at least.

Ugh, if only they hadn't done the earlier scene with Bonnie like that and instead done something more like I'd lain out. It would have been SO MUCH BETTER. I think. *sigh* Or it's just me being upset. I'm trying not to be bitter and complain; I'm trying to find the positive and focus on just the episodes and the here and now, but it's so hard. There's a part of me that doesn't even want to write these until the season is over and I feel better about this because I don't think I'm being fair to the episodes, and the individual scenes. I don't know.

I do know that I still think they're going the route with Matt that I described in the last episode write-up. We'll see if I'm right or not. Nothing more to say there. However I will say that I had a bit of a scare at the end that it was Matt who was in the car at first who came up upon Lily and that she was going to kill him. I was never so happy to see a random person before on this show before. Phew!

Speaking of Lily! Well, my dislike of Annie Wersching as an actress is starting to come through a little bit, but my utter and complete loathing that I felt for her during her stint on 24 hasn't yet, so as long as we're only in a mild state of dislike in moments here and there, we're good, I suppose. And I don't think we're supposed to like Lily so in that case, we're really good. Because, yeah, I do not like her.

However, I do like how this story with her is playing out. I like this discord she is sowing with Damon, the little shades of Damon and Stefan both that we're seeing in her and it's clear now where they get those aspects of their personalities from... that's a cool little bit of writing. I like that even though Enzo clearly understood and forgave her for the non-abandonment, he still immediately tried to get her to see the Salvatores as her family now and saw that she's not quite all there.

Yet, at the end—because he does believe in loyalty—he came when she called him. So, we'll see if his loyalties wind up becoming divided at some point in the next few episodes. And, of course, what will happen with the beginning return of Ripper!Lily. And how it will affect her sons… especially the one she infected with the ripper gene.

Ah, yes, Stefan. First of all, I can't believe Elena was stupid enough to actually give Caroline the letter, I mean… really? Wow! And speaking of stupid… why did they vampire-proof the bed and breakfast? After they'd knocked her out, why didn't they just nab her and Stefan and take them back to Mystic Falls and throw them in cellar and remove their rings? I mean, really, why not? I mean, compelling a whole staff, putting up iron bars and setting up watches and stuff… why go to all that trouble? I do not understand at all. Can someone explain that to me? Did I miss something? To be fair, my hockey team is in the playoffs and there was a game on at the same time that I was watching in between commercials so my head wasn't on there.

Moving on… I did enjoy the Stefan and Caroline scenes, as always. I liked that Stefan didn't want to be with her when she wasn't herself and that's how Caroline figured out that his switch was back on. I didn't like that Stefan didn't go after Caroline in the end because he so should have. She really doesn't need to be alone right now.

And that's really all I've got. I guess I'm still numb. I just can't fully enjoy the show yet. And that gives me a sad. :( (Stupid crewmember, and yes, florencia7, it was a crewmember. This news was *not* supposed to come out yet.)

- Jo and Alaric, still boring as ever. And, I finally give, maybe I'm wrong and Alaric is just supposed to be an asshole to everyone except Jo this season and we're supposed to love it. I don't; I don't know anyone who does and haven't heard of many who do.

- Again, Ian Somerhalder looked really, really good. And Nina Dobrev's hair looked fabulous.

- The hallucination and especially the flashback of Liz broke my heart. But the worst, guh, the part that just gutted me dead was when Caroline told Stefan to show her the vision again and he showed her the ending when he was walking out and Caroline ran up to the door as Liz was walking away. Caroline was calling out for her and then in the present she cried to Stefan to bring her back, bring her back and her told her that he couldn't. Just heartbreaking.

- Also, what I particularly liked was how we didn't actually *see* Caroline's switch come back on. No close-up of her eyes with the blinking. Rather we just heard that plaintive cry for her mother as Stefan was showing her the vision and that's how we knew that her switch had been flipped.

- I also liked how Stefan knew she wasn't going to take his hand, but was playing him by pretending to do it, but he knew she would stab him and he used *that* physical touch between them to get into her head and show her the memory of her mother. Smart Stefan.

- Oh, it wasn't said, but obviously they're gonna get that 1903 cure. That will be the plan. Uh huh! Or, they are both gonna drink this cure... but I thought that the cure was just one dose for one person, so, who knows?

- I know I said above about Damon and Elena scenes that “I did like their scenes, I did. I just can't care right now…” well, that's a lie. I so lied like a rug. I do care. I did smile and enjoy their scenes and when gif-ing that first scene (the final scene was surprisingly not gif-worthy… it was really all about the words and what those words meant, and of course, the delivery), I was just struck by the uber-cuteness and touchy-feely-ness and adorableness and it was really just aww!! See!


*sigh* So adorable and precious and I do love them so!

So there were definitely things I really liked, nay, loved! in this episode, but those two huge-ass glaring things really bothered me (the logistical and, more importantly, character-related one). Still, I did love the Damon/Elena scenes and I do look forward to see what happens. And I have faith that things are going to work out for the best.

I just want the friendships back, and I want more Damon and Elena and I want an explanation for Ric--which I am beginning to fear won't come and that they've brought the character back just to ruin him :( So I don't know. As always, this writer, Melinda Hsu Taylor, is kinda hit and miss with me. She can do some great stuff, especially when she has a co-writer, but on her own... she has some big character miswrites. This one did it again. Still... look at those two and how precious and adorable they are?!
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