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6.17 - 'A Bird In A Gilded Cage' (The Vampire Diaries)

Another episode (before another hiatus) of The Vampire Diaries and here I come with a more timely write-up. Yay!

Happiness is not a look we are all too familiar with seeing on one Elena Gilbert. So much so that after the last episode there was much discussion in my write-up and especially in the comments that followed about how she seemed a bit off in some way. Watching this episode, I realized that it was because Elena Gilbert was happy and we're just not used to that. No, she does not have the memory of shared history with Damon, but she obviously feels very deeply for him. Also, yeah, it is possible that aspects of that lack of shared history may be coming into play in how she's approaching things because a part of Elena's growth as an adult was tied into her loving Damon.

Elena matured and grew so much as a person; she was willing to look past the surface, not just blindly accepting things at face value. She was willing to no longer just bury her head because it was easier (ala how she was during her relationship with Matt—what we know of it—and definitely when she was with Stefan). For instance, without those memories of who she was, how she grew, it made perfect sense that Elena was not going to look deeper into Bonnie's issues upon her return, into the fact that if Stefan has a niece so why doesn't Damon know. It makes sense that Elena isn't looking into *anything* that's going on with more of an adult perspective because she's now facing situations as more of an older teenager rather than as a young woman. Because Damon and the experiences that she shared with him helped make her a woman, and without those memories, she's not quite there yet.

However, none of that erases the fact that the so-called change in Elena is simply because she's happy. She's with a guy that she really, really *really* likes and there's no dark cloud hanging over her head for the first time. There's no great weight burdening her. Think of it. Think of the entirety of when we've known this character. The only time we've seen her happy without anything weighing her down without guilt as her constant companion was the first episode in season 05. And that was it because in the very next one she found out about Stefan being locked in the quarry. Right after that she found out that Bonnie had been dead since before graduation which lasted for a few more episode before, yay, Bonnie, came back but then... Elena killed a friend and then, Damon and her were kidnapped and she found out Damon was still killing people. Then Damon broke up with her, and then Katherine took over her body. And none of her friends realized it! And then the Travelers were coming after her and Stefan. Oh, and her and Damon were still broken up until the last episode. And oh, yeah, he "died."

So, yeah, that's why Elena seems different. Because she's happy and it's been for more than one freaking episode for the first time since the show began six years ago! Yes, yes, she was upset about Bonnie, but she knew that Bonnie was alive and that they would get her back. (And, fine, she was sad about Liz, but it was more of a peripheral sad because Liz was Caroline's mom and Damon's friend, but more just someone she knew who was in her life, but she wasn't really particularly close to her herself.) So, her friends are alive, Jeremy's safe as far as she knows and she's with a guy that she knows behind the mental barrier is her soulmate and what she *does* know, she really, really, *really* likes him like A LOT! So, the girl is happy.

Yeah, Caroline and now Stefan have their switches off, but it's not on her. It sucks, but it's not her fault, and they aren't her responsibility. They are her friends and she will work with the others to do what she can, but as we saw in this episode, she can push that problem off on someone else in their group (in this case, Alaric) because, it's not really *her* problem. She cares, but she can still get hot and bothered with her boyfriend because he's her priority and she's allowed to have her moments of happiness because the weight of the world is not on her. She's happy, yo!

Even last week with Bonnie and Caroline, it wasn't that she didn't care about Caroline or Bonnie… it was just that Elena is now a happy person. She's lighter, freer, so instead of taking the weight of the badness around her to rest so heavily upon her, she's doing what she can and delegating. She's only one person, and a young woman at that who has to have her priorities. She was already focused on helping Caroline—who had turned her humanity switch on—when Bonnie unexpectedly showed up and was all 'yo, I'm fine! Let's handle Caroline.'

And this week, Elena did what I had mentioned during the last episode, she told Damon about Stefan. One of the things I had commented on was how little a time frame the last episode was so in retrospect it was unfair to ding Elena on not communicating with Damon about Stefan. Clearly, judging from this episode, she called Damon as soon as she got off the phone with Stefan and Caroline. She was clearly in the middle of a crisis situation with those two in the last episode and it does make sense that she would be keeping in contact with them right then and there.

Plus since Elena was dealing with the Caroline situation with Stefan, it also makes sense that considering Damon's relationship with Caroline, Damon was simply not burdening Elena with his mom situation in those hours when stuff was going down. So I concede that I was jumping the gun in overanxious shipper worry because there clearly was no communication issue in this episode on that front at all. Especially when thinking back, Damon knew what was going on with Caroline so it's likely that Elena had filled him in on the situation with her.

I try to remind others who worry about things getting dropped or things not going "our" way that this is not a one episode, one arc, one season type of show, but that the entire series is telling the whole story. And I forgot that too, letting myself lose sight of the fact in my post that just because we didn't see Damon and Elena communicating in this episode didn't mean that they weren't communicating period. Especially since in the previous episode it was Elena who had helped Damon with the eulogy, and a few episodes before that they had talked things out before making love. (If that discussion had just been better written, grrr.)

I honestly think the fact that the last few episodes have just been so Caroline, Liz, and Stefan/Caroline heavy and Damon/Elena-light because of the focus being on the Caroline-story based side of things that it may have slipped the minds of Damon/Elena fans that things have actually been fine with them. Which this episode definitively proved, I believe.

Now, I will admit I did wonder what in tarnation was going on at least two times during the episode, but the final scene cleared all of that up nice and tidily. First, when Elena turned to Damon and calmly, blithely told him that she was going with them to the 1903 prison world because she was going "to meet the woman who gave birth to the two epic loves of my life" I was all 'whu?' that she would so, you know, calmly and blithely say that to Damon. I mean, yeah, he respects that Stefan and Elena had a relationship and never tries to make it anything less than it was (and even thinks it more than it was, pfft). But still… Elena so casually calling Stefan an "epic" love to Damon like that and so casually putting the two relationships on the same level like that? I was all, hell no, Elena!

But, you know, that's a result of an Elena with no memory of all that's happened with Damon. She just doesn't know. She doesn't get it; she doesn't know how that can sting just a bit. And then there was her mistaking the picture of adorable baby Stefan for baby Damon. Firstly, this means nothing—my brother-in-law mistook a baby picture of mine once as my sister's. It totes meant nothing. It's a freaking baby picture. A lot of babies look a lot alike. Alas, this is a television show, so… the dramaz! And that on top of the "two epic loves of my life" comment made me go… what are you doing, show?

I mean, I know absolutely, positively that they are *not* going back to Stefan and Elena. I have beyond zero doubts of that. Like no worries. So, I'm sitting there going, why, show, why? Are you that desperate to give the Stefan/Elena fanbase something to cling to? Really? And then the final scene happened and I was like 'ah! I see.' I really should stop questioning my beloved show. I really should. Because, of course, it all makes sense. As does that (terribly) written scene from "The Day I Tried To Live" where Damon and Elena had their whole discussion about if Elena was human would she still choose him. Uh huh.

Yes, yes, I know some people are upset about the cure being brought back into play. I am not. Not in the slightest. Look, I said it back when it happened and I sorta, kinda, mostly got over it, but I still maintain that I feel we were cheated out of experiencing human!Elena with vampire!Damon. If this is going to allow us to have that, then damnit, I'm all for it. I want to see a human Elena choose Damon. Definitively. Even with everything that has happened that is the one thing that the Stefan and Elena fanbase still cling to as their never-ending proof that Stefan and Elena are the one true thing in a way that Damon and Elena aren't. You see because Elena had to die to choose Damon. (And I still maintain that isn't the case… she chose to say goodbye to Stefan, not chose Stefan, thank you very much. Ahem.)

I do think this turn of events is going to give hope to the Stefan/Elena fanbase (I mean, really, how can it not?), but as I've been saying I swear that Caroline Dries has a checklist and she's going down that list knocking off points against Damon and Elena. And this is the biggie. So, Damon gets the cure… of course, he's going to initially hesitate. Of course he is! Especially after Elena sweetly, adoringly affirmed forever to him. But we all know that he's going to give her the choice of the cure. Again, of course he is.

And this may be where the reason they've kept her memories locked away for as long as they have comes into play. An Elena with her memories has already shown that without the option of Damon also becoming human she's not going to take the cure. With everything they have been through together, Elena only wants to be human if she can be human with Damon. That is what "Graduation" showed us. She had the choice and she chose to give the cure to Stefan. Stefan gave the cure back to her, Elena chose to shove it down Katherine's throat. She decided her life was with Damon, either an ordinary human lifetime or a vampire's eternity, she's going to share her life with Damon Salvatore. It's basically Damon or bust.

However, this Elena doesn't have all of those memories and she's already told Damon that, hey, I'll choose you so it doesn't matter if I'm a human or not. She's not thinking of long-term like the Elena who loved Damon soulmate love. Sure, this Elena is happy and really, really likes Damon, probably even loves him. But she's not forever, sou-mate, I choose eternity-with-you in love with him yet because they haven't had those moments, those experiences. So, this Elena would choose to be human, right? Right. And it wouldn't be about Stefan. It would be about Elena.

The Elena of "Graduation" was thinking about her future as in Elena and Damon. This Elena, I don't think would be thinking that far in advance because as I stated above, she's not quite as mature, as deep-thinking, as forward-thinking as the Elena who matured and experienced the depth of things as the Elena who lived and loved with Damon is. And she doesn't have that kind of love with Damon yet. So, yeah, I could see this Elena taking the cure easily.

The only thing, of course, is that we know that with the cure comes the inability to be cured with vampire blood and the chance to ever be a vampire again so that comes into play as well. I wonder if that will be discussed also.

Still if Elena does decide to take it I wouldn't complain because I've wanted to see human!Elena and vampire!Damon forever, plus it would give us the definitive answer that, yes, human!Elena would choose Damon. (So take that!) Of course, there's a big part of me that still believes the endgame for Damon and Elena will be the two of them both human at the end of the day. It's what she wants; it's what his secret wish is and he's only revealed it that one time, but that was real, it was too raw and painful to not be real. So we will see what happens… but if it does with Damon at least, I don't expect that until we get closer to the end. Until then, well, again, we will see.

In the meantime, how about this end. Damon and Elena… and Stefan and Caroline… getting down. Let's just say it, this cutting back and forth between the two was much, much more enjoyable than the last time we had such, huh? And come on, you gotta laugh, seriously. So many were bitching about the fact that Damon and Elena's first time was intercut with Stefan and Caroline, and here they had Stefan and Caroline's first time intercut with… Damon and Elena. Not nearly as bad, but still. I mean, come on… how can you not love this show? I just—I just love it so much.

I do want to talk about Stefan and Caroline. Of *course* I do, but I'm still riding on the Damon and Elena train right now. As I said above, we had Elena clearly telling Damon about Stefan flipping his switch. (No, obviously she didn't tell him about Sarah, but was now really the time? Nah.) And Damon told her all about his mother since she'd handed Caroline-duty over to Alaric, so they were communicating (yay!) and operating as a team. No, he didn't tell her about the strand-Kai plan (but, Damon tends to keep most plans as close to his chest as possible because he knows this Scooby gang well), and he did tell her soon enough.

So that was all good. Plus, really, Elena was adorable and so just happy to be with her boyfriend! Sure, she mistook the baby picture, but then when she found out which was the right one, she snatched it to take home with her because she wanted a baby picture of her boyfriend! And that's just so adorable! And she was just all sweetly smiling at him and just looking at him so like she loves him. And she may have been talking about his mother, but she did affirm to him, to Damon, that they have forever with no maybes or possiblys and that's something that she never managed with Stefan.

Then, of course, there was the making-out which was really uber-hot. I mean, like uber-uber-hot. We had hair-gripping, flesh-groping, deep, open-mouth kissing (even if you couldn't see because of the camera angle, you could tell by the body language), legs encircling, necking and just this overall feel of passionate frenzy and intensity. It was hot.


So, so, so hot. From beginning to end. The first sweet kiss, to the more passionate kiss that followed and then the cut from Stefan and Caroline with Damon lifting her onto the counter-top where they were really going at it when Damon noticed Bonnie in the doorway to that final, long lingering kiss before she left. Wait, back up, uhm, three things there about Damon noticing Bonnie in the doorway.

1.) How insanely hot did Ian Somerhalder look then? I mean, I know the guy is generally hot, but he looked like really, really, like *really* insanely hot then. It was like whoah!

2.) Elena's reaction when Damon said "Hi" so casually was hilarious! She's all in the moment, panting, groping at him, really enjoying herself and then Damon says "Hi," casually greeting someone as he's still pressed against her boobs, panting against her throat and her expression was all 'Whu? What is he saying?' Before he said "Bon-bon." So hysterical.

3.) The fact that Damon could stay all pressed up against her, not moving at first, staying all comfortable and cozy there, casually greeting Bonnie with that look on his face made it pretty clear that Damon has been in this situation where he's been watched before. And I'm thinking that Ian Somerhalder probably played it that way specifically thinking that Damon Salvatore has indeed been in this situation several times before where he's been watched and done a lot more than just some heavy petting. Uh huh.

And then once Elena who clearly has *not* been in this situation several times before (except, you know, those two times when Jeremy caught her and Damon*) in totally adorable, but unnecessary embarrassment walked out, we had our new BFFs in action again. And the Salvatore kitchen was transformed from the love zone to the friend zone just like that.

* Well, thinking of the summer make-out session on the couch, one has to wonder if stuff like that did happen several times. Hmm… so maybe? Oh, and I wouldn't call the few times that Damon walked in on her and Stefan particularly passionate, so totally, just, yeah, with Damon.

Now, I knew that Damon and Bonnie were going to make up, but, damn, I didn't figure it would happen that quickly. Awesome. No, seriously awesome… because it didn't feel forced or rushed. Bonnie was understandably still upset with Damon when he came to see her earlier, but Damon came prepared with a plan. And who didn't know what the plan was as soon as that scene ended? Of course they were gonna strand Kai, of course they were.

And, of course, that would be the way for Bonnie to realize that Damon had actually listened to her and had realized what the true issue was, being left alone and she needed Kai to suffer for what he'd done to her in turn. But she also knows Damon and knows how much he loves his brother so she can appreciate that he took her pain into account when looking at his problem.

Plus, they are like siblings. Brothers and sisters, they fight, they do things that really upset the other, but when push comes to shove, they are there for each other and they forgive each other. And that's what we saw here. They were both there for each other. Damon helped Bonnie get her closure and Bonnie helped Damon get his mother to help Stefan. And then like siblings, they cleared the air by insulting one another ("because you were an ass!") and then spoke with honest, sincere words.

It was a really beautiful scene; Bonnie being able to figure out why Damon had mapped the way to Novia Scotia, knowing him well enough and his love for Elena to know that he was doing it to get the cure for Elena. And she trusts him with the cure now instead of just giving it to Elena herself because Bonnie trusts him, giving him the choice to make. (God, with this show, it *always* comes down to choice. The Choice, that should have been the damn name of the series.)

Again, a beautiful scene and one that highlighted their friendship in such a lovely way showing all of it, the banter, the insults, the love, the bond, everything their time together had built and how it's still there even now in present-time Mystic Falls. And we know that even a bad fight and making bad mistakes can't just easily undo it. They are, like Bonnie is with Elena and Caroline sisters in everything but blood, like family.

Not so much, though… Damon and his real family, a.k.a. Mama Salvatore, a.k.a. Mrs. Salvatore (hehehe, Elena, so cute!, I'm sorry, not sorry, but she was totes adorbs in this episode!), a.k.a. Lillian Salvatore, a.k.a., "Call me Lily," a.k.a. "Hello, Mother." Yeah, I know, kinda corny, I don't care. I loved it. Heehee! Damon doing the whole greeting to his mama just like he did to his baby bro when he first saw him in the first episode. I. Loved. It. So cool. Corny/Cool. Tomato/Tomahto!

Yeah, so she's kinda crazy, huh? I mean, it's this whole holding it together, Victorian-style, I'm about to go psycho-creepy Ripper on your-ass in a prim and proper way kind of crazy, but still crazy, yeah? Totes. Oh my. When she introduced her "family," I was surprised. That was definitely unexpected. Although interesting to learn that it is possible for a Ripper to potentially learn to control their Ripper tendencies as such. Although I don't trust her. I think she be crazy and I kinda expect she's gonna be maybe the big bad once she realizes that her eldest has no plans to take another trip back to 1903.

And I'm thinking that when Kai comes back (because of course he will) they may team up against Damon, because, again, she be cray-cray-cray. Well, to be fair, there was one good thing about her. She hated Giuseppe. And, let's be real, Damon was totally a dick to her. He really was. I mean, I get why, but man, he was not nice. (Elena was so precious, though, wasn't she? Just the cutest thing! So adorable with her "Mrs. Salvatore." And sipping tea and trying to be all proper and polite. Just the perfect future daughter-in-law material.) I could understand why Lily finally gave up and asked about Stefan since Damon was being such a bitter pill. Geesh! Still, there was the way she did it. "It's nice to see that you've grown into yourself, Damon. {pause} How's your brother?" There was almost a dismissive note there as if she was saying 'alright, done with you now, moving on.'

Again, yeah, Damon was being a pill, but it's understandable why Damon was acting that way. Clearly, boy is feeling uber amounts of betrayal right now. He loved his mother and she left him and Stefan to deal with their father who she hated as much as they did and they were just kids. And, maybe, maybe she could have reached him had she told him the story about wanting to feed on wee Stefan earlier on but with her "family" it just wasn't going to happen. And as adorable as Elena was, I don't think she actually should have been there, but I dunno, maybe Damon needed her as a stabilizer. Oh, Damon. What he needed was Stefan. *His* family. {Sobs} But Stefan, well, Stefan is off the rails.

Yeah, there's that. You know, many people wondered if Stefan was pretending to turn the switch off and that never crossed my mind because I just couldn't see Stefan doing that. He is in love with Caroline and he did what he did to save her soul… of course that's all rather shot to hell now because the director and the student (who is maybe dead now) she will probably feel guilty about. But, hey, at least she didn't cause the death of his niece and destroy Liam's life by sending him to death row.

So, yes, it's absolutely terrible what Caroline did to Stefan, making him turn his switch off. And it was terrible what Stefan did in this episode, killing that poor director by ripping his head off with his teeth, and then dragging that poor student into the middle of their fight by dual feeding on her. Just, so bad. So awful. But… this is a television show, it's not real. They are vampires; vampires are not real… so screw it. Damn, that was fucking entertaining as hell and I loved every single second of it! Caroline standing on that stage after the oh, so lovely performance, wiping away her tear, expecting praise and then the director's head falls off and there's Stefan sitting behind the headless director slow-clapping. I mean, come on! That was fantastic!

Then he comes out to find his motorcycle dismantled and she's so proud of herself and he's all, "you what, unbolted this? It will take me ten minutes to put this back together. You're an embarrassment to humanity-less vampires everywhere!" So she punches a hole in the gas tank! It was just beautiful and awesome and hilarious and I was dying with laughter. I rewound every one of their scenes and they just kept getting better.

Fighting in the hallway of the dorm, throwing stakes at each other, slamming into one another, dragging their knocked out bodies, and then, oops! Someone shows up and the annoyance at having to deal with it. Oh, lordy, it was just too perfect. I mean, has Stefan without his humanity ever had this much fun dealing with someone? I don't think so. Nope, not at all! And then when Alaric and Enzo showed up, just like that, boom! they were on the same side, working together, the perfect team. Oh yeah!

And, oh yeah! then Stefan really turned it on. I don't generally find Paul Wesley hot. He's attractive, he can look really cute sometimes, handsome in certain shots, but he just doesn't do it for me on the whole, but when Stefan pulled away with bloody lips from his feeding and was looking at Caroline with lust-filled eyes, I'll call it. Paul Wesley looked hot. So I totally bought Caroline finally being driven by her bloodlust in that moment and it was so more than just the blood, yeah baby!

As evidenced by the fact that she drank from that poor, poor student for like two seconds before she shoved her away and launched herself at Stefan and the making-out commenced. And it was pretty dang hot too. I have to admit, it took me watching it a few times to fully appreciate the scene itself because I was still marveling at the fact that Stefan and Caroline were actually, you know, doing it! Because it was Stefan. And. Caroline. And I was actually getting Stefan and Caroline.


Oh. My. God.

Like whoah. And I don't mind that their first time was with the humanity switch-off because I like the fact that it's being switched up, you know, instead of the typical slow montage with the romantic music for the first time. After all, this means that they'll get another first "first" time when their switches are back on. And thinking about it, this show clearly just doesn't do normal "first times" for their big couples. After all, remember Damon and Elena's first time? And I sure as heck loved that!

Speaking of and going back to that intercutting again, mentioned above, and again, this one, so much more enjoyable! But I have to say that it did show me, at least, that as great as the Wesley/Candice Accola chemistry is and as much, much better as Wesley is with Accola in the kissy-face department, I still think that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have the most incredible chemistry and together in these kinds of intimate settings, they are just so damn comfortable; they just look so real. And it's just, OMG! so very, very hot. Like DAYUM!

However, that doesn't at all take away from how amazing and wonderful and fantabulous Stefan and Caroline were. I mean, so, so good. Both the earlier scene in the poor student's door room and then in Caroline's room later. Hot and hilarious!


I had suggested that Caroline's love and not wanting to see Stefan like this might be what wound up triggering his switch. Obviously that isn't going to happen since it looks like he's going to bring her in on his fun and we're going to see a Bonnie and Clyde adventure with these two (although, that would be more the myth, rather than the reality of Bonnie and Clyde, anyhoo, nevermind). Based on this episode, that looks like it would be a lot of fun.

I mean, Stefan and Caroline together—good or bad—are just so, so great together. Paul Wesley and Candice Accola just play off of each so well. They're timing is wonderful, their interplay, their back and forth is just so perfect. Plus, there is such an intimate ease with Accola that Wesley has that he never had with Nina Dobrev (seriously, the inverted V of their lower bodies whenever they kissed was so distracting). On the other hand, these two are just wonderful and I continue to absolutely adore everything they are doing with Stefan and Caroline so very hard.

Do you know what I also liked a lot so hard this episode? Prepare to be surprised. Enzo, yes, Enzo. I really, really, *really* liked Enzo in this one. Like a super lot. And I really, really enjoyed him and Alaric together a whole bunch. Why haven't we been seeing this match-up? When we found out that Michael Malarkey was going to be a series regular and that Matt Davis was coming back full-time, I thought that we would be seeing Enzo and Alaric basically fighting over Damon once he came back. Instead we've barely seen Damon and Alaric interact and when they do, Ric is being a dick to Damon, and Enzo and Damon have shared about two lines.

So seeing these two now, I feel even more cheated because Davis and Malarkey have really great chemistry too and it's making me mourn the fact that we haven't seen the two of them and Ian Somerhalder together. We have been missing out on some real magic here with this potential trio. Come on, show! We know that Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis are incredible together and Damon and Alaric have an epic bromance—when written right. We also know that Somerhalder and Michael Malarkey have great chemistry, and that Enzo and Damon have the potential to have a renewed great bromance. And now in this episode we see that Enzo and Alaric are great together, so can we see all three of them?

Or you know, Damon and Alaric? Since everyone keeps calling them best friends even though we've seen nothing that gives an indication of it this season. Pfft. Or how about Damon and Enzo? Since a big part of the reason he hates Stefan is supposedly because of how Stefan lied to Damon and treated him. Yeah, can we to be getting on to the bromances of Damon Salvatore and his two bros? Pretty please, cuz you got a fine trio of chemistry-having-actors there. Big-time!

Now back to those two bros… first off, once again Enzo. As I said, I really liked him in this episode, probably because he felt like a real boy. Just hearing him have an actual conversation with someone who felt like an equal helped. With Matt (even though I love him dearly), Enzo always talks down to him and just orders him around, there's no back and forth. But with Ric, they were talking, they were conversing. Enzo was explaining himself, explaining that it wasn't enough to just hurt Stefan, it had to matter, Stefan had to be a worthy opponent, as it were. That gave substance, of a sort, to Enzo.

Plus, as I said Malarkey and Davis have chemistry and when you have chemistry with someone, it really makes a difference. Clearly, Zach Roerig and Malarkey don't because that spark and interest in a scene was much stronger in the Alaric/Enzo scenes than I've ever felt in the Enzo/Matt scenes. Although, I do believe that is partially because of the fact that these scenes as written were conversational ones as opposed to 'I say/you do.'

Finally, I liked that we got to see Enzo's smarts. In the last episode, we got Caroline's with her figuring out that Stefan clearly made all things vampires boring to Sarah. Well, at first when Enzo told Sarah he was walking away and seemed so sincere, I thought, wow, Alaric got to him (Go, Alaric!). But, oops! He slipped and called her "Sarah Salvatore," which makes sense because that's what all of them call her. But then later when talking to a friend, I realized, he didn't slip at all. It was deliberate. His original plan was to use his vampirism charm to control her, to get her to do all of these wicked horrible things, but that won't work now. So instead, he's going to turn her against Stefan and ruin Stefan's life by bringing Sarah into the fold. So he let her her know that she is a Salvatore. Bwahahahaha! Enzo just became so much more interesting to me in this episode than he's ever been. So much more enjoyable.

And you know who else was really, really enjoyable? Alaric! Yes, one Alaric Saltzman! Where has this Alaric been? He was adorably so Alaric tonight. Loved it, even with Jo, I liked him. From his snarky one-liners, to his advice to Enzo, to just his all-around attitude. Of course, he wasn't with Damon or Elena or the usual gang. And, of course, I still think something funky is going on with him, due to past episode. And it's not like they didn't give us a little something to go on in this one. I mean, "Duke?" Jo suggests naming their child Duke after the college and Alaric says nothing, absolutely nothing about the fact that his first wife (who was a vampire and all of the crazy that went along with that) taught at Duke, oh, and maybe that's why he wouldn't want to name his child that? Hmm, maybe he hasn't mentioned Isobel? I dunno, I just thought that was odd, and I find it unlikely that the whole Duke thing wasn't deliberate for us to note since Duke was a pretty durn big part of Isobel's story. We'll see.

And on that note, I bring you random thoughts –

- So with it being two episodes at this point and the last time we saw them was when they discussed becoming deputies, I'm thinking that Matt and Tyler were off doing something deputy training-wise maybe?

- Good news, I didn't despise Annie Wersching as Lily, yay! I thought she was good. The things that annoyed me in her previous role, I thought actually worked in this role.

- Aww, Damon is looking for an outlet for his rage that does not involve hurting people! Go Damon. I'm sure the neat-freak in him will enjoy the aftermath of this one since it involves clean-up.

- Kai has it so bad for Bonnie. He really does; I mean even after she stabbed him and he almost caught up with the group of them, he's calling out just her name. And yes, he did grab at her hand when he was trying to apologize, but I don't actually think he was trying to get violent, but rather just emotionally trying to reach her. But of course there's no way that Bonnie would see it (or should see it) that way.

- Hmm, so I was wrong about the blood supply just replenishing each day as I figured it would since the groceries had replenished themselves in 1994 as I had said in response to the question in the comments to the last episode's write-up. Oh well, I thought it made sense.

- So my first thought was that Kai was dead, but it makes more sense that they would use him as a human blood bag to stay alive; thus, yeah, he is totes coming back.

- I love how Stefan just assumed that Damon was in charge, saying that Damon sent the B-team (because, yeah, Damon and Elena are the A-team).

- Ooh, Bonnie was so chilling when Kai yelled "I've changed" when Bonnie had the knife over him and then she said "So have I." Yes, she has indeed. (And I so knew she was going to say that. And it was perfect.)

- I just loved Damon's "These freaks may be your family, but Stefan Salvatore is mine!" Yeah! But at the same time, sigh, oh Damon, the hurt on his face when she first said it because, yes, in his mind this *is* his mother choosing these "freaks" over him and his brother and it does hurt.

- Heh, I loved the screensaver on the computer that Lily was looking at being something that looked similar to the auroras boreales.

- Yayers! I got my Salvatore kitchen make-out!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

- So the cure is back in play, wow. I was so not expecting that. OK, then.

- Someone had mentioned they wondered if Elena would get her memories back if she became human again. I commented that I wasn't sure how that would work, but we've never had such an instance before so it could, I guess. We will see.

Alrighty then, another fabulous episode! There have only been two weak-ish episodes (and they were still really good) so far in my opinion and we're on episode 17 so that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Such a great show I can't wait for the next episode… sooo far away!
Tags: alaric saltzman, bonnie bennett, caroline forbes, damon salvatore, damon/alaric, damon/bonnie, damon/elena, damon/stefan, elena gilbert, ep discussion-tvd, ian somerhalder, stefan salvatore, stefan/caroline, the vampire diaries, tv

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