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Ranty-ranty-rant ... VM Cast Promotion

Obviously spoilers because I talk about S3 cast/promotion ...

You Know What's Really Frustrating? The fact that we KNOW that Logan and Veronica are together through about six episodes (at least) and yet, we're still anxious and nervous and venting more than squeeing. Why, oh why couldn't they have just introduced both Piz and Parker as new characters, roommates to Wallace and Mac and let us watch it ourselves? Why did they have to take away the joy that shippers would -- and damn well should -- be feeling about the fact that at least our couple is together and just let us squee over that? Why before the show has even begun and we've even got the chance to enjoy one episode of it, why are we being forced to listen to Piz as the great love interest, Piz as her new hook-up and (gag!) the Piz/Veronica magic?!?!? Why?

Honestly, what is so wrong with liking Logan/Veronica as a couple that we can't just be allowed to be happy and revel in the fact that they are actually, finally together? Why are we being forced to listen to Piz this, Piz that? It would be one thing (annoying, but we're used to it now) if it was just KB, but it's not, it's everyone, everywhere, it's what most of the pre-premiere promotion is about. And I just ask one more time: Why?

Also, what about Parker? Based on spoilers, her role is going to have a bigger impact on the show and yet we've heard barely ANYTHING about her at all. It's all Piz, Piz, Piz!!! It's just so stupid. I'm surprised every actor in the cast (minus KB, of course) isn't slightly ticked, annoyed with the PizPimpathon06! We haven't seen Francis Capra in any kind of promo. Ryan Hansen hasn't had any promo, Michael Muhney hasn't. Tina Majorino was at least in one of the still shots and in the CW TV promo. Enrico Colantoni got some airtime in the CW TV promos. And Percy Daggs III was in the still and the director's cut. And then there's Jason Dohring, who got some facetime in the CW Promos, but no print promotion, nothing in the director's cut. And the press has talked about Veronica and Piz, together and separately with Logan the sidenote in the great love affair of Vee and Pee! It's just ridiculous.

And a ludicrously stupid way to get viewers. I mean, anyone paying attention to JUST the promo (and not spoilers) will think that Piz (CL) is the secondary lead after KB. And that is just wrong and so not fair to the other actors, especially, YES!, Jason, who EARNED his place as the secondary lead by taking a character who was supposed to be negligible semi-bad guy, non-full-season player and made him the character with most depth, and through his performance and charisma parlayed that role into the love interest/heartthrob/arguably most popular character. Can anyone explain why HE is not being promoted out the wazoo?

The whole theory is that the CW is trying to attract new viewers to the show? Okay, then wouldn't new viewers not know about Jason, Ryan, Michael, Percy, etc? It's not as if there was ever promotion done on anyone but Kristen Bell before now? So new viewers wouldn't know who the hell they were either, just like they don't know Chris Lowell. And viewers already watching the show deserve to see their favorites promoted too. But no, it's all about Piz and Veronica! And it's just a stupid, stupid, stupid form of promotion!

Why would a struggling show choose DELIBERATELY to alienate their biggest audience (Logan/Veronica fans, Logan fans) by pimping a guy/character that NOBODY KNOWS! Just to get new viewers? Again, doesn't fly because why aren't they promoting the other guys on the show?!?! It's just so ludicrously monumentallly mental! I do not understand.

I. Do. Not. Understand.
Tags: jason dohring, promotion, rant, veronica mars

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