Arabian (arabian) wrote,

He's so pretty, oh so pretty ...

So in the minority with the JD pics from CW Launch. I'm reading everywhere people complaining about how nothot or how bad the hair or the jacket or whatever is and while I'll give a bit on the jacket, I'm just not thinking he's not hot.

See, I really just don't have a problem with the hair or even the outfit. Sure, I'd be happy to see him without the clothes jacket, but I'm alright with it. He looks hot. I saw the pics and didn't think, oh, no that hair! or ick, that jacket, I saw the pics and went, wow, he looks hot.

And I gotta say that yeah, I just really, really don't have a problem with the hair at all. It looks ruffled and sexy. I like, yes even with the length/height, whatever. I like it. Clearly the only person in the fandom, but I don't have a problem with it.

Tags: event, jason dohring

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