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10 December 2014 @ 09:07 am
Book recs please!  
Can ya'll give me some GOOD book recs please.

I'm looking for any genre, but my favorites are:

1) historical romance

2) mysteries (But NOT with romantic mysteries/thrillers, I don't mind if there's a hint of romance in them, but hard-core romantic mysteries I don't enjoy because either the mystery part or the romance part gets neglected dreadfully in those books in my opinion.)

3) general fiction

I do like YA, but there's so much crappy YA out there now since it's so popular that it's hard to find good stuff. The YA I've enjoyed, well my favorite is Cynthia Hand's Unearthly Series (SO GOOD), I also love the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, The Hunger Games (all three books), The Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series. So yeah.

But I really do like all genres other than romantic mysteries/thrillers. So any recommendations, I'd very much appreciate. :)
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(Anonymous) on December 10th, 2014 03:59 pm (UTC)
Historical Romance:

Emily of New Moon (and sequels)
by L.M. Montgomery

General Fiction:

Girl in Translation
by Jean Kwok

Crazy Rich Asians
by Kevin Kwan

The 100 (and sequels)
by Kass Morgan

Here I Go Again
by Jen Lancaster (Twisted Sisters is also good, and so are many of here non-fiction memoirs)

Story of My Life
by Jay McInerney

Rachael's Holiday
by Marian Keyes (The Other Side of the Story is also good, and so are many of her other novels)
Arabian: Booksarabian on December 14th, 2014 05:21 am (UTC)
I've read Anne of Green Gables and loved those. I am enjoying the TV show The 100. Thanks for the recs. :)
Sarahpie_is_good on December 10th, 2014 06:00 pm (UTC)
So, warning: I don't read books that really fit what you're asking for, I don't think. But I'll suggest some anyway!

Have you read Rainbow Rowell??

Her books are so great. They don't really fit into the categories you mentioned, but ugh Fangirl is the best and I loved Landline and Eleanor & Park, too. Attachments was my least favorite. Some of her books are YA, but not all. I really recommend!

(And if you've not read any John Green or only read TFIOS, I wholeheartedly recommend that as well.)

If you like 80s nerd nostalgia at all, I 100% recommend Ready Player One. It's a lot of fun. It's a sci-fi, near future-dystopia where everyone lives inside a super-immersive MMO, basically.
Arabian: What's not to Love? (Logan)arabian on December 14th, 2014 05:25 am (UTC)
I ADORED Ready Player One so very hard!!! (A review I read said if the phrase 'it's only a flesh wound' makes you giggle this is the book for you--and even now I can't even type the phrase without laughing--and it was so right.)

I haven't read any John Green or any of the other books, but I will check them out. Although I've heard of AFIOS (I've developed an irrational dislike for Shailene Woodley so I've avoided anything to do with her now, though) so I never read it once the promos for the film came out.
(Deleted comment)
Arabian: Booksarabian on December 14th, 2014 05:26 am (UTC)
I've never heard of this Rainbow Rowell, but that's two recs for her so I'll have to check her for for sure.

And ooh, a trilogy!!! I will check it out. Thank you.
Arabian: Booksarabian on December 14th, 2014 05:26 am (UTC)
A whole list to peruse, thank you.
Florencia: Reading (Damon)florencia7 on December 10th, 2014 09:58 pm (UTC)
Psalm at Journey's End by Erik Fosnes Hansen - That's as close to historical romance as I can get lol It's a set of (totally fictional) backstories of the musicians from Titanic. Very beautifully written.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland by Haruki Murakami - I guess this can qualify as a mystery/thriller... sort of ;) But it is AMAZING. At first you don't really know what's going on, then you kind of fall into the mood and enjoy the story, but THEN you get what's going on and there's that OMG! effect and then it's really beautiful & there is that one scene toward the end that I'll never forget, VERY atmospheric.

And I'll try to get away with recommending this and fit it into the "general fiction" category: Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This is THE BEST NOVEL EVER. (And don't let anyone tell you it's a political novel or something like that. This opinion is as annoying as the one saying that Franz Kafka's The Trial is about bureaucracy.) Demons is about what it means to be human, it's about faith, death, hope, guilt, LOVE. It's a LOVE STORY in more than one sense of the word ♥

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Arabian: Damon04arabian on December 14th, 2014 05:27 am (UTC)
I will check all 3 out. Thanks for the detailed recs. Very much appreciated. :)
comeundone_82comeundone_82 on December 14th, 2014 10:10 am (UTC)
Psalm at Journey's End by Erik Fosnes Hansen - Are these like short stories for each msuicians or are the stories interwoven like a novel?

Florencia: TVD (All Is Well in Mystic Falls)florencia7 on December 14th, 2014 04:20 pm (UTC)
No, it's not a series of short stories. It is a novel in which their respective life stories from before they met are interlaced with the present-time narration of when they're on the ship together :)
comeundone_82comeundone_82 on December 12th, 2014 03:13 pm (UTC)
I find it hard to put books into categories but lets see

I´ll go with a recommendation for YA/ historical: "Code Name Verity" by Elizabeth Wein

I´m not even sure it´s YA but that´s the zone the bookstore lady was leading me when I asked for it and I went "Oh it´s YA?!" and got all *eew* and she was reassuring me, well there is so much stuff labeled YA these days and she said it was really good and I shouldn´t be worried. It features a little romance but mostly it focusses on strong young females during WWII - GREAT READ.

Historical romance: "Madame Hemingway" Paula McLain. Usually not into stuff like that but it was GREAT GREAT GREAT

General fiction (leads sstraight to my fav books of all time LOL):

"Fatal Tango" by Wolfram Fleischhauer - Breathtaking. Recommended it a dozen times, everyone loved it. It actually combines romance, historical aspects and a little mystery in the most perfect way. ITA with you it´s always hadr to find good ones but it´s actually my fav genre. Historical fiction with romance and mystery ;-)

"Fall On Your Knees" by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Read it way back when...still one of my all time fav reads. Bawled like a baby in the end...

Same goes for "One Day" by David Nicholls . It takes about 50-70 pages to get into it but then you can´t put it down. It was made into a movie later on. That one was horrible and NO COMPARISON AT ALL to the beautiful book.

Also an older book I just stumbled upon this year "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt and loved it. You could file it under history but also general fiction IMO.

For Mysteries/ Thriller:

I read "Mercy" Jussi Adler-Olsen this year. It´s the 1st one of a series. I couldn´t get into the series and never made it through book #2 but the 1st one is great and perfect as a stand alone, there are no open endings.

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Arabian: Booksarabian on December 14th, 2014 05:39 am (UTC)
I LOVED Code Name Verity. It made me bawl like a baby so hard. Loved it, loved it. (So not YA though, why anyone would categorize that way is beyond me though.) It was so very beautifully written, so I'm more inclined to want to rush out and check your other recs now for sure!

BUT.... I really, really liked One Day (the one with Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney right? And I don't even like Clooney all that much). So I'd probably like the book better then. Hmmm...

I read The Secret History already. I have her new book waiting to read, I just haven't been in the mood yet.

I'll definitely check out your other recs. Thanks. :)
Arabian: Booksarabian on December 27th, 2014 10:44 am (UTC)
Heh, I'm so stooopid! I was thinking of One Fine Day!!! You meant One Day with Anne Hathaway and whatshisname. I didn't even watch that movie. Duh.
(Anonymous) on December 13th, 2014 01:44 am (UTC)
Historical Romance
For many years I've been a huge fan of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon...You've got time travel, sexy men in kilts, the worst villain I have ever read, and an epic romance spanning 8 books...Outlander is the first book. Bonus: You can watch the series now on television.

Arabian: Booksarabian on December 14th, 2014 05:41 am (UTC)
Re: Historical Romance
I am one of the few people on the planet who could not get into this series. I'm pretty sure I finished the first book, but then kinda just stopped reading the 2nd because I was bored. My dad totally adores them, though. The TV series lost me after the second episode too. I know, I know... I just am not like everyone else when it comes to these books.

Thank you though for the rec, I appreciate it.
suckerfordelenasuckerfordelena on December 14th, 2014 06:11 am (UTC)
Suggestions...Hope I can help... :)
I haven't read any historical romance except GONE WITH THE WIND And It is a awesome novel.

Rest novels I read are mostly plain romance... Here's a list of some really well written novels:-

A WALK TO REMEMBER by Nicolas Sparks

THE NOTEBOOK by Nicolas Sparks

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by Nicolas Sparks

All the above mentioned novels had been developed in movies and gained great success. But, I personally feel that the novels are better that the movies. If you like romance I would suggest you read ALL the Nicolas Sparks novels. He is a great writer and I love all the novels I have read till now. EACH AND EVERY of his books have been New York Times bestsellers.

P.S. I LOVE YOU by Cecelia Ahern is also a great novel.

A LOT LIKE LOVE...A LI'L LIKE CHOCOLATE by Sumrit Shahi This novels has a kinda not so good ending but you should not leave it just cause of that. It has humor, romance and everything a novels should have.

THE LYING GAME by Sara Shepard (Mystery) You should read this only if you have patience to finish the whole series. The secret will not be told till the last novel. It is kinda supernatural also. The series contain 6+2 books:-

The Lying Game series

The Lying Game (December 7, 2010)

Never Have I Ever (August 2, 2011)

Two Truths and A Lie (February 7, 2012)

Hide and Seek (July 31, 2012)

Cross My Heart, Hope To Die (February 5, 2013)

Seven Minutes in Heaven (July 30, 2013)

The First Lie (#0.5) (2012)

True Lies (#5.5) (2013)

That's all I can gather right now. Will tell you if my mind come up with more.
Arabianarabian on December 15th, 2014 06:45 am (UTC)
Re: Suggestions...Hope I can help... :)
Well, I'm sure you can tell by my default icon and the title of my journal (Tomorrow is Another Day), I'm VERY familiar with Gone With the Wind. I've read it about 5 times and have watched the movie quite a few times too. LOVE IT!

I'm not really a fan of Nicholas Sparks, though. Sorry. I will check out the The Lying Game series, see what that's about. Thanks.
suckerfordelena: Damon_In_Pilotsuckerfordelena on December 22nd, 2014 07:38 am (UTC)
Re: Suggestions...Hope I can help... :)
I will check out the The Lying Game series, see what that's about. Thanks.

I wish you like it.

I have another novel I would say you SHOULD read! PINK OR BLACK by Tishaa I read it when I was in tenth grade and it was amassing! Well, I liked it more because it is a story of a girl who is in tenth and, you know, I could compare to it. Despite of me reading it then I still like it! It always make it to my imagery list of favourite novels! And I have no idea how I forgot it last time.

BTW, do you like novels based on TVD...?? Like in FanFiction, just the difference is it has actually been published. Would you like to read that type of novel? (TVD fandom!)

Edited at 2014-12-22 09:51 am (UTC)
Arabian: TVD-Cast01arabian on December 27th, 2014 10:47 am (UTC)
Re: Suggestions...Hope I can help... :)
I saw you edited out Percy Jackson when you realized that I had that included in my list of books above that I love.

As for TVD fanfiction novels, well, honestly, I've found very few that are actually good. Even ones that most consider so great (and there are so few that are), I don't find that impressive. Even mind that I wrote (How To Make A Better Vampire) I think could be better. But you can send me recs, but I'm REALLY, REALLY picky about TVD fics and I find most of them OOC about the characters (ESPECIALLY Stefan, Caroline and Elena because most D/E fans don't really like those three characters and so don't really get them, which is really sad when it comes to, you know, Elena since she's one half of D/E, but there you have it. But yeah, I adore both Stefan and Caroline so I know those two characters inside and out and when I read them read OOC it drives me crazy and I can't and won't read the fic.)
tj2013tj2013 on December 15th, 2014 09:04 pm (UTC)
You could try

Gail Carriger, The parasol protectorate series (steam punk in Victorian England, hilarious, witty and with a hint of romance)

Jim Butcher, The Harry-Dresden-Files (14 books series so far), kinda hard-boiled detective novels, but the PI is a wizard. Very cool and very entertaining.

You don't read German by any chance, do you?

Edited at 2014-12-15 09:05 pm (UTC)
Arabian: Damon10arabian on December 15th, 2014 10:49 pm (UTC)
Re: books
No, I do not read German.

I tried one steampunk and it didn't appeal, maybe it was just the writer. I've heard Harry Dresden, but I've never read. I will check it out. Thanks.
tj2013tj2013 on December 22nd, 2014 02:34 pm (UTC)
Re: books
Have fun!
And thanks for your rec, btw. I have just started with Cynthias Hand's Unearthly - never heard of her before - and I really like it.
Arabian: Booksarabian on December 27th, 2014 10:48 am (UTC)
Re: books
Ahhhh, I LOVE Unearthly. Do let me know what you think when you're done. :D
tj2013tj2013 on January 2nd, 2015 03:12 pm (UTC)
Loved it!
Already got through all 3 Unearthly-books. Looooooved them. Hand can really write well, the characters are great, there is a very solid and endearing love triangle (sort of) and she just creates the right amount of tension - thanks for pointing that out.
Aaaand - not having read the Vampire Academy-books - I just devoured the first 4 Bloodlines-books during the last few days. Very entertaining, too.

I hope the new year started well for you. I wish you a happy and wonderful 2015!!
Arabian: Booksarabian on January 4th, 2015 09:50 am (UTC)
Re: Loved it!
From the second Clara showed back up at the barn and she realized it was because Tuck was her home until pretty much the end, I was literally a sobbing mess, just a mess! Oh man, I loved Tuck sooooooooooooooooo much. And just loved, loved, loved Tuck and Clara. The books were soooo good!!!

Hmm, it will be interesting what you think of the VA books if you read them because many of the characters are in those books too, but I just love BL SO MUCH MORE. I also HIGHLY recommend The Georgina Kincaid Series by Mead. It's an adult series though. Seven books, I LOVE them!

Edited at 2015-01-04 09:50 am (UTC)
tj2013tj2013 on January 6th, 2015 01:40 pm (UTC)
VA and BL
I have read through VA 1-3 and you were right. BL is so so so much better. The love story between Rose and Dimitri is ok, but nothing in comparison to Sydney and Adrian. Those two are simply awesome and I can't wait for the next book. With VA ... hm... I will probably finish the series sometime, but it is nowhere as urgent as Unearthly or BL. I like Rose, but I definitely prefer Sydney as a character. And Adrian is way more interesting than Dimitri. I know, I know, I never cheer for the "always good" characters. I prefer the more layered ones.
So now I'll start with the Georgina Kincaid and I am very much looking forward to it.