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6.07 - 'Do You Remember The First Time?' (The Vampire Diaries)

It's Thursd Friday and The Vampire Diaries post is finally here! Sorry for the delay. Blame it on a late start and the amount of gifs! And the wordy mcwords. But here, my post, at last. :)

He makes her smile; he makes her catch her breath and holds her captive in his gaze. She forgets the boy she came with all because she desperately wants to recall the memories of the man she claims not to love. She feels at ease in his arms, and shares his drink. She remembers only the worst of him and yet she feels guilty that she can't love him like he loves her. She looks at him and feels like he's only a stranger…yeah, right, my ass! This, my friends, is Elena Gilbert in full denial mode. Oh, Elena. I was thinking of what she said to Caroline early in the episode about how when she looked at Damon and how she felt "scared" and that word jumped out at me. Why scared? And it got me thinking. I've said in a few of these past write-ups that Elena is basically back to where she was pre-loving Damon, but with Damon back in her life, she's rather in the "I don't know how I feel about Damon" phase.

Recall that Damon told Jeremy that while compulsion may erase the memories however those feelings, that sense of what you felt at least, doesn't go away. And re-read my first paragraph, Elena's reactions to Damon were an Elena reacting to Damon as she did during her "I don't know how I feel" phase. And that got me thinking about what I wrote in my write-ups for "The Murder of One" and "Heart of Darkness."

From the former, I wrote: "Elena has her own expectation of what love is. She thought she loved Matt, but it was just puppy love, based on their many years as friends. She loves Stefan, but she believed it was the all-encompassing, forever and always, kind of love. Yet, in "The Last Day," she told Stefan that she didn't even know what love was. That line was so very telling to me. Yes, she backtracked immediately, but she said it. When she thought she would die, when she was being as honest as she'd ever been with Stefan, she told him -- the boy she claimed she would love always -- that she wasn't even sure that she knew what love was.

And then we get to Damon. What she feels for him, how she feels it for him and all of the bad and ugly mixed in with the good and sweet doesn't fit her definition of love as she's known it. So then what does she feel for him? She has no idea because it isn't what she felt for Matt, and it's not what she feels for Stefan, and she was so sure it was love with Matt ... until she wasn't and then she met Stefan. And she was so sure it was forever love with Stefan ... until these months with Damon and what's been happening under the surface all along building between them. So she does not know. She really, really doesn't know."

So minus her knowledge of all of the building moments with Damon, this fits where Elena is to a tee emotionally. She remembers experiencing all of that with Matt and Stefan. So she knows those versions of love with both of those two and so those are her definitions of love. Moving on, this is what I wrote after "Heart of Darkness."

This is Elena. […] She lives in denial. Everything around her continues to fall apart, she is all alone in so many ways, and if she can just hold on to the "truths" she knows without opening up a whole messy can of worms and most likely making her life a gazillion times harder, she's going to. Elena is well aware that once she opens that door with him [romantically], that's it. Can you imagine how honestly terrifying it would be to be on the receiving end of Damon's love? Right now, her non-admitted-reciprocation is all that has kept it at bay. But a Damon who gets that love in return, oh boy! It's going to be beyond any kind of intense she could ever imagine. It's TERRIFYING. Wonderful, crazy, awesome, beautiful...but terrifying, because there is NO line that he won't cross to keep her safe. None. And he's wild, and impetuous, and crazy, and passionate and this is a girl who's never really experienced passion. She's scared out of her mind to get into something with him.
So "scared" (or rather, terrifying) does fit, but it is likely not what Elena thinks she is scared of but rather that she's still stuck on the whole "monster" idea of Damon. However, his actions and interactions with her later in the episode are clearly already making a dent in that. But still…it fits. It really does. Just think of it. Elena didn't know what she felt for Damon because she'd never experienced that kind of love, and she didn't recognize it as such until she experienced it and accepted it as such with him.

Naturally, having forgotten all of the time she did spend loving him, once again being the laser-like focus of Damon's intense love would be terrifying for someone like her. He's all up in her groove, those pretty, pretty blue eyes gazing so intensely into hers, pouring all of his love directly into her soul, literally telling her that he traveled through time and space to get back to her. The girl could barely breathe did Damon so overwhelm her with the force of his love for her. So the feelings are definitely there, they just need to be brought to the surface. And gee, Damon, maybe you might want to try and work at it longer than one evening, dude! Geesh!

I'm sure that some are all team!Damon with him guilt-tripping Elena when he was telling her that he would have never erased any second of their time together no matter how much agony he was in, blah, blah, blah. Well, you know what? I'm not at all. I'm all team!Elena. You know why? Because Damon doesn't have a problem killing people. Elena does. And that's why she did it, that was the big motivating factor. Elena was thisclose to killing people. That's not Elena, and Elena wouldn't be the woman that Damon loves if she was fine with that. So stuff it, Damon!


OK, fine, I understand and appreciate why Damon said that. I get his pain and his frustration. I am glad that he expressed said pain and frustration and that it came from a breaking heart. I completely get that, but still…Team!Elena here.

Especially when Damon, again, yeah, gave up after one freaking night of trying to get her memories back! Elena was clearly willing to continue trying. She was asking him about a memory she'd had. She was willing to explore stuff between the two of them. But what did he do? He *lied* to her! He gave her some hogwash answer about mud and heading home. Pfft!

And with that said…erm, I was right. Yuppers, called it. With a few modifications for plot variances, totally called it. Damon would see that Elena was "happy" and "better off without him" and thus would "let her go." Yup. Totally, totally called it. (Damn, do I know this show? Yes, I do.) Which means…whee! I may get this after all…from my "Yellow Ledbetter" Take Two post which included my Damon let's Elena go for her happiness post because he still believes they're toxic essentially:

[…]That brings us to the finale of last season. One of my only two issues with that episode was the fact that Damon and Elena didn't resolve the whole supposed toxicity of their relationship.

While I did love what we got with Damon and Elena, I wasn't pleased with what we did not get—in that there was no resolution to the whole toxic nonsense. And we actually had the perfect opportunity with the perfect set-up in the perfect timeline. Caroline killed Luke to save Stefan without hesitation right in front of Elena. Later when Elena and Damon were talking in the forest they could have talked about the whole supposedly toxic nature of their relationship then. That was the time to acknowledge. That was the time to say that it's not Damon and Elena who are toxic. It's the entire Scooby Gang that is "toxic," if that's what they want to call it.

And, really, it would have just taken a few lines. Elena softly looks at him, all doe-eyes shining in the sun-filtered forest. "I know we said we were bad for each other, that I had to bend my moral compass for you," and Damon would sigh, but she'd cut him off, taking his face in her hands (because that is their thing). "But Damon, we're not bad for each other. We're there for each other. We protect each other. That's what we all do. I protect Jeremy and Bonnie, and Caroline protects Stefan and Bonnie. Like you would protect any of us, and not just me. We protect each other and we do what we have to do because that's who we are. Yes, sometimes you do things that I wish you didn't, but that's who you are and I love you, Damon, all of you. I love you." And then Damon would look at her, all wide-eyed and vulnerable with love shining from his eyes, lips slightly parted in wonder like how did I get this lucky? And then smooches! And the rest of the scene could play out as scripted.

Or something like that. But the whole toxic/bad for each other discussion should have been had before the big separated by "death" goodbye. Obviously they were reunited and together, but it felt a wee bit glossed over and I don't like when Damon and Elena gloss over things because those two don't gloss. It's not them. They are not a gloss-over-type of pair. And the show has done such a remarkable job with not like *ever* glossing over stuffs with them. *sigh* It's just so frustrating because they were actually taking steps to get to that point where, like I showed above, all that was needed was a few lines because everything else was set up. It was there! We were there. We were like, actually, right there! At the spot. It was marked X! All we needed were the words. At least, I did.

They could have cut out, oh, I don't know, a few Lexi lines to give us this with Damon and Elena, thank you very much! *double sigh* OK, fine, I guess to be fair, when Damon comes back, they may wind up addressing it then. Because we did have that PERFECT set-up. So it totally is possible that it is still coming. I just really, really, really would have preferred that it came before the big separation.
You see that second to last line above? "So it totally is possible that it is still coming." Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure it totally is still coming. However, it's going to be hella, extremely painful before then. Now, I think there was a VERY specific reason that, yes, Elena saw what happened with Caroline and Luke, why that spot was marked X, why all of that happened, and WHY that conversation between Damon and Elena did not happen. All of the above played out for Elena because *Elena* knows now that their relationship is not toxic. She knows now that she was looking at their relationship in a vacuum. But because of the extreme situation, it wasn't the time to sit down and talk it all out then. She figured they could do that later because of course Damon would come back.

On the other hand, Damon never had that talk with Stefan. Damon never saw that moment with Caroline or anyone else. Damon never had any indication from Stefan or Caroline or Bonnie or Jeremy or Matt or ELENA or anyone else that he and Elena are not toxic. He just figured they got back together because they are so fucking miserable without each other because, remember (and this is important!) even when he demanded she stopped loving him she told him that she can't."

So, yuppers, there ya go. We may yet finally get that "toxicity—not!" discussion between Damon and Elena. Woohoo! As to when this is all going to actually happen, I mean, her memories coming back and how will it happen? Well…I still think it's very likely that we're gonna get a November sweeps Thanksgiving (for Vampire Diaries) miracle and it will be the next episode. But who knows. It could be in one of the two December episodes, but I'm still holding out hope for next week. However, I won't be disappointed if it happens in the last episode before we break for the winter hiatus and I could see that happening just as easily as well honestly and as good as the Damon/Elena tension was in this episode, I can't say I'd really mind.

As for how…well, Damon kept really, really wanting to go in for that kiss—dude, was like dying for that kiss, folks, just d-y-i-n-g for it—and yet it didn't happen. So, I'm kinda thinking that maybe it will be a combination of Elena breaking the compulsion because I do think it will be her having the mental fortitude to do that and part of that will be her kissing him like she did in "Heart of Darkness." She made the first move there. She ran to him, she kissed him. And maybe by doing so again, pushing through the mental barrier to just follow what her heart feels and what her body wants*, her mind will follow and unblock the memories.

* Because, yeah, her body so wants him. Just watch that dance with them. She danced with him only begrudgingly with him to begin with it, but began so far away (see the first gif), but within three seconds (it was literally three seconds—see second gif) she was that much closer to him. The twirl into his arms (gifs three and four) showed an Elena who was already made breathless and affected by him, and the rest of the gifs reveal a woman who is comfortable being held by this man, close to him, mesmerized by his eyes, by his voice, who is drawn to him. Oh, yes, her body wants.


Those memories, yeah, why weren't the unblocked when she clearly got a bunch of them including the birthday memory? (I did slo-mo it and she saw the Miss Mystic Falls dance, him standing behind her to put the necklace on, a few shots of their first sexytiems, a few conversations post-sire bond reveal, the post ‘I love you' kiss and the non-‘I love you' looks and then hands in the car Operation!kaboom, finally, the smiles before the rain kiss or you can see the pretty slo-moed gif below. Although, they do loop the memories three times, I only gif'ed them once.)


*sigh* OK, but again, why didn't they unlock all of her memories if they included the birthday memory? Well, Elena's last scene with Damon explained that. It's because it didn't include the full memory which had him giving her the actual necklace so she didn't actually know what it was he was doing there at the mirror. And it was the fact that Damon was willing to give her that necklace and put her and her love/relationship with Stefan ahead of his feelings for her and be so damn selfless that made her realize that she could love him forever.

After all, recall we saw different memories from the night they had sex, from the post sire bond reveal and from Operation!Kaboom. Plus, she clearly remembered the first part of the rain kiss, but she didn't remember what happened afterwards which is why she had to ask Damon. So that's why she didn't get her memories back, the trigger wasn't, well, triggered because she didn't get the full birthday memory back, or at least, the right part of it.

And before I move on, can I just say how awesome I found it that Elena even attempted to break the compulsion by crossing the border? Because she's Elena and she's awesome and because of what it says about her feelings for Damon that are so there buried under the blocked memories that she can't access, but everything but her head is screaming at her to unlock? Firstly, that's my girl, Elena, willing to go to such lengths to get her memory back because that is just who she is. (And, I so called it!)

Elena hates not knowing the answers, she hates being in the dark. That's Elena. And moving onto her luuurve for Damon... the bottom-line is that she does know that she loves this guy, she knows it instinctively and it is driving her crazy because she desperately wants to know WHY and HOW. And there's a part of her (that she would never admit to because the Elena who hadn't admitted to loving Damon was denial-girl) that wants to love him because she's that girl who wanted danger and excitement, a love and passion that consumed her and she can see it clear as day that she had *that* kind of love with Damon Salvatore. And, damnit, she wants it back!

Now, back to one of those memories that she sorta had that our lovely Damon finished for us. Oh, yeah, the rain kiss. Uhm, I'm going to confess something here. I'm not like the majority of the Damon/Elena fanbase in that I haven't been jonesing for a rain kiss. I mean, it was romantic and I'm glad we got it and all, but it's not like I'm OMG!We got a Delena!Rain!Kiss!!! I've got Damon/Elena kitchen sexytiems and Damon/Elena shower sexytiems on my list, but a rain kiss, uhm, OK, yay. I'm happy for the rest of the fanbase. Now this is not to say that it was beautiful and I didn't love it…and that I didn't gif the hell out of it because I did. :D

What I loved more than the kiss itself though was Damon's smiles beforehand. Him smiling as he watched her joy looking at the sky just made my heart melt. Oh, he's so in love with her. And then his continued smile when she beamed at him so gloriously just made me grin because they were both so, so happy. No wonder Damon kept going back to this memory. And, of course, after she made him promise they'd have forever {sobs}, and he did, man *that* smile was just…oh, Damon… SO HAPPY. He just looked so, so happy. My heart.

And then they kissed in the rain. And an entire fanbase deafened dogs the world over with their squeals of joy.


Not quite as joyful, OK, fine not joyful at all, but awesome in an entirely different way was Stefan and Caroline. I continue to absolutely, fantastically adore what the show is doing with these two. And their final scene, especially the last couple of lines just kicked me in the gut because of what Caroline said to Stefan and what it means for their story. And *that* made me squee. She told him that she hates him. Caroline told Stefan that she hates him. O.M.G. We all know that in Vampire Diaries speak, that's code for the beginning of true love. "I hate you" is the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.

Uh huh.

Seriously, I just loved every single, solitary Stefan and Caroline moment. From the second that Stefan heard that Caroline was potentially in danger, he all but zoomed out of there and was at her side and like Stefan with Damon, and Damon with Stefan and Elena, and Elena with Jeremy and Damon, Stefan pretty much completely ignored what she wanted and chose to do what was best for her because she was in danger. And it was awesome.


As was their scene with Enzo in which Enzo outed Caroline's feelings for Stefan and in which I once again found reason to appreciate the subtle brilliance of Rebecca Sonnenshine's scripts. There was so very much said in between the lines of much more civil dialogue and I just loved it to bits. I mean the non-spoken conversation that was going on between these three was priceless.

Caroline:: Don't you dare! I will kill you.
Enzo: Whatever, gorgeous. If I'm not getting any, I'm gonna make it hella harder for him to get any. Cheers.
Stefan: Wait? What?! No way! How did I miss that?!
Caroline:: You are dead. You are so dead. Wait, did Stefan hear me say that? Crap, he knows that I—I mean, that I had the feelings for him. CRAP!
Stefan: Caroline had the feelings for me? Hmmm... This is interesting information. I must process.


And then their later scene when Stefan talks to her about the information that he has processed is equally hilarious, because when you think about what Stefan is actually asking Caroline, well, it's HI-larious, but really, the scene is totally and completely heartbreaking so it's not funny at all. But, still, yeah, hilarious when you get what Stefan is actually asking Caroline and realize there's only one real possible reason he could be asking that question.

So once again, let's take a look at the layer beneath the dialogue, shall we?

Stefan: So, tell me exactly why it is you had a thing for me so I can know why you had a thing for me? I mean, I'm not saying that I have a thing for you but I'm not *not* saying that I have a thing for you. I'm just wondering what I did that made you have a thing for me when you *had* a thing for me. You know, cuz if you were to have a thing for me in the future I'd like to know cuz if I were to have a thing for you I would need to know what to do to make sure that you have a thing for me again. So, tell me why did you have a thing for me?
And then he, of course, threw in the puppy-dog eyes and furrowed brow along with it. Of course. See, HI-larious. I was just cracking up. But then, then, then, my heart was breaking because Caroline was having none of it. Because as clueless as Stefan is—and he so, so is—when it comes to Stefan and how he deals with pain, Caroline is kinda just as clueless.

She thinks that when he walked away and wouldn't talk to her that it was his way of saying that he doesn't care, but it's the opposite with Stefan. The fact that he *didn't* talk to her and the fact that he walked away from her was actually the proof that she was the one who meant the most to him with Damon gone. Stefan couldn't face Caroline; he couldn't talk to Caroline because she was the only person who could get to him. She was the only one who could make him face the loss of Damon and he wasn't ready face that loss and deal with it. It's because he does feel so much for Caroline that he didn't reach out to her. But she doesn't know Stefan well enough yet to get that. Oh, Caroline.


And because Stefan is so damaged he can't say that, he can't admit that to her so he just lets her walk away. And as she was telling him that she hates him and as she walked away, man, he just looked like his heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces. Oh, Stefan.

And oh, Bonnie! My poor Bonnie! So now we know, Kai must just clearly be able to heal from wounds which I'm thinking now must be part of his "punishment." I mean, I guess what's the point of being stuck in some portal forever if he can just kill himself and get out of it and not suffer for an eternity? So that makes sense.

Can I just say I feel vindicated about how well I do know these characters? I was right about Damon, and I was right about Bonnie. I knew that she would never have let Kai back into the world with other people knowing what a monster he was. So when she first seemed like she was going to just go through it, I was like, uhm, OK, and was very, very confused because it just didn't jibe with what I know of Bonnie as a character. And then…she didn't. Yay, that's my Bonnie!

And then, and then… Damon found Mr. Cuddles! And he figured out that Bonnie is alive! And now we know why Damon didn't tell anyone about Bonnie and wasn't trying to figure out a way to get her back. He thought she was dead. Can I just ding last week's new writers' again for that one and say that should have just made that clear? If they'd just had another line in that confusing back and forth in the beginning and had Damon tell Stefan "Bonnie's died," it would have cleared everything up for viewers. *sigh* Silly new writers. (Bless you, Rebecca Sonnenshine.)


Oh, Damon was so happy to realize that Bonnie was alive, the smile on his face when he saw Mr. Cuddles. Ah, I loved it. And, yay, yay, yay! I was right. I mentioned in the comments to someone that "I think either Kai will wind up coming back OR a whole bunch of them will wind up going through the Gemini coven-created portal back to 1994 and we'll wind up with some epic showdown back in time." Obviously the first ain't happening, so aha!, we're getting the second, I'm so excited for that. It will be awesome. I say obviously the first isn't happening because without her magic, neither of them can leave 1994, they are stuck there, period.

So who's going along? Damon, Elena, Jeremy, Stefan and Caroline—what else have they got going on? Uhm, Liv and Luke, probably because I'm thinking that they are members of the Gemini coven because, yeah, twins, Gemini? Yeah? Hopefully Tyler (with Liv). Oh, and obviously Jo will be going with them since she is Kai's sister. Who called that? Uhm, everyone. LOL! Nice to know that Jo is the sister that Kai had a soft spot for and so instead of cutting out her lungs, he only cut out her spleen. I have to say that I liked Jo in this. Hmm, I guess Damon really does make everything better, LOL! Seriously, his scenes with her were amusing and I guess it helped me to like her better? I dunno, but I didn't dislike her this time around. So, yeah, Damon's makes everything better.

ETA: Take that back, I was thinking on the scene where Jo was extolling Liam's virtues to Damon and I realized how not only unnecessary it was, but also how unnecessarily cruel it was. At this point, she has to know from Alaric that Damon didn't really die and so what Alaric did to Elena potentially destroyed Damon's chance for being with the love of his life. So Damon is suffering here and it's not his fault in any way and instead of showing him any sympathy of any kind, she instead chooses to be a total bitch for no reason other than to be, well, a total bitch. So, no, I don't like her. Still, Damon did momentarily make her interesting because he's awesome.

As is his Camaro! I don't why, but I got such a kick out of seeing Bonnie in Damon's car. Too bad, she didn't start for Bonnie. But it did give me my one truly creepy moment of the episode. The realization that I do really think that Bonnie and Kai have chemistry. Eew, gross. I felt dirty typing that. But, yeah, when he was all behind her and up in her face, yeah, there was something there. Eew. But yeah.

Also with the chemistry-making, but without the eew-factor? Liv and Tyler! Yay! Even if they only had one scene, I still enjoyed it. Liv is such a smart-ass and she just is not giving Tyler an inch, like at all. But you know he likes it. Plus, boy needs a challenge to keep his mind off of his rage issues. Liv is good for him. Plus, the chemistry. Me likey!


You know what else me likey? Damon and Alaric and their awesometastic (yes, I just made that word up) bromance being written as awesometastically as it should be! As it was in this episode! That opening scene? When Damon was a total smart-ass, making digs at Ric for wiping Elena's memory, Ric feeling bad about it, Damon basically teetering near the brink of killing Ric every five seconds and Ric only mildly annoyed with it, Damon taking a moment to genuinely tell Ric how happy he was that Ric was alive and Ric taking a moment to genuinely accept Damon's happiness before admonishing him and then Damon acting like a five-year old in response? THAT is Damon and Ric's awesometastic bromance. Not whatever *that* scene was in the last episode masquerading as a reunion between best friends who had literally been dead to the other.

These were my two favorite moments. Aww and hee!


Me likey a lot! :D

Phew! OK, time for randoms…

- Aww, they played 'Belong' by Cary Brothers while Damon and Elena were dancing. That's the song that played when Elena told Damon that she loved him face to face for first time and hell if she was going to apologize for it. (Honestly, though, I think I kinda would have preferred "New York" by Snow Patrol personally. Ah well, it's the thought that counts.)

- I mentioned it above, but I really did love Elena just walking over and grabbing Damon's drink *right after* he had just drunk from it. Seriously, there is a comfort level it's like she doesn't even realize she has with him it's so comfortable. Oh, Elena.


- Gah, the hopeful, happy look on Damon's face when Elena said that she wanted him to help her get her memories back. Oh Damon.

- I loved when Damon and Elena were dancing and he was talking about their dance at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant and he said that Elena was all concerned about Stefan of course, but there was one moment where everyone else just fell away and it was just the two of them. Up to that point while they'd been dancing, we had seen all of the other couples dancing around them, but right after Damon said that the camera cut to a different angle and you could only see Damon and Elena dancing. Yes, there was a waitress walking and some party guests in the background but they were blurry. The point is that you couldn't see any other dancers anymore and just as Damon said, once again everyone else fell away and it was just the two of them. I loved that imagery, it was just gorgeous. You see the switch in couples around them to not in the gifs below because the cut follows immediately in the camera angle between the gifs. The director, Darren Genet, really did a great job with this episode.


- I love this show! People were wondering why Elena didn't cross the town border to break the compulsion. Well, we got our answer in this episode. She would die. Also, I (and I'm sure others were wondering about bringing vampires back and restoring their human-ness) and the show answered this question at the top of the show. With that said, I still think it will happen--at least with Elena. And I keep thinking of the fact that we had Bonnie (and Matt) being the lifeguards. Remember, Bonnie already brought Matt back from a similar kind of near-death experience back in "The Reckoning." Uh huh. Plus, we had Damon once again reminding us that he knows that Elena would prefer to be human and that he wanted that for her. Double uh huh.

- Did anyone else feel like Elena was kinda reminiscent of Elena with her switch off in some of her scenes with Damon, like, yeah, part of her was switched off? I felt like Nina Dobrev played it that way deliberately so. Obviously not all of it, not always, but just moments here and there before Damon would break through and wrest some response from her that her heart, her body instinctively remembered before her blanked memories and thus her switched off-head took control. Playing it that way made sense, I thought.

- So when I suggested that we didn't know where Caroline stood on Damon/Elena last week because the new writers (grr) gave us conflicting signals, I was right. On one hand, they began the Caroline/Elena scenes heading towards the Mystic Falls border with Caroline aggravated that Elena was driving like a maniac as if Caroline was annoyed that Elena was getting all worked up over Damon. And then they had her give Elena a happy smile that she had chosen to get her memories back at the end of the scenes, so I was left wondering which was it? Was she pro or still anti-Damon/Elena after seeing a miserable Damon-less Elena. Well, we got our answer in this episode. She's still pretty anti-Damon/Elena. *sigh* At least we know, and at least she wasn't completely ripping Damon apart, just slightly negative about him and it wasn't like the things she said weren't true. Still… *sigh*

- I thought this was interesting. Last week, Damon saw the picture of Stefan and Elena in a couply-pose (with Caroline in the shot) and put the frame face down. In this episode, Caroline did the same thing. Interesting parallel, huh?


- It took six seasons, but someone *finally* commented on Damon's pretty blue eyes!

- She may have been annoyed with him, but I did love that when going to save her mom, Caroline went with Stefan and in his car because Stefan *was* driving, awww!

- Yay, Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes lives to see another day. Thank goodness. When I first saw her with a gun to her head, I thought, ‘you better not kill Liz!' They did not. Good.

- So I'm still thinking that Liam is going to be worked into their little group because he is just not being presented as a "love interest" to me. He's more the new addition to the Scooby gang. He was Elena's date in the episode, but the whole point of it was more to meet Damon and see the "dead" boyfriend, i.e., part of figuring it out, and to show Damon that Elena is "moving on" and having more of a normal "human" life. As for being Elena's "love interest," she's just kinda 'OK, we'll wait and see what happens with him.' There's just no 'there' there. Again, as I said at the top of the post, she came to the fundraiser with him and left with another guy, a guy she claims to hate. Yeah.

- OK, Luke's hairstyle looked really bad. Like REALLY bad. Dude!

- I'm wondering if Matt is going to wind up being caught between the vampires and the humans…but then is it really just Enzo because while Matt has had some vampire issues, most of his friends are, well, vampires. And he was pretty disgusted with how the humans acted this go-round until Enzo screwed over Tripp and the deal they'd made with the human contingency. So I'm wondering if Enzo is going to be a part of Matt's bigger story here. (Sorry bogwitch) Because I'm also wondering why Michael Malarkey (Enzo) was even made a regular cast member at this point. Enzo is barely used him as a character. He's made several appearances starting with his first in "The Cell," and yet other than that he was a soldier, he loved a girl named Maggie, he died of consumption and he was tortured for a hella long time, we don't know much about him or even about what he wants, who he is inside. So, I am curious what's the point, and now I'm wondering if it's going to tie into Matt's story. (And again, if that's the case, sorry, bogwitch.)

- And, yes, my beloved Matty was once again my beloved Matty blue-blue. Thank you, Rebecca. :)

- Can I just say that I adore just how much that the show isn't even pretending anymore that there is a triangle. Damon and Elena are IT. THE COUPLE and there isn't even a question mark about it. I just love that so very hard. SQUEE!

Alrighty then, another episode and I continue to really enjoy the heck out of this season. I love, love, love Rebecca Sonnenshine episodes. She's one of my absolute favorite writers on the show and I thought this one was stellar. The Damon/Elena and Stefan/Caroline stuff was fantastic, all of my babies were in wonderful character and, it was just all so lovely. I love this show so damn much. So, so much!

Well, that's all she wrote. Sorry, this is a day later than usual, but I started a bit later doing the post and it took me nearly three hours just to do the gifs so I knew I wasn't going to get the post done last night. Anyhoo, enjoy.
Tags: alaric saltzman, bonnie bennett, caroline forbes, damon salvatore, damon/alaric, damon/bonnie, damon/elena, elena gilbert, ep discussion-tvd, liv/tyler, matt donovan, stefan salvatore, stefan/caroline, the vampire diaries

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