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6.04 - 'Black Hole Sun' (The Vampire Diaries)

Sorry for the delay, as I mentioned to suckerfordelena, I wasn't feeling like doing the write-up last night and I quite enjoyed this one and I wanted to do the episode justice so I waited until I was more feeling it. So here you go. (And it's nearly 6,000 words. Yeah.)

I want to start with Damon because as important as other characters and reveals to and about them were in this episode, there was an encircling (or sorts) about Damon from most of the other characters that just filled my heart with so much joy. In my long (loooong) awaited post for the finale, "Home," I wrote about one of the big changes that would most likely be awaiting Damon's return to Mystic Falls from the Other Side's demise and that change would be his relationship status. I wrote:

[…] how it will be for Damon? […He] will be in *such* a different place relationship-wise. Prior to this season, it's been Damon having pretty much one person on his side (if he's lucky) begrudgingly except for the last two seasons where Elena was fully on his side. But next season, he'd have Elena, Stefan fully (because of no residual Elena-feelings, and OMG! I have my brother back, yes, I'm so happy, I love him! YAY!), Alaric, Enzo, Liz, possibly his minions—Jeremy and Matt, and now Bonnie. And of that group, only Jeremy and Matt would be begrudging. That's like… whoah!

But having Bonnie on Damon's side as his new BFF would be very interesting and something I would find a lot of fun to watch. I think that Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham have great chemistry onscreen. Obviously, I don't want to watch them in a romantic sense, and I don't think for a second the show would go there, but as friends, I think it would be marvelous […] So, yeah, a Damon and Bonnie true friendship dynamic, I would very much like to see. And frankly, I would love to see Damon have a friend who is not sarcastic or snarky and could give him good Elena-advice without it being weird or creepy (sorry, Ric!).
Well, all signs do seem to be pointing to that direction. And this episode had these moments, these scenes and speeches and lines of dialogue with Stefan, Elena and Alaric… and then Bonnie which showed her now becoming a part of that inner circle that is part of the Damon-zone. And it was so beautifully done, I was just so in love with the execution. Let's look at it in detail, shall we?

At first I was a bit disgruntled by Ric's comment to Jeremy about Damon when he said that "I actually kinda miss him" with regards to Damon being, you know, dead in his spiel to Jeremy about his resentment. Because, hello, Damon, is his supposed best friend and all we get is that he "actually kinda misses him?" Really, Ric? And as I said, my first response was 'grr, not cool, Ric!' But, that was my first response. By episode's end, with everything else put in place, I realized that when you take into account Stefan and Elena's conversation, *everything* that Alaric said and then *Bonnie's comments at the end, well, it all ties together and it becomes clear what the writers, Melinda Hsu Taylor and Neil Reynolds have oh so cleverly done.

Firstly, we'll just ignore that Stefan clearly does not get the full dynamic of why Elena loves Damon ('he got you to accept the darkest parts of yourself, 'uhm, yeah, Stef, that's what it was, boo!), but he got part of it and at least he's completely accepted it now. We'll be happy with that. Moving on and get to the meat of the loving-and-accepting-Damon part of it all. Stefan essentially danced around saying that he and both Elena loved and accepted Damon despite all of the bad shit he did. And one has to think of how many times both Stefan (so, so, so many times) and Elena have said that they were incapable of ever walking away for good from Damon because they kept hoping that he would change, he would find his humanity, blah, blah, blah. That was the gist of it. Elena saying, 'oh no, how could I ever love him, he's so hateful!?' And Stefan being all, 'but you did! Because despite everything he did we loved him' was that reminder that Damon does bad things and that was key.

And that was also there in the conversation between Alaric and Jeremy. That line "I actually kinda miss him" taken out of context seems rather lackluster when talking about one's recently deceased best friend, but when looking at the entire statement and in light of the entire episode's theme, it holds a much stronger punch. "My wife ran away because she would rather be a vampire than be married to me. Come to find out it was Damon who turned her and then she died. And then Jenna, she died. And then I died. And then the guy who killed my wife died. And I actually kinda miss him."

So, no, it wasn't Alaric being blasé about Damon's death, but rather another nail being driven in about the bigger picture. Damon does bad things, but those people, those he loves that love him, they forgive him, they love him, they actually kinda miss him anyway. And then… and then… we come to that final Damon and Bonnie scene. Damon had told Bonnie this horrible thing he'd done, and yes, it was horrible. Killing a bunch of people who were guests in his family's boarding house, including a pregnant woman who was carrying his great X whatever's nephew's child. Really, truly horrible. And instead of judging him, instead of looking at him as this vile, evil monster… Bonnie did what Elena, what Stefan, what Alaric does. In this scene we saw her flat-out saying what Stefan and Alaric had both rather danced around showing that Bonnie is becoming this other person now entering the Damon-zone.

And (squee!) I am thinking now that yes, indeed, everything plays into the whole larger theme of Stefan, Elena and Alaric loving Damon despite the bad things he's done. He gets to them, but they forgive him because he feels remorse, because he *is* a good person who is changing, who is a better person because of their love, who WANTS to be a better person because now he has people who love and believe in him... and now Bonnie is one of those people. She is forgiving him the bad things he's done because he feels guilt, because she cares for him, sees the good in him and because she *wants* to forgive him.

And on the reverse side, Damon just as clearly now let Bonnie in. He got all soft-voiced and sincere-eyed with her when telling her why he needed to get back to 2014. And before now, he's only done that with Stefan, Elena and Alaric. Yuppers, Bonnie is so part of his inner circle now!! SQUEE!!! She's part of that very small group of people that he'll be openly vulnerable with and wear his heart on his sleeve with. OH EM GEE!!! SQUEE!! I love them and their sister-brother love so much. It's so precious! I didn't know how much Damon needed this until it was given to me. Ahem, I mean, him.

And, yes, Damon and Bonnie are obviously supposed to have a sibling-like relationship which is so what I wanted. YES! We had Kai flat-out say his siblings and then compare them to Bonnie and Damon (yes, yes, we'll just ignore that we found out later he murdered them viciously, it's the sibling-vibe that counts). Then that was in contrast to the Bonnie/Kai flirting, because Bonnie was totally flirting back with Kai before she found out he was a psychotic creepy family killing serial killer.

Oh, and Damon was even commenting on that and in an annoyed, but not jealous, more-older-brother type of a way. The show is making it very clear without all but putting a neon flashing sign at the bottom of the screen that says Bonnie and Damon have a brother/sister relationship. Let me just say that I approve because any kind of romantic/sexual vibe would ruin what they have. And what they have is awesome-sauce! Damon NEEDS this kind of relationship SO MUCH. It's SO VERY GOOD FOR HIM!

Going back a few seasons to a Bonnie-centric episode "Ghost World" (although this comment actually has nothing to do with Bonnie, hehehe), I commented then about Damon and his journey.

I liked A LOT that in an episode that talked about Damon, mentioned redemption, etc., and Damon making a positive choice to let someone in, be the better "man" (to Ric), it had NOTHING TO DO WITH ELENA. This helped to confirm my own personal belief that Damon is not changing or becoming better FOR Elena. I think it's BECAUSE of Elena's influence. It's like what Andie said... love changes a person, makes them better. It's like, for me, Elena has ignited that desire that has always been in Damon to be better, but until he's ready, until he wants to, it's not going to happen. Because he's not doing it for her, he's doing it for him, he's allowing himself that belief that he can be better because he's acknowledging that the desire is there. And that desire has been brought to the forefront because of his love for Elena. But it's about *his* desire to change, and *his* choice to do so.
What I loved is that we are still seeing that play out. In this episode, Kai threatened Bonnie, and it wasn't even overt or anything. He just moved towards Bonnie and started to put a hand on her. Then in a flash (subliminal CW promotion, LOL! not that that particular show needs it, hah!, but it's cute and hey, one of Damon's former victims, Professor Wes Maxfield, is in the cast), Damon had him pinned to the wall and was in uber-protective mode. And it was awesome! Last week, Bonnie was protecting her pseudo-big bro and this week, it's Damon turn to protect his baby sister. So adorable. I loves it so much.


Seriously, like I said last week, I honestly could not imagine them writing Damon and Bonnie any better. They are writing their dynamic beyond utter and absolute perfection. Every single moment with them is just so beyond splendiferous. They are keeping the bit of snark and sass between them, but the affection and love is so there and real. I completely buy the growth of their depth of feelings for each other, and yet, they've written and directed them in such a way that there is not a scintilla of sexual or romantic tension in their scenes. And you've got to give kudos to the actors (especially Ian Somerhalder, because the man does just drip sex and can make any word sound like seduction) because they've played every moment between Bonnie and Damon as siblings. I just can't get over how *right* their dynamic is. I love it so beyond so hard there are no words. (And yet I just spent over 150 words rambling about it, hah!)

You know what other friendship I also got a kick out of this episode, and one I knew that I would enjoy bunches if we ever got there? Stefan and Elena. Yuppers. I thought they were great. Even that totally over-the-top proposal, it was just hilariously adorable. (I mean a bullfight wound? Really? Cracked me up.) * These two are sooooo in the friend-zone and I love it. And I meant it when I said I get a kick out of them. Honestly, I kinda love them as friends, they fit really well together. Whereas their similarities hurt each other as a couple, as friends, they complement each other. And they are able to call each other out on their shit now because they've taken off their rose-colored glasses no longer held captive by the doppelganger spell or by Stefan's need to only present the bestest version of himself. So, yeah, as friends, Stefan and Elena are pretty great. Me likes.

* But seriously, damn you CW promo monkeys. Such ridiculous fan-baiting! There was absolutely no reason to do an entire promo devoted to Stefan/Elena ship-baiting. It was stupid and cruel. Stupid because it no doubt riled up Damon/Elena fans who didn't need to see this with their couple separated for an entire season so far, who would feel like boycotting the episode. And it was cruel to do to Stefan/Elena fans because Stefan and Elena are *not* in a romantic state and this episode was in no way romantic for the pair. In fact, it once again made it clear to Stefan and Elena fans that their couple is dunzo, over, kaput and finished and that Damon is THE love of Elena's eternal life.

Oh, yeah, and Damon is not dead so when he comes back… Elena will be ready and waiting for him. And that even with Damon supposedly dead and gone for all eternity, and even with Elena "hating" Damon, Elena still's not romantically interested in Stefan anymore. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that with Stefan fully and completely aware and accepting of the fact that Elena is in love with Damon and Damon is in love with Elena. Oh and that Stefan is totally and completely in 'I LOVE MY BROTHER' mode so there ain't no way he's ever going to go back on the Elena-train, Stefan and Elena are so done. So, yeah, CW promo-monkey's give it up. Because, Stefan has made it clear who he can't live without… Damon!



STEFAN IS RESTORING THE CAMARO!!!!!!!!! I just—I have no words. OK, yes, I do have words. But I—oh my word. When I realized it—which I confess I did not at first because I was too busy flailing over Elena calling Damon her soulmate and the beautiful song ("The Power of Love" by Gabrielle Aplin) that was playing over the reading of Elena's note to herself and pride in calling Alaric not making the right decision (see below) and thinking about Elena's Caroline issues (again, see below), phew… Anyhoo, when I went back after I finished watching the episode and talking to a friend to rewatch the letter-reading, I realized then that Stefan was restoring the Camaro and I gasped and called butterfly (said friend I was talking too) back and was just all a'flail all over again.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I was literally verklempt, like almost teary-eyed. My heart was uplifted with feels and I was just... STEFAN IS RESTORING THE CAMARO! and it just overwhelmed with so many feels. SO MANY FEELS! I mean... aaaahhhhhh!!!! Oh, Stefan. Oh, my heart. Aaaaahhhh!!!

Breathe, breathe.

So, gah, the writing was so very good in this episode. Earlier when Stefan had been detailing throughout the day the many, myriad different ways that he reinvents his life to start over, Elena had casually patted his little red car and pointed out that this was a remnant of his past. Nice little foreshadowing there because, yeah, holding onto *his* car wasn't Stefan holding onto his past, oh no, not at all. That was just the lead up to the big event, the big reveal. So, so brilliant. I just loved it.

And it was so very, very earned, not just on a Stefan loves Damon, the Brothers Salvatore level, but also on a Stefan Salvatore the character level. How Taylor and Reynolds showed the evolution of Stefan's characters using the flashbacks was just beautiful and brilliant. By utilizing the history of the character and how well these characters have been written and how well we know them we were able to read not only Damon, but, Stefan also. Because the character—as opposed to character relationships—of note in this episode was Stefan. We needed to see Stefan acting as he did in 1994. Seeing Damon coming to him, wanting to hang with him, being a good vampire (for the most part—he drank a little blood, erased their memory of it, didn't kill anyone, didn't hurt anyone and was playing nice). However, then Stefan broke his neck, took his ring, yet still Damon played nice. He still wanted to go all road-trippy with Stefan. Then here comes the key to showing how much Stefan has changed.

Back in 1994, Stefan was a tool, he totally rewrote what happened in 1912 and 1942 and dude wasn't even there in 1977, he just took his precious Lexi's take on the situation and made Damon the total bad guy. Furthermore, he blamed Damon for him being a ripper. For reals?!?! And here's where the history and character strength of the show comes into play. Of course, Damon then lashed out, of course he did. And we know this is exactly how Damon would react because we know this character so well. Of course, this is not to excuse what he did because it was horrible and wrong and terrible, but that's what Damon does, we know that, when he gets hurt, he lashes out and Stefan was being a sanctimonious, holier than thou ass while Damon was just trying to reach out and spend time with his brother.

OK, now here is where the awesome, awesome writing comes into play. The fact that we saw all that happen *then* made what we are seeing with Stefan *now* have such a strong punch because we have been seeing the progression of Stefan and Damon's relationship (especially with Lexi's departure from Stefan's life) and so where Stefan is now rings true. It has been earned. The fact that we saw Stefan acting as we did in 1994 and how we saw him talking about Damon now, we see fully just how he truly feels now, but more importantly how much Stefan has grown. It shows how much more open and honest he is with himself.

At last, Stefan Salvatore is becoming a real boy! He *is* finding himself; he is becoming more his own person and not the fake persona that fucking Lexi basically tortured him to be. Because that is what bish did! (Seriously, that is what she did.) But it's OK because Lexi is (hallelujah!) gone and Stefan is going to have his Damon back soon (I'm still thinking it will be a four to six—OK, clearly, it'll be a five to six episode now—timeline for the Damon and Bonnie return), and I can't wait because I love my Brothers Salvatore. Seeing them together (even if Stefan was a tad tool-y) was lovely because I have missed them.

We had the lighter side, Stefan teasing him about the squirrel taste of his bloody afternoon thirst-quencher with either fur or rat droppings. HI-larious, if gross, LOL! And we also had the angsty brotherly love, I so, well love. Oh, Stefan! Going all fight club of one (and whomever is around and unaware-they're-a-member) to assuage his pain over losing Damon. I was wondering why that dude kept staring at Stefan and Elena. Obviously, there was a reason, but I had no clue they were going there. So, yeah, Stefan was hiding something… and now we know what it was. Stefan's been using physical pain to deal with his emotional pain since Elena stole the memory loss method of dealing with her Damon-pain.

Speaking of… ooh, burn! Damn, Stefan. Go, you, with your 'don't be all judging how I mourn Damon when you did what you did, Elena!' He was so not down with her Damon-bashing and was just not having any more of it. You could just see it on his face. 'If she says one more thing about my big bro when I know that girl was all about him. Calling me all the time, Oh, Stefan, have you found a way to bring my Damon back to me? I mean, dang, she dumped my ass for him. Hel-lo!' He finally just let it rip.

So, yes, you go, Stefan. You defend your brother and you wake Elena up to the reality of what she did. I get it, I get why she did what she did, but I think she should know what she did. And why. I think it's better now that she knows so she can make an informed decision, which she did at the end. And aha! And I also think I know *why* the show decided to go this route with Elena and the memory loss and frankly I think it's pretty dang brilliant when you think about it. Obviously neither of my theories hold any weight now (which, although making deliciously angsty great television, would have been painful as hell, so I can't say I'm bummed about that!).

Now I'm thinking that the whole point of Elena losing her memories was so that the writers didn't have to write a near-suicidal depressed leading lady without taking away that she loves Damon. This selective memory arc accomplishes that brilliantly without in any way impugning on the Elena and Damon love story, and allows the writers to not drown the viewers in Elena's depression/killing-crazy character which is what she was in the first two episodes. I mean, can you imagine having at least five episodes (which is where we would be at this point) of that? I mean, it would be REALLY depressing, and it wouldn't make good television. This way, they keep the Damon and Elena love untouched, pure and completely sacrosanct, but also are able to write Elena more or less as a functional, normal Elena who interacts with the other characters. And once Damon returns, she gets her memories back, we get our reunion and their story continues with whatever they have up their sleeves. It makes perfect sense.

So what's the point of the Liam and Elena scene then, you may wonder. Well, I'm really thinking that he is related to either the Gemini coven or Kai now because he was clearly introduced into the Elena storyline and *knew* about her for a reason. And it just can't be to be an Elena love interest because once Damon comes back, yeah, right. Let's get real, the show has managed to keep the strains and reminders of Damon and Elena's great, OTP love running throughout every episode even without interaction between the two.

In this one, we had Damon talking about needing to get back to her (and Stefan—which I loved, I must say, aww!). As well, we had the opposite of last week which was much more focused on Damon's side of how much he loves Elena with how much Elena loves Damon with Stefan's words to her, and then her own words to her. In her journal, she called Damon her soulmate, said that she loved him with a passion that consumed her, we saw her handling his jacket and the pictures of the two of them together, she talked about how the pain of losing him was so intense she couldn't see an end in sight. We are constantly being reminded just how intensely and deep their love for one another is. How forever and true. I LOVE IT!


And I don't see how when Damon comes back we simply just won't see Alaric uncompel her. If we don't, it may not happen simply because he may not be there and in that case, we may wind up with a situation where Elena does overcome the compulsion. Maybe he says that she always talked about how their love could be strong enough to overcome compulsion and since they are stronger now, he'll kiss her to help it along. I don't know. Maybe. But I'm not worried about some weird way that Ric's compulsion doesn't work. He either just won't be right there around and available so Elena does overcome it herself or he will do it.

Speaking of Ric compelling her, can I just say I love when this show proves me right in how well I know this show. It makes me justified in loving it so dang much. Squee! Someone commented to my last post a concern about Ric choosing to compel Elena's memories away and I wrote in response:

[…]well, [Ric]'s not exactly in the best head space himself. So it's not like we're supposed to think that this IS a good decision. Which is one of the things I like about this show, just because characters do things, even supposedly good characters, it doesn't mean they are making the right choices.
I love when the show follows up (and this time, so soon!) proving that I do know this show. Woohoo!!

Oh, and Ric, can I just say how much I also loved him rather putting young (and I stress the word 'young' here) Jeremy in his place a bit. Yes, I obviously feel for Jeremy and all he's lost because he has lost plenty lots. But, lord, child, you are not the only one feeling loss and pain and resentment in the world. You. Are. Not. The. Only. One. Especially in this particular situation. And yet Jeremy is acting like he's the only one who did and is the only one who is becoming a completely non-functioning member of the universe.

Unlike young Matt Donovan. And, yeah, Matt hasn't lost as much as Jeremy. He's only lost his sister and mother, and every girl he's ever dated. Sure they haven't died, they've all just left him. And unlike Jeremy, Matt doesn't have a sister (right, his is dead) or a guardian, nor has he had someone who could even be counted as a true love (like Bonnie). Matt is just alone. Oh, yeah, and doesn't have money and has been playing the role of adult since he was like 15 years old and has been dealing with all of his friends lying to him for years before finally being inducted into the Scooby gang. But Matt is being awesome and stepping up to the plate, Jeremy!

Because Matt is awesome. And boy has he stepped into it! Off on his little fact-finding mission, has he found out way, way more than he bargained for, oh, yeah! Trying to ferret out information from good ole Tripp, Matt then gets stuck with way more information than expected. So he now knows that Enzo has been captured (gee, thanks Stefan! Toldja that one would bite you in the ass, ya fool! Don't worry, I still love you, boo!), and he knows that Tripp is gonna be torturing Enzo to find out about the other vampires, i.e., Elena, Caroline, Alaric, and Stefan (idiot!). Of course, what Tripp doesn't know is that any kinda torture he comes up with will likely be kid's play to Enzo compared to what he's experienced the last seventy years.

Still, it's gotta suck and you gotta wonder, what is Matt going to do with this information? I mean, of course, he's going to help, but how does he do this without completely giving himself away because I imagine he doesn't want to completely give himself up to Tripp yet, right? Yeah, I'd think not. Hmm…

I have faith in Matty, though, he's a smart cookie. He's been working with Liz and he clearly paid attention to Damon when he was his minion. I mean I've never seen anyone play-act as well as Damon has when Matt went to talk to Tripp. I practically bought that he knew nothing about what was going on with Jay's death. Plus, when he was suspicious about the "animal attacks," he played that with just the right amount of skepticism.

But, again, he clearly learned from the best: Mr. Damon Salvatore. Ah, Damon, Damon, Damon. First, let us get the shallow out of the way. Standing in the sun, wearing the white tee (whose official name I refuse to type), I was a very, very happy viewer, yes, indeedy.


So freaking hot. I thank you, universe, for blessing us with this physical specimen of such beauty. Ahem. Moving on. Now I must thank whoever on the show decided that in 1994 Damon Salvatore met a young Elizabeth Forbes because I died. I am typing this from the great beyond because that scene killed me dead; I loved it so hard. Damon and a young Liz looking at a picture of baby Caroline—who, of course (of course!) was a high-maintenance baby… but worth it! And then Damon, of course (of course!) got his flirt on with a young Elizabeth Forbes. And then I died again. LOVED IT SO HARD! And rewound it like a million times.


And, of course, with the compulsion broken in the town, we better get some little crack or mention from Liz at some point once Damon is back because she *should* remember this now. Yes, she should! (And we'll just ignore the creepy aspect of the fact that Damon had sex with someone whose baby picture he saw because… ewww! That's what you get with vampires who live for hundreds of years, though. :shrugs:)

Finally, bwahahahaha! So the Founder's Council was restarted BECAUSE of Damon Freaking Salvatore. Who later become not only a member, but the leader of the Founder's Council… that, again, was restarted because of Damon's actions. Damn, oh Damon! I love this show so hard. It's the little things, the awesome, awesome little things.

Phew! OK, onto the randoms…

- This episode was so awesome that I barely noticed that Caroline was not in the episode. And you all know that I love Caroline, even when everyone else was hating on her, I still loved her. And I barely noticed her absence, ya'll.

- OK, shallow alert, I so was not digging the denim shorts-jumper that Bonnie was wearing, sorry. The maroon top was cute, though. The 90's fashion, I know, I know. Still. I do continue to adore her sassy hairstyle though so much.

- Kai is a nickname for Malachi is cool, but wouldn't it be Chi? Of course, then people would pronounce it as Chi and think of Zen. Hmm. Am I overthinking it? Probably.

- Still on Kai. Wow, he is ONE FUCKED-UP dude, and I still think the actor, Chris Wood is doing a great job.

- I love that Kai is forcing Damon and Bonnie to go back to 2014 using his device and information and that it's not on Damon *at all.* This way it won't be on Damon doing yet another bad thing, you know? I truly appreciate that very much, thank you, show.

- Hmm, I wonder if Kai is gonna kinda be creepily into Bonnie when they get back to 2014? Imagine someone actually obsessed with Bonnie and not *gasp* Caroline?!

- So, hmm, the Gemini coven lied to Stefan because clearly they did know something funky was going on. I liked that it was brought up again. Very cool. I love that we got a little follow-up with that. And, ooh, speaking of follow-up/callbacks, I loved all the callbacks (1912, 1942, 1977, Zach—though, wow, he didn't age at all between 1994 and 2009, imagine that, hee).

- Yeah, I'm still not feeling Jodi Lyn Keefe's character, Dr. Jo. She just comes across as bitchy and conceited. I mean, you're talking to someone who's not a doctor in the emergency room and someone walks in covered in blood, the non-doctor is going to look at that person. Her question reasonably would have been "Are you OK? Does blood bother you?" Not "Pay attention to meeee because I'm hot!" Or even with that dialogue it could have been played light-hearted. I could imagine Torrey Devitto doing so with a light touch and a bit of a sardonic smile as she walked away. But, again, O'Keefe's Jo just came across as bitchy and conceited. Her character was the only issue in the entire episode for me. Ah well.

- I heart this show! There actually was a solar eclipse on May 10, 1994.

- "Poor nephew Uncle Zach." Bwah! I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did when Kai said that but I thought that Chris Wood's delivery of it was fantastic. He just sounded so sad and sincere, but of course he wasn't at all, and the combination of saying it with the "nephew uncle" which he'd made fun of earlier just added to the hilarity.

- OMG! Sarah's a Salvatore! That is so awesome. There is another Salvatore! The Salvatore bloodline can continue, OMG! This is so, so awesome. You know, I had that thought earlier when I noticed that Zach and Gail were together, but of course, she was murdered by Damon, but when she showed Jeremy the picture and revealed that she had survived the attack, I was like OMG! Sarah's a Salvatore! There is another Salvatore! The Salvatore bloodline can continue! That is so awesome! (I'm so glad I like the actress so far, please don't be an Olga Fonda repeat because I didn't mind her terribly to begin with.)

- Hmm, Elena has some Damon/Elena-related-Caroline issues... like serious latent Damon/Elena-related-Caroline issues. She snarkily mentioned that Caroline would be all for Elena erasing her love for Damon in episode 02, and now in her letter to herself she, again snarkily, mentioned that Caroline likely spilled the beans. Methinks this is going to be discussed since in four episodes we've had two mentions. Uh huh! I be hopeful!

- Aha, so I'm thinking that the whole point of the knowledge-dropping about the compulsion not working once one hits Mystic Falls is so we'd know why Tripp suddenly understands what is going on with vampires. Clearly he'd been compelled about the whole vamp situation in his hometown. Now, he knows, and now (without it being spelled out because we found out last week about the compulsion) we know why he knows. Uh huh.

- *sigh* Damn you, sides! Exactly what I muttered when I saw Stefan RESTORING THE CAMARO! (SQUEE!) and someone was watching from outside. *double sigh* I think the ending would have been an awesome OMG! shocker and a delightful one at that because I did like Ivy but *triple sigh* when I read the sides for episodes ONE (yes, episode ONE—which I read after the episode aired), they revealed the Tripp secret AND that Ivy turned. So that was not a surprise to me. I've been waiting for her to be murdered and show up as a vampire since she first showed up. :shrugs: Still, it's nice to know that Enzo didn't kill *kill* Ivy. So I guess points for that. Extra you go, Enzo! for defending Caroline and Damon's memory without killing *killing* Ivy!

So, so… wow! What an episode, huh? Loved it so hard. It really was just sensational. I just really thought it was fantastic. I can't say I haven't loved an episode this much in a while because I adored 5.22, 5.21, 5.18, 5.16, but all of them ended muy, muy sad, so I ended them feeling like 'awesome episode, but damn, this is depressing!' This one I'm like 'awesome episode, I LOVE THIS SHOW! WOOHOO!' because it didn't leave me wanting to cry myself to sleep when it was over. I like that feeling about my show. So yay! I've enjoyed this season overall so far, but this episode? Aces! Just so top-notch. Love, love, love!
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