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6.03 - 'Welcome To Paradise' (The Vampire Diaries)

So another Thursday night, another episode of The Vampire Diaries. Wordy-Mcwords under the cut.

Let's get the obvious out of the way and deal with the Elena and Liam situation. It was clear they were going there and of course I didn't like it, but I did find a few positives in it actually. First, Elena clearly is not into the guy. She's not innately attracted to him herself, she's trying to set him up with Caroline genuinely, and even when he kissed her, she was more bemused than anything else. There was no real reaction/attraction to the kiss. So that's good. If, OK, I'll be realistic here, no doubt, when she does date him it will be more of, 'hey, let's give this a try' because he's attracted to her. Secondly, and more importantly, because it ties into the Damon/Elena dynamic is what he said to her after he kissed her.

The fact that even in the little bit of a time he's gotten to know her, he picked up on the fact that she likes bad boys and that is what Damon is… the bad boy. Sure Elena dated Matt, the "good guy," but that's because she was "supposed" to date him and, well, he bored her. And then she was with Stefan, but that was because (a) she *thought* that he was danger guy at first, and (b) by the time she realized he was trying to be anything but, her world was so chaotic and crazy, she thought she *should* be with the good guy. So, yes, I took Liam's comment as a subtle nod to Elena's type being Damon. Uh huh. And remember when she met Damon for the first time on the road, she was essentially in the mind-set that she is now, and she was definitely attracted to him! Uh huh!

As for the whole 'how long have you been together?' bit from Liam to Stefan and Elena, I just took from that a way to show that comfort level of the exes that Stefan and Elena are at now, and to establish for Liam to make the move on Elena later, that's all. Besides all of Elena and Stefan's interactions were clearly in the friend-zone and I'm totally fine with that. It's what I've wanted for their relationship once the romance was over. I've been saying that for years literally.

And based on what happened later, even if I had been worried about a Stefan and Elena redux it would have been undone by episode's end. Having Elena witness that moment between Stefan and Caroline where the poor girl laid her heart out like that, there's just no way that Elena is going to jump back into something with Stefan. Especially after she flat-out asked Caroline if she has feelings for Stefan, and Caroline answered in the positive—even if she (lied and) said it was in the past tense. And how Elena asked Caroline, her tone didn't have any jealousy, but more like 'I don't want to upset Caroline here, and I'm pretty sure I'm right so I'm gonna dive in and ask because I'm her friend and she needs to face this.'

And she did. Sorta. Because she was totally lying about the past tense part because she did not "did have" feelings for him. She still does. Oh, Caroline. You know during the scene between her and Stefan when she kept bringing it back to her and how she was just basically begging for a crumb from him, I was wincing inside. She's expecting him to be there big-time for Elena, even Alaric, and then offered up "just a little bit for me" and I had the thought that it was like Caroline was the "Damon" of the Stefan/Caroline relationship and it broke my heart. I may not have cared much for Caroline and Klaus, or Caroline and Tyler, but at least in those two relationships—for the most part—both men did put Caroline on a pedestal. Alas, that was part of the problem too because a relationship should be equal. If it's not what happens then, is that when she disappointed them, as she did, they turned around and were awful to her. *sigh* See, such a clusterfuck.

And with Matt, Caroline was always not good enough, not, well, "Elena" enough. But it's not like that with Stefan. And honestly before this, she's never had to beg for crumbs with him. It's just that Stefan is hurting so much right now, but he's not like Damon. He doesn't react the same way. Damon lashes out and he covers up his pain with snark and bitterness, but you see that vulnerability and pain through his anger and the devastating chaos he leaves in his wake. Stefan isn't like that. Stefan shuts down; Stefan walks away. That's what he did to Katherine; it's what he did to Damon. It's what he did to Elena, and now it's what he's doing to Caroline. You could see it on his face. His eyes were shining, he was holding back tears. He *was* in pain, but he wouldn't let go. He was holding it back, he was shutting down and then he just walked away because that's how Stefan do! And as well as Caroline knows him, she doesn't know him that well yet (because Stefan hasn't let anyone know him that well yet) and so she doesn't get that. And Elena doesn't know him even remotely as well as she thinks she does, so she has no clue. The only one who would have a clue is Damon. And Damon's back in 1994. (More on him and his bestie, Bonnie, later.)

Still, whatever pain Stefan is feeling, it doesn't excuse his behavior. Just like whatever pain Damon was feeling it never excused the shit that he did. I mean, I get that he's pissed at Enzo, but clearly this Tripp dude has some anti-vampire agenda going on. Elena is a vampire. Caroline is a vampire. Alaric is a vampire. Does Stefan really not think that exposing one of their own (and, yes, Steffie-poo, Enzo is one of their own now!) to this WTF?! is going on? Tripp dude with his vampire-hunting/killing ways the best course of action? No, it's not. I mean, really, Stefan! *sigh* I had originally written in my notes about Stefan (legit first thing I jotted down): "are they trying to make us dislike Stefan? Gah! I get that it was awful what Enzo did to Ivy, but still Enzo was one of his brother's best friends and to do this is just terrible and then to just walk away from Caroline like that. I know that he's hurting, I get that, I totally get that, but geez, Stefan." And obviously, I still stand by that.

(See, paragraphs above.) However, (see paragraphs above), after reasoning it out a bit more and thinking it through, Stefan is just not thinking. He has shut down. Think back to that first scene. He had found himself a small piece of equilibrium where he had convinced himself he was "fine." (Pshaw!) Then Enzo and Caroline showed up and it completely harshed his buzz, ruined his peace, broke through his zen. We saw that by how he treated his douchebag boss. And instead of facing the reality behind all of this—I lost my brother and I'm not dealing with it—he decided to just blame it all on Enzo. That's it.

Ignore the loss of Damon and how it's killing him. Ignore the fact that cutting himself off from all of the other people he loves and who loves him is STUPID! Just shutting down and doing the Stefan thing, i.e., burying his head in the sand and accomplishing nothing is, well, accomplishing nothing. Instead of facing all of that, he has decided to blame Enzo. Full-stop. In other words, boo is a little out of his mind, back on the revenge train much like he was in season 03 and is getting a little squirrely right now. He lost his brother, and as we all know, Stefan loves Damon like WHOAH! and he just can't handle it. Elena found a way… by erasing her love for Damon. Stefan hasn't figured that one out yet. Loving Damon, it's a powerful thing, yo.

And why wouldn't it be? Have you *met* Damon Salvatore? He's awesome enough to bring back the long-dormant powers of a witch! Who doesn't even like him, but she loves him and he loves her and they show that love by bickering non-stop and it is adorable!

Oh my goodness! I am so getting exactly what I wanted with Damon and Bonnie! LIKE EXACTLY! They have like this perfectly symbiotic, know each other forwards-and-backwards love-hate relationship and it is hilariously-wonderful. And Damon's right, he should so do the nicknames, not Bonnie. And Bonnie is so the perfect sunshine antidote BFF to his sour disposition, it's delightful. I mean, I love Ric as his BFF, but he's all irony and cynicism and badassery. And Enzo, in Damon's absence is showing potential, but he's all bro-ness and bad boy behavior.

Bonnie is the goodness and light and, you know, it'd be really cool to not have Elena being the only halo'd soul in Damon's corner. And I'm just so loving the Damon/Bonnie dynamic right now so very hard! And she does read him. Telling him to give him his ring up, knowing that he really hasn't given up hope and calling him on that. And earlier trying to get his spirits up by asking him the first thing he'd say to Elena when he saw her again (she's so Team!Damon/Elena now, awww!). And even after their fights, she comes back, she keeps coming back. And in order to save him, she got her powers back… and Damon smiled at her and it was so awesome!! :D

Also awesome was just the whole dang shopping scene from beginning to finish. Damon reading the shopping list, the teamwork, throwing the different items in the cart, the wearing of the sunglasses (see icon—yes, I actually have a Damon/Bonnie icon now), the judging of the pork rinds, the banter back and forth, my goodness, just every blessed second was divine.

Not quite as divine, but still pretty dang good was the casting for this Kai guy. Chris Wood is his name. The guy has charisma, looks a bit like Paul Rudd and is a good actor so far. I don't know if I believe Kai that he didn't intend to kill Damon and was just trying to get Bonnie to break through, but it's reasonable to think so if he wants to get out of the time loop they're stuck in, I suppose. I'm intrigued as to who he is, how he's there and what exactly is going on here and how he'll help Bonnie and Damon get home.

And what will happen when they get home? I mean, how will Bonnie feel about the fact that Jeremy went straight into drinking and banging random girls (and leaving angry voicemails for her)? Will she understand or will she be hurt? And what about Damon? I theorized in my Take Two of the last episode that seeing Elena happy and no longer bound by the "toxicity" of his love, he would tell Ric to not uncompel her, but Caroline's words to Matt made me reconsider a bit. I had also mentioned that Elena isn't really fully Elena without her love for Damon. I wrote that "despite how "happy" Elena seems without loving him, […] it's not as happy as she truly can be. She's not as complete and the best that she can be without the part of her that she was loving Damon, that person who grew, who matured, who made compromises, who loved and was loved so completely. She became a better person loving Damon."

Well, Caroline told Matt that Elena wasn't acting like herself. Sure, Matt responded that she was happy, but Matt hasn't been spending much time with her and Caroline had just done so since the compulsion took effect so she knew. This wasn't a happy Elena, this was as Caroline said, a more zombie-like Elena. And it's been interesting because Caroline does seem bothered by the fact (in this episode and the last) by Elena erasing her love for Damon. We all thought, and Elena certainly did, that Caroline would all be gung-ho for that, but she wasn't and she still isn't. She didn't think it was healthy and she still doesn't. She justified it by saying that Bonnie would have agreed with Elena, but I don't think Bonnie would have not pre-Damon bonding for Elena's sake, and definitely not post-Damon bonding, for both of their sakes.

And now I am wondering if perhaps my theory is wrong because Caroline is so bothered by the measures that Elena has taken, but if it is then where is the angst, because there's gotta be angst, right? Because one thing you can say for sure, it's not that Damon and Elena aren't *the* couple. The only thing keeping them apart right now is this time thing and then the compulsion. Damon clearly loves Elena and Elena clearly loves Damon. End of. Right now, everything is just an obstacle that is designed to deal with their issues and get those resolved before they get their ultimate happy ending, I believe. I truly do.

OK, randoms –

- No Alaric = having me a sad. :(

- So Damon is obviously still a vampire, but no mention of how he's getting blood. And I suppose since the day is restarting the food supply is just restarting at the grocery store, so I imagine the blood supply at the hospital would do the same as well. :shrugs:

- Is it just my Damon/Jeremy blinders, or was there totally this note in Jeremy's voice, this pause after he said it that was indicative of *some* feeling when he told Jeremy that one of Salvatore boarding house owners was dead (i.e., Damon)? There totally was, right? Right?!

- That moment when the girl decided to not get the ice and I realized why and made the connection right away to Sarah knowing that Elena is a vampire, I was like OH MAN!, and of course we didn't see Sarah at all for the rest of the episode. I thought, Ahh, where is she?!?!? I mean, I knew something was up when we last saw her just walk by Elena the way she did, but I didn't know what, and now I'm really wondering what is going on?!

- OK, so I'm back to thinking that Sarah is Abby's daughter now since she said her mom grew up in Mystic Falls and she's gonna turn out to be Bonnie's half-sister. It's very possible that she would think her mom is dead considering Abby's past, right? Hmm, we'll see. Or I could be completely barking wrong, LOL!

- Oh, Matty. He must be getting such season 02 vibes right now. -Just finding out about these secrets kept from him all over again, poor Matt. Still, such a subdued reaction to the death of his friend. He's so inured to death at this point.

- I admit it, yeah, I'm still liking Liv and Tyler (and, yes, it's weird, Liv and Tyler, because, the actress Liv Tyler, hehehe). You know, at first, I didn't like that Liv was SO bald in telling Tyler why she was doing what she was with pushing the kegger away and being, well, a bitch to piss him off, but then I was glad because she was honest. I like the honesty. And also because they didn't kiss. It would have been too soon. The coming close, and then her looking to the side and then pushing away was kinda hot; I think they have chemistry. :shrugs: Yeah, I kinda like them still at this point.

- And, of course, I liked the Liv and Luke scene, I think those two play off of each other really well. This show does sibling relationships so well. I think that's partly why I'm enjoying Damon and Bonnie so much because I get such a sibling vibe off of them.

- Finally saved the best relationship for the last… Damon and his Camaro! Aww, his reaction when he saw it. Hahahaha! "My car!! My car!!" I wonder if there's any chance he'll be able to drive it back into 2014? LOL!

- OK, for reals reals, the best relationship… I loved that we got another flashback courtesy of the Camaro. Damon sitting there, flashbacking to that moment when Elena didn't need to say "I love you" and Damon didn't need to say it back and they held hands. *sigh* and it prompted him to tell Bonnie exactly what he was going to tell Elena when he first saw her again. And Bonnie just dipped her head because she knew. She knew.

*double sigh* How much he loves her.


Ah, and oh how much I love this show. Because I really, really do. Like lots! I know this is going to be a tough road ahead with the continued separation of Damon and Elena—which hopefully doesn't last too much longer, and with this Elena and Liam thing starting, but I do honestly think it's all going to turn out for the best for Damon and Elena in the end, I do. And I'm really intrigued by where everything else is going. Uh huh.
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