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6.02 - 'Yellow Ledbetter' (The Vampire Diaries)

OK, so I have to go to sleep early tonight so this is going to be bullet-style and no gifs. Sorry. :( And in chronological order because I wrote this mostly while watching the show in between commercial breaks—with additional thoughts at the end.

- Heh! Damon and Bonnie dropping hands after the white light faded and they were just standing there. “That got awkward fast.” Hahaha. The looks they exchanged. Ah, I love Damon so. I can tell I’m so gonna enjoy these two. I love, love their hilarious antagonistic frenemy interaction.

- On one hand, the walk down Damon/Elena memory lane is totally awesome because hello!, it’s a walk down the beauty and chemistry of Damon and Elena. On the other hand, it’s depressing as hell since all of those beautiful, chemical memories are going to go to bye-bye land. :sobs:

- Aww, Enzo has been out there trying to find information to bring Damon (and Bonnie) back. And I thought that Alaric and Enzo would be battling for the top spot as Damon’s BFF. I guess that will happen once Damon’s back.

- I like how we're seeing Damon and Bonnie four months ago, Stefan in Savannah, our peeps in their places, Enzo where he is and it's all tying in together. I just think it’s cool.

- Okey-dokey then, so Damon is a vampire still. Welp, there goes that whole theory screwed to hell. Oops to me and apparently a big chunk of fandom, LOL!

- I really wished the stupid extended preview hadn't showed the newspaper with the 1994 date. That would have been a mondo cool reveal. OK, there ya go, here’s another one I’m not denying myself spoiler-wise. I'm not gonna watch the extended previews anymore either. Nope.

- Oh Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.

- I loved Elena's not too disguised annoyed ‘Oh Caroline won't be too hard to fight me on the forgetting Damon thing.' Yeah, ya think?

- So yeah, Damon comes back and Alaric can just bring her memories back. That’s what I thought. And, of course, since Elena said it that means something funky is going to happen and Alaric won't be able to do so. *sigh*

- Aww, Caroline didn't say anything bad about Damon and Damon and Elena and even initially tried to talk Elena out of it. Double aww. Oh, Caroline! ♥ you!

- Hahahah! “Rude” and “That frown that’s not upside down…” on the porch from Damon to Bonnie just cracked me up. Actually, I just loved their whole scene on the Gilbert porch scene. Bonnie lounging on the steps, Damon back and forth on the swing as they try and figure stuff out.

- Ooh, I love Caroline’s pissed-off bitch-face! Her just staring at Stefan with her arms akimbo facing him down. Oooh!

- Well, serpentinesoul totally called it not only about 1994, but also about Damon and Bonnie being in the Salvatore kitchen. She, bogwitch and I had a little back and forth about that last week because bogwitch rightly pointed out that we did see the “kitchen” in “You’re Undead To Me,” but as I said it wasn’t really a full set but rather a quarter of a wall and Zach just standing in front of a counter that they could have just rolled in front of the actor (which is likely what they did). Well, now we have the Salvatore kitchen and it’s a beauty. And ya’ll know what I’m thinking right? Can’t wait until that magic spell is dropped and Damon and Elena are fully reunited with memories fully intact and we get some kitchen lovin’ time, yeah baby!!!

- Hmm, caught in a time loop, are they? Doing their own version of Groundhog’s Day? Things that make you go, hmm, indeed!

- I love so much that just right then, right there the show completely killed the whole contention that Elena only loved Damon because of the sire bond. BOOM! DEAD! Because, yes, some Stefan/Elena fans are *still* clinging to that as to why Elena loves Damon. Still saying that the only reason that she’s with him, claims to love him is because of the sire bond, and thank you very much, the show just completely, totally, absolutely, 100% eradicated that belief. BOOYAH!

- Obviously there is more with this Sarah chick, I do wonder. I haz thoughts. Later in the post.

- I kinda love that Damon pointed that out to Bonnie that just maybe the negativity is because she's always negative to him. Thank you. It’s about time he said that to one of them.

- Hah! I loved, loved Bonnie and her bear, aww. When she grabbed it and stalked out, it was just adorable!

- Damon and Bonnie going increasingly insane being stuck with each other may be their personal hell, but it’s pretty damn entertaining to me.

- The problem with Caroline's point about Elena not wanting to admit to herself that she fell for Damon when she was with Stefan is proof that she really doesn't know Elena like she thinks she does. Elena did list times when she was "with" Stefan (the porch kiss because even though she and Stefan were on the outs, technically, she and Stefan were still sort of together) and of course, the Miss Mystic Falls dance she was definitely with Stefan.

- Oh, Lordy, the dinner with Stefan, Caroline, Ivy (who I like) and Enzo was deliciously awkward.

- So Stefan has definitely been eating his bloody Wheaties. He was totally not weaker than Enzo at all. I was impressed.

- And he still definitely does not like Enzo. Yeah.

- You know, hearing Caroline call Stefan a dick was AWESOME! because it was fabulous seeing someone FINALLY seeing Stefan for who he is when he pulls his selfish ‘me first’ stunts. (And I say this with love because I do love Stefan, I just see him with his faults.) Because he did it again, just like he did after Klaus gave him his freedom. He chose to walk away instead of fighting for Elena and their love because it was easier to go after revenge. He did the same thing here. It’s easier to walk away from the life he built in Mystic Falls (or at least the surrounding area) without Damon than get through the time times with those hurting as well because it hurts. And, hallelujah, Caroline called him on it. And THAT'S why I love and ship Stefan and Caroline. She sees him for WHO he is, not only the image he projects and pretends that he is.

- Knowing that Elena said that the moment she realized she loved Damon I decided to go back and reread my thoughts on the scene in my post(s)—because I wrote two. And here’s what I had on it:

Even their most lovely scene -- him giving her the necklace -- mostly wasn't a DAMON/Elena scene because Stefan was VERY much there in the room, in the scene. Even his gift was all about Stefan canonically, I suppose. Personally, I associate that necklace much more with Damon/Elena now (1.14, 2.08, and now this), but judging from the way Elena clutched the necklace after hearing of Stefan's misdeeds, it's clear that we are supposed to associate it with her and Stefan's twu wuv. So, yeah, even Damon's gift for Elena was actually another boon for the Stefan/Elena fans. *sigh*

Still, {happy} *sigh*, there were a few moments that I adored in this scene. (Oh heck, about Stefan a lot or not, I still did love the scene -- I so squeed over the little touch of Damon rubbing his finger over Elena in the photo.) Ah, but those little moments, I did totally love. And I loved them in large part because it was on Elena's end, not Damon's. *She* asked him to put the necklace on her. And when *she* turned around so close to him still, that tense moment -- OOH! CHEMISTRY! -- between them that was broken by Damon, and not Elena. I did love, love that. Not only because whatever Elena may say, whatever she may believe, her subconscious does show that there is definitely *something* there. Also, this shows that Damon is not going after her, he's not trying to woo her, seduce her, take advantage of Stefan out of the picture. Aww. Finally, that smile on her face when she told him "I am happy." So sincere and real and one of only a few times where she genuinely smiled in the entire episode.
And then when I rewatched the episode, I added these additional thoughts:

A review mentioned that Elena was leading Damon on now that she knew he loved her, whereas she wasn't last season because she didn't know, yet, she was asking him to put on her necklace, walking with him arm-in-arm through her party. But I disagree. That's not Elena, not at all. I honestly don't believe she's even aware of what she is doing. She's following her body, her heart's desire to be with him without thought; she's just doing because it feels right. She is completely blind to the fact that her body and her heart are not in agreement with her mind in this, therefore, she's not doing anything "wrong" because it's not really happening. Even though it is. Oh, Elena. I must say, it will be very interesting watching her very in-denial mind battle with her subconscious desire.

The most shining example of this was the gifting scene. It wasn't about the words spoken, it was how they were spoken, and everything that wasn't said; it was about heated looks and secret smiles. It was about the dichotomy of comfort and discomfort. There was an ease, a natural intimacy between them that just flowed through every second of interaction, but right alongside that was this nearly-unbearable tension: The way they looked at each other a second too long, the way they held themselves, the softly spoken words (Elena's "I am happy" and "thank you" -- delivered as near-whispers, as if savoring the intimacy between them). There was an exquisite desire that ebbed beneath the surface, as if they were both holding themselves back (Damon, fully aware, Elena, still in complete denial) from leaping forward and just giving into that want.
So, I can definitely see why the show went with this moment. And I do think it’s interesting that they went with the locket because over and over I’ve said that regardless that Stefan gave it to Elena, it has become so much more connected to Damon and Elena than Stefan and Elena in so many ways. And we got another one tonight.

As she was retelling the memory to Ric, Damon was walking into Stefan's room and he found the locket and despite knowing the connection that it held between Stefan and Elena in the future, he still selflessly put it back in its place for Stefan to find in "Friday Night Bites." Honestly the only reason I can see the inclusion in this scene is to show that the reason Elena realized her love for him in that moment--his selflessness--exists completely still. Unless I’m reading that scene wrong…

- *sigh* I get why Elena is doing this. I absolutely, totally do, but, oh, my goodness, it is so freaking painful. She thinks that he’s gone. I get that. And she’s dangerous because she’s taking the drugs and attacking people and that is bad, very bad. So I get it, but yeah, it’s painful. Gah. On the other hand, again, man, I'm getting such joyful bliss at the HAHAHAH to how this whole trip down memory lane is just completely putting the utter kibosh on any Stefan/Elena revisionism-fantasy that their fans want to try. I just love it so hard. Call me petty, but I do.

- Alas, because Elena has done this… Oh, damn. When Damon does come back, as he will… Elena will hate him because she now only remembers him as Stefan’s brother, the monster, who killed her brother. *sigh* This will suck. HOWEVER! I’m thinking, maybe, wondering... This will be the chance for Damon to *finally* prove himself that he’s got it under control. This time, maybe he won’t snap and will respond the right way. And this time he might have Bonnie and truly have Alaric on his side. I mean, Alaric, as much as he was his friend, he did hold back a lot, but that won't happen now, and on top of that he'll feel guilty for the whole, you know, erasing his BFF’s girlfriend’s memories of their great love. Yeah, that.

- Oh, poor Caroline. Trying to sound perky and happy for a no-longer depressed-as-hell Elena, and then breaking down all over again because Stefan was a dick.

- You go, Enzo!

- Wait, more on that. I'm sorry, but, yeah, you go Enzo. Not of course AT ALL for what he did to Ivy. That’s awful for what he did to her and I feel terrible about that. But yes, if Stefan really did give up and I don't know why he would be keeping it secret still at this point, and Enzo has not, I'm all yes, go Enzo because Stefan is being awful to Caroline (and Elena and Ric). He's turned his back on EVERYONE including Damon. Damon would not have given up after only four months. No way. So go Enzo *with regards to Stefan, not Ivy.)

I mean, come on, Stefan turned his back on Caroline (Caroline!), who is there, who was literally standing right in front of him! She lost her best friend, and she has been there sooooo much for Stefan. And he couldn't even bother to listen to her messages because he's a selfish dick who thinks only of himself. And he didn’t apologize and he didn’t try and make her feel better. And UGH! God, Stefan! But, hey, that's who Stefan can be when Stefan is feeling all emo and woe is me. It's always been who Stefan is. It's never been about Elena. It's been about what Stefan wants, and Stefan wanted Elena and that's why he did the things he did. And now that Elena is no longer his he doesn't want her, and Damon is gone so there's no reason to stick around so he's basically thrown his hands up and been all 'peace, later dudes' without the 'peace,' or 'later, dudes' part. So, yeah, go Enzo!

- Aww, Jeremy is paying Bonnie's cell phone and leaving voicemails to yell at her. Gah, Jeremy! And then "Everybody Hurts" (which always guts me) began to play and that just broke my heart. Seriously, show!

- OK, now, there's got to be a point to Jeremy and Sarah going to the Salvatore boarding house while Damon and Bonnie (even in 1994) are there. Right?

- Hmm, I wonder if Sarah's a witch too. Possibly a Bennett? I dunno, who could her dad be? I am intrigued. But there’s got to be a point to the whole Sarah and Jeremy going to the boarding house.

- That scene with Tripp and the van of vampires was just OOKY!

- Aww, the scene at the end where Bonnie cooked for Damon showed that they’re starting to get alone (after two months!) to a degree. Aww!

- Oooh!!! Someone else is there??!?!?! Whu huh?!?!

OK – additional, non-chronological thoughts…

- The fact that Stefan was a selfish dick because he can be and he was called on it, and it was literally spoken aloud that no, Elena does NOT love Damon because of the sire bond and YES, Elena fell in love with Damon (a FOREVER love) when she was with Stefan during an episode that was written solely by *Julie Plec* is pretty damn awesome. :D Hee! Can’t really argue against those conclusions any longer, now can ya?

- The other thing about it being a Julie Plec written episode? The inconsistency. *sigh* Much like the Stefan-ripper arc in season 03 and the sire bond in season 04, there was a wee bit of inconsistency here. I mentioned above about how Caroline didn’t know Elena because she said that she didn’t want to admit that she fell for Damon when she was with Stefan, but she did talk about Damon when she was with Stefan. Then we have Alaric telling her she needed to talk about that, and I was like, uhm, she did.

She talked about the porch kiss which was when ‘on the outs’ or not, she technically considered herself with Stefan. And when she danced with Damon, she was definitely with Stefan. Every memory she told Alaric was supposed to be when she believed she fell for Damon. So, yeah, she did talk about when she was with Stefan. But, yeah, Julie Plec, queen of inconsistency (see The Originals, or rather don’t). Still, other than the Elena/Tyler picture… really? I mean, really?! That was the only flaw in an otherwise pretty awesome episode.

- So, the fact that Damon and Bonnie are stuck on a day that contains a solar eclipse is important, yes?! Because a solar eclipse would count as a witchy, mystical power source, so once Bonnie gets her magic back, she can harness that power use it to get her and Damon where they belong I’m thinking.

- I do love that Enzo is so pissed at Stefan because he gave up on Damon because he knows better than anyone else how much Damon loves Stefan. Damon told Stefan that he raged to Enzo for five years how pissed and how much he hated Stefan but you know that what he revealed was just how much he loved his brother. So Enzo knows that, so I have to say, good on you, Enzo.

- Seeing Michael Malarkey in this episode versus Michael Trevino in the last episode? He is definitely coming out on top in the battle of the Michaels, character-wise and acting. DEFINITELY.

- So I was thinking the other day. You know, Matt being so gung-ho against vampires might be because of that Gilbert ring he's still wearing. He’s died a few times. Alaric’s hatred of vampires was accelerated because of Esther whispering acid nothings in his ears, but the ring still does have that effect on those who wear it over time. It did happen to Samantha Gilbert. I wonder if it’s working it’s slow, subtle poison on Matty Donovan.

OK, second episode and I thought it was an excellent one. I’m very bummed about Elena forgetting her love for Damon, but I understand why they’re going this route of course. Having Damon and Bonnie back for more than 30 seconds was awesome and the two are just fabulous playing off of each other in their antagonistic glory. So many questions, but I’m very, very curious to find out the answers. Yes, yes, indeed!
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