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CW Preview on ET/Veronica Mars

My BFF watched it and told me a little bit about it and frankly I'm not interested in watching it.

The entire segment was about Piz as the love interest. KB and CL were interviewing TOGETHER (on the set whatever, it was still all about him!) and according to my friend KB and I quote "seems enamored of him." KB said "this is where the magic begins" and CL seemed kinda slow on the uptake and then said, "Oh, between me and Kristen."

And Jason was interviewed ALONE, and he basically said that Piz was a nice guy and the opposite of Logan. (Yes, JD finally does a little bit of promo and all he's talking about is ... Piz!) Honestly, I still have to question RT's definition of Piz, a guy who's sniffing after a girl in a relationship is not my definition of nice. But then Duncan was a "nice" guy too and I thought he was a complete lowlife, so clearly my definition differs from that of Rob Thomas.

Nothing on LoVe at all, just how great Piz and Veronica will be!! because apparently the promotional dept. still thinks that the way to hook viewers is to ignore the relationship all want to hear about and instead focus on a new character who's the opposite of arguably the most popular character and about how great HE'LL be with Veronica!

It's like they're TRYING to kill the show!! I could maybe, maybe understand the PizPimpathon06! if he were played by a popular, well-known actor and that was the news ... but he's NOT! So what the hell!??! GUH!!!
Tags: rant, tv, veronica mars

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