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5.22 - 'Home' (The Vampire Diaries), Take One

This is so not the actual post. Just saying. I'm tired. I need to rewatch the episode, do gifs, write lots and lots of words, etc., etc., but I had to get something out now before I get that post up which probably won't get done for a few more days yet, if not longer.

- florencia7, was right. Damon died. She kept saying over and over that Damon was going to die, Damon was going to die. And I pish-poshed it because he already almost died so many times, and it's not like anyone would actually buy that Ian Somerhalder was leaving the show. But she was completely right. Damon done totes died.

And I cried in that that goodbye scene between Damon and Elena. Actual tears running down my face. Uh Uh. And, oh, look, another beautiful speech from Damon that Elena DOES NOT HEAR! It's their thing.

- Apparently the good thing about Julie Plec no longer giving a fuck about TVD is that that she no longer gives a fuck about humoring S/E fans who are trying to get her to give them hope about their future. Her response on twitter was: The arc of the last four episodes made it clear what is going to happen. "Do you believe Stefan can be with and fall in love with someone else when he said Elena is the love of his life?" I do. That's what healthy people do. Elena is with Damon for now and Stefan is moving on. It was pretty hilarious.

- Of course, we really don't need her twitter feed to see that Damon and Elena are the endgamiest of all endgame OTPs at this point. Everything in this episode screamed endgame LIKE WHOAH!

- I'm not worried at all about Damon coming back, he promised Elena he would come back to her. Plus, whatever it was that Grams did that she told Bonnie about is what is going to get Bonnie (and thus Damon back) I'm sure.

- Speaking of coming back. YES! Matt Davis will be returning as a series regular next season. And can I say how happy I am that that the show did not ignore what I've been thinking of how could they all not have been thinking of their buddies on the Other Side? They were, they did. So yay. I love when my show doesn't let me down.

- You know who's not coming back though? Lexi! What joy knowing that I don't have that hanging over my head. I'll only ever have to deal with her in flashbacks. On the other hand....

- Tyler Lockwood is a fucking cockroach. FUCK ME! And that that fucker will totally get in the way of Stefan and Caroline's blooming love. FUCK HIM!

- You know that whole 'Damon and Elena do bad things for each other therefore they are toxic' nonsense? Well, didja notice how Caroline kinda did the exact same thing for Stefan when she killed Luke? Uh huh.

- Just to clear it up because I've seen this confusion elsewhere -- Stefan and Elena are not human. They are still vampires. Tyler is a werewolf, but not a hybrid because he reverted back to pre-hybrid state. Stefan, Damon and Elena all died as vampires.

- Phew, Liz made it out alive another season. Aww, and Damon was so concerned for her. So sweet.

- I kind of kind of love that Damon and Bonnie are gonna have this bonding experience because I love how these are really the only two of the group who get shit done. I actually hope that it takes at least 4-6 episodes before those two manage to get brought back because I think it will be interesting to see how their relationship is different and how that effects the dynamics when they return.

- One of the side effect joys of having Alaric back is that because he is close to Damon and he is a father figure to Elena is the potential bonding that could have reconnected Stefan and Elena is less likely to happen now because Ric will fill that void. Can I just say, oh boy, are Elena and Jeremy really going to need Ric since they've both lost Damon and Bonnie.

- I did love that that we saw both brothers in devastation over each other because I love the brothers loving each other.

I know I didn't write much about Damon and Elena. I'm still processing all of that that because it was so beyond THIS-IS-YOUR-OTP and I just can't handle it right now. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff and that's why I need to rewatch it and actually write a full post with lots and lots of thinky-thoughts. But yeah, bottom-line, great season, great finale. The triangle is clearly over. Damon and Elena are endgame. Stefan and Caroline are coming. Ric is back. And I have five months where my fingers can take a break from their steady descent into the land of carpel tunnel syndrome.
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