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5.21 - 'Promised Land' (The Vampire Diaries)

Sorry, busy, busy weekend and another issue. But alas, here it is. Not super long.

My issue being the fact that... STEFAN SALVATORE'S FUCKING HEART WAS RIPPED OUT! I just can't ya'll. I'm still reeling. I know, OBVIOUSLY, that Stefan is going to be fine. Obviously. Because he has second billing and he's freaking Paul Wesley. Right?!?!? So OBVIOUSLY, OBVIOUSLY Stefan is fine. It's just that emotionally my heart is not handling this very well. Ya'll, I cried. OK, not like cried cried. I didn't sob or anything, tears weren't streaming, but I legit had to wipe suspiciously wet eyes away when I went to pick up the phone after watching the episode. And I sat there in stunned disbelief for like ten seconds just staring at the screen alongside Caroline going “No, no, no. Noo. No.”

I mean, you didn't think I was lying or anything when I said all along that I love Stefan, right? Because I do, I love Stefan and I just cannot, will not fathom a Vampire Diaries without my Stefan. This is just not… no. So even though, OBVIOUSLY, they will figure out some play to make this all right and bring Stefan back and fix this all out (and fuck Enzo, I want Alaric to come back, screw that shit, I want Alaric, not Enzo!) I'm still emotionally reeling and all. So, yeah, I'm not quite processing… because, yeah, uhm, fucking Julian ripped my bb Stefan's heart out and that was just fucking wrong!

And he went marbl-y and then Caroline was wailing and crying to God and Stefan and Elena had been talking earlier about how Caroline always sees the brighter side and never gives up and here's Caroline flipping her shit and losing it over losing Stefan and I just am not dealing well, folks. And then he went to Bonnie and she saw him and I just was still in a state of shock because those fuckers killed Stefan. THEY KILLED STEFAN, THOSE BASTARDS! Why are they trying to make me hate any and every character that Michael Trevino plays? Is his piss-poor acting compared to everyone else not enough? His character's general utter uselessness not sufficient? No, he has to go and kill freaking Stefan freaking Salvatore? WHY!?!? WHY!?!?

Takes a deep breath. I just can't do the thinky thoughts. I am sorry, but I do not have it in me. So I will bullet-point.

- Stefan! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!???!?!?!?!?

- Obviously, he will be fine.

- And when he is fine, we are sooooooooooo getting Stefan and Caroline, because, yeah, Stefan was being all rescue-he-man over Caroline because Julian was going into all attack-mode on her. And honestly, I really thought that Stefan was going to kill Julian, which was going to upset Caroline because then that would REALLY put the kibosh on any chance of resurrecting Tyler forever and ever and thus create a sticky hurdle for Stefan and Caroline to leap over before the coupling begins. So when that fucker ripped Stefan's heart out (WHY!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!), I was truly, genuinely, OMFG!WHY!?!?!?!?!? shocked.

- Also, Stefan and Elena are so completely dunzo. I mean, not only did we get Caroline wailing and gnashing her teeth over Stefan's dead body (WHY?!?!?!??!?!?!, I mean, really, I'm still in shock they even went there, good job, show!), but Elena doesn't even know about it. Nope, she's driving off with Damon, probably having inappropriate, dangerous car sex-shenanigans with him.

- Speaking of… oh, man! We got an exact, replica'd repeat of the staring at each other, rush into each other's arms for a passionate, desperate kiss, word-for-word scene from the last episode just in reverse.


I mean, man! I don't believe it! And I love it…. so hard. They are making it sooooooo obvious that Damon and Elena are THE couple that…

- It's the only thing that makes me worry and get scared that maybe, just maybe, GAH!, maybe Stefan is DEAD-DEAD and is not coming back because that's why they've completely kiboshed the triangle and no, no, no, but I love my Steffy-boo!

- Sigh. :whimpers: Stefan.

- Well, Bonnie finally told someone. There's that.

- I really liked the whole flashback to how they died (the drowning, the shootings) and stuff. That was cool.

- I don't like Liv. I think it's the actress. Luke is so much better. Markos remains awesome. Too bad he wants to completely take out most of our main characters.

- Ooh, back to Damon and Elena, I kinda loved the shot of Stefan and Matt watching Elena be all over Damon like he's everything like ever to her. It was the ‘the ghosts of boyfriends past' for a second there. Heh.

- Michael Trevino really is not a good actor.

- Aww, we got Damon as Mr. Clean back. All bummed about his Ming vase being broken, LOL!

- I kinda wanted Markos to find a note that said “Damon was here” in the cave but I figured that would be a wee out of character as that was after Damon's time, but it still would have been funny. I did like the note he left, though. And, yeah, I do think Markos is awesome, and smart. I honestly think he's the first enemy we've had on the show who truly has Damon scrambling ten steps behind. All the others, Damon figured out quickly and he outsmarted them pretty early on and it was just bad luck and the lameness of the rest of the Scooby gang that screwed up his plans, but Markos, he is smarter than Damon.

- Man, Pam/Carl and her husband-killing ways was pretty cold. Pret-ty cold.

- Aww, Jeremy sorta-ish saved Damon.

- I will never not love when Matt and Jeremy play the role of Damon's minions.

- Heh, I loved that they used the cliché of Elena gussying herself up to hitchhike all sexy and then it didn't work at all because it was Maria, the Traveler, who had freed them.

- I didn't quite get my hoped-for Elena getting that all of them do “bad” things to help each other, but at least we got Stefan getting her to realize that, duh, they're vampires, they are ALL toxic. So I was happy with that. I also liked that everyone was calling them *both* on the fact that they are miserable without one another and prodding them to just kiss and make-up already.

- Heh, Damon calling Caroline his blond, sexy frenemy. Hee!

*Sigh* So many great lines, great moments, great scenes, great acting (minus a few key actors, you know which ones), this really was a fantastic episode, but I'm just heartsore over what happened to my beloved Stefan, I am sick with worry what with this being the television season for killing off main characters and I just don't know what I'm going to do with my spoiler-free self until I know for sure that my boo is safe and that he's coming back to me. Which, obviously, OF COURSE, he is. Of course. Of course. Damnit.


How is Damon going to react when he finds out? I know how Elena will. But Damon? I just can't even imagine. I expect it will rip *my* heart out. GEEZ! *Double sigh* One more episode. Wow.
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