Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Just a heads-up re: Other Side info...

For some reason, Julie Plec decided to impart some clear-cut information on what is going on with the Other Side on The Originals in last night's episode instead of on, you know, The Vampire Diaries because, I don't know, she lives to continue to prove to the universe that she doesn't give a rat's ass about TVD anymore, I guess.

So here's a cut for those who do watch TO and didn't watch the episode yet and don't want to be spoiled, here's the pertinent dialogue. Klaus said that he spoke with a certain Bennett witch in Mystic Falls and she basically said that the Other Side is disintegrating and that once it's gone for good, all of the other supernatural creatures over there will go poof!, bye-bye forever.

Oh, by the way, this is it. I'm done with The Originals after this episode. I keep trying, and the last two episodes were good, but I'm just so done with this Elijah/Hayley-nonsense (seriously? her almost dying is the most upset he's been in a thousand years?!?!?!) and the complete shatting-upon of the Elijah/Katherine backstory. And the Klaus-Marcel story is basically the opposite of everything I love about TVD. So yeah, I'm done, I just can't anymore.
Tags: elijah mikaelson, elijah/katherine, the originals, the vampire diaries, tv

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