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5.17 - 'Rescue Me' (The Vampire Diaries)

A new Vampire Diaries aired tonight, last one for a few weeks (last hiatus of the season--thank goodness!). Yay! Thoughts behind the cut. (Not nearly as wordy as usual.)

Another great episode. Really, really good one, but I just wasn't up to the deep, thinky-thoughts tonight. Sorry. But, hey, originally this was just going to be about four or five one-liners and no gifs, so mucho improvement!!! :D

- Damon and Elena are so freaking HAWT!


- Damon and Elena actually are showing that they have a healthy relationship. They are talking things out, clearing the air. Not brushing things under the rug. The biggest problem right now is that Elena is choosing to see their issues in a vacuum and Damon is letting her. Damon is not the only one that does bad things for Elena and Elena doesn't only make bad choices for Damon. Chris, the hybrid, was killed for Elena. Elena and Jeremy killed Kol to break his compulsion over Damon to kill Jeremy, and killing Kol killed hundreds if not thousands of vampires, no doubt many "good" vampires. And Stefan killed Andie to make a point to Damon to protect Elena and Damon. And the list goes on and on and on. But right now Elena is choosing to view their relationship and their actions towards each other in a vacuum.

- Which brings me to... Elena has only had teenage romances until now. This is her first adult relationship and she's navigating it in inexperienced ways. Damon was right in that she should have stuck around and continued discussing things with Damon. That was the healthy thing to do. That is how they make progress, that is the right thing to do. But she was running away, burying her head in the sand--which is the Elena Gilbert way of dealing with things (especially in relationships). However, showing how much Damon is growing, changing, he respected her choice. Damon let her go, he let her walk away... on her own.


- But that's OK because they have time. They are growing, each in their own way and as long as they keep growing, learning together and keep those lines of communication together, they will get back together because obviously the love is still there as strong as ever. Those who aren't rooting for the two can shout until they're blue in the face that it's just sex, but this episode proved yet again that it's not, they have so much more going on. There is so much love there that they simply can't think straight and some distance (relationship-wise) could probably help right now, but they do need to keep talking.

- Stefan and Caroline seriously gave me all the feels in the universe. SO HARD. SO VERY, VERY HARD! They kept looking at each other. And she had her head on his shoulder. And when they were sleeping, they were SPOONING!!!!! And he had his arm wrapped around her waist!!!!! And they were holding hands!!! OH! MY!! GOD!!! ALL! THE! FEELS! IN! THE! UNIVERSE!


- At first I thought that something was gonna happen with Enzo and Caroline and I was like no, no, no. But I don't think so now, so good. He seemed more an instrument to (a) kill Tom Avery and (b) to keep dropping those S/C hints. He kept giving her those looks with regards to Stefan. Me likey!

- I did not like the Damon, Matt and Tyler scene though. It made it seem like Damon was this kinda loser, pathetic drunk dude who needed to pay them to listen to him be all pathetic and loser-y and Damon Salvatore should never come across that way. Didn't like that. BUT... Tyler Lockwood said Damon was their friend (sometimes). I am finding Tyler away from Caroline less un-pointless. This is good. And I am possibly, potentially open to be intrigued by Tyler and Liv. So maybe he doesn't have to die after all!

- Jeremy is so not even remotely afraid in the slightest at all that Damon will kill him. That's why he said nothing last week about Damon threatening to kill him because he knew Damon wouldn't. The difference in their relationship now is because the fact that Damon even used that threat and let Enzo hurt him pushed their relationship a few steps back. That was the issue. But Jeremy knows that Damon will not kill him. I loved his "are you freaking kidding me?" And how he just got all up in Damon's face with no fear. And Jeremy may not have asked Damon to trust him, but by Damon walking away even if it was to Elena asking him to trust her, the fact that Damon did without much argument showed that he does trust Jeremy. I liked that.

- It was a good idea on one hand for Jeremy to move out because of the dysfunction, but on the other, Jeremy with Matt and Tyler? That's a whole new brand of dysfunction. Oy vey. Oh, oh, I did like the look Damon and Jeremy shared even if they didn't speak in that goodbye.


- When Elena said she wasn't sure she could trust Jeremy considering his bad school behavior, I echoed Jeremy's reaction. Dude, Elena, SERIOUSLY!?!?!? He was so right to school her there. Speaking of, I like that Elena is basically failing miserably (OK, Damon is too) as a parental figure because they both should be. That's realistic and I always love how the show manages to try and interject some real-world reality when they can into the crazy world of the supernatural that has inhabited their lives.

- On the other hand, as a die-hard Elena Gilbert-stan, I got a huge kick out of Liv telling Jeremy that "Elena is the center of the universe" actually. She is *that* important. LOLOLOLOL! Take that haters!

- I love how we had the mystery of the Liv/Luke stuff introduced last week and whee! we got our answers to a fair degree this week. I love this show.

- So, yeah, Paul's 'I iz dead' acting? WORST I have ever seen. Literally pulled me out of the moment. So very bad.

- Markos dude is resurrected from the Other Side and Bonnie's unconscious anchor-body from a mass suicide of Travellers. OK, then.

- Yeah, Ian Somerhalder was totally naked in that opening bedroom scene like he normally is in such scenes, wasn't he? I'm betting he was. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. Hah.

- Re: Preview? Doesn't bother me at all for those who saw it. It's projected in her head, not even that it ain't real, it's not even coming from her, so ... :shrug:

- Did I mention that Elena's damn-near drooling fantasy of classroom sex was uber-hot? Hoo-boy! If you forgot, scroll back above to take another gander at the gifs. Speaking of hot, the hallway recital of what Damon wanted to do to Elena (including how it would make everyone in mini-vans jealous) was also pretty hot). Elena thought so too. (Cue to the sex dream later, hehehehe.)


So the break-up stuck, but I'm OK with that because they need this break-up distance since they need to get the communication working and back on track, and it seems that is getting better. Right now, their sexual attraction is getting in the way of dealing with the communication though and that can be a problem which they recognize, but... ding, ding, ding! They are talking about that. Elena said it, Damon respected it. This is good, and again, we have six episodes and at least one more season to go so smooth sailing right now would not be a good thing for an intensely dramatic series!

Really good episode. Except for my slight niggle with the Matt/Tyler/Damon scene, I was very happy with this one overall. I liked it a lot lot. Stupid hiatus. Grrr.

Once more for the road. HAWT!!!

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