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'Veronica Mars Movie' Thoughts

So I hopeful that we would get something that wasn't awful with regards to Logan and Logan/Veronica. What we got... is not what I expected.

Well, I loved it actually. I am really shocked at how good it was and how non-shitty to Logan and L/V fans it was. I originally thought that Piz was unnecessary, but because of what happened in season 03 even his inclusion makes sense in retrospect because it kinda *had* to be him to go full circle taking in what happened towards the end (especially that cafeteria scene). Yes, I would have liked more Wallace, but it worked for me. And the Logan/Veronica fangirl in me is very, very happy.

I thought Weevil's part really worked because it actually was a part of the bigger picture and created a greater resonance for me.

If there's no follow-up, Netflix, other movie, etc., I'd be fine (I'm a little leery of the books), because the movie gave me everything I could hope for. I mean we got verbal confirmation from Veronica that sure she should want the nice guy, the good job, the perfect image, but that's not what she actually wants and that's not who she actually is. Same as Wallace will always be her BFF there to help those around him, including engaging in petty larceny for Veronica, Mac will never work for the Man!, Weevil will always be a little on the wrong side of the tracks, Keith will always be the Sheriff and Logan will always be the caretaker (because even when he was messed up, he tried to take care of Lilly, he wanted to take care of his mom, he took/takes care of Dick), he's just grown up enough to admit that he does so now.

Meaning I didn't see him defanged. This was just a more mature Logan. He still threatened Sean (even in the midst of the murder accusation and got into a fight); he still was a smart-ass with the 'free hugs' hat to the new Sheriff Lamb, he was just an adult now dealing with yet another freaking murder charge against him.

I didn't think Veronica was a bitch to Piz either because THIS is who Veronica is. THIS is the Veronica that Piz chose not to get to know in season 03 that we bitched and moaned about. He put her on this pedestal and finally convinced her that, yeah, this is who she was when this is NOT who she is. The girl who was back in Neptune, THAT is who Veronica is and the fact that he couldn't/wouldn't see that was on him. It was on him back in college when he refused to see it, and it was on him now that he still refused to see it until it finally slapped him in the face. Yes, Veronica should have had the balls to open up and say it but back then she was too young and stubborn to admit it to herself, now, she couldn't admit it because she didn't want to hurt him, she didn't want to disappoint her dad, make the same "mistakes" her mom did. But once Piz said it, she didn't fight it.

And Logan did not equal addiction. Veronica was just so used to telling herself that being this person that she actually was instead of the person that she should be (just like being with the person she wanted to be with as opposed to who she should be with) was a bad thing that she had accepted it as such for so long. The ending was her FINALLY accepting it that it WAS NOT a bad thing. Being the real Veronica Mars wasn't a bad thing. Being in love and with Logan wasn't a bad thing.

It came in the language of addiction for two reasons: 1) Film Noir, they were still going with that dark, seedy side of things. There is supposed to be a darkness overlaying everything Veronica Mars. 2) Because this is from Veronica's point of view and she views everything through the lens of what happened in her youth with what happened with her mother. That led to everything--the affair with Jake Kane, which led to Duncan leaving her after what happened to Lilly, which led to her fall from grace from the 09ers, and everything that followed. So of course she's going to look at it through that lens.

It wasn't about Veronica indulging in "bad choices" because that's not how Veronica saw it with her mother. She didn't see her mother indulging in bad choices, she saw her mother being who she had to be and the thing that made her happy, made her who she was was alcohol, that is what she couldn't let go of, that's what completed her. That is the comparison. Veronica is finally realizing that being a part of Neptune, being a PI, being with these people, with Logan is who she is, that is what makes her happy, what she can't let go, what completes her. THAT is the comparison.

So yeah, I liked it a lot. It really did work for me. Sigh. Happy, happy sigh.
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