Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Speculation for TVD 5.10 and beyond....

So, I was thinking and I'm ah-speculating!

Uhm, so, I've been in a crappy mood all week and in an uber-negative mood and going through worst-case scenarios in my mind and reading back through my last couple of posts and a few things hit me and I have a new speculation... I wonder now if the whole point of Caroline's "Damon is the most dangerous thing ever" isn't because she needs to be hit upside the head with a 'you are a hypocrite!' stick (although, she so does, Julie!!!), but because Damon is going to show her a new side of dangerous. All of them a new side of dangerous.

I wonder if we saw Damon turn the switch of with Enzo, and Stefan fight with it at the beginning of the season on and off but choose not to is because we're going to see Damon turn off the switch and see Damon become the worst, most dangerous we've ever seen him. And if that does happen, ooh, Elena better forgive him. She certainly forgave Stefan for all his off-switch shenanigans. I mean I could be totally wrong, but I dunno. I will say if they do this, I'm even more annoyed that they didn't give us more D/E goodness in these first 10 episodes and instead did it all OFFSCREEN over the hiatus except for the first couple of episdodes. HARRUMPH!

But I could be wrong! :D

I mean even if I'm not, it's not WORST-case scenario, it could be really cool, and Ian would be awesome and evil!Damon would be REALLY awesome to watch, and the angst would be great and I'm sure the end result would be good for D/E. I just would have preferred more D/E in these first 9 episodes. If I'm right in some way, you know. But I could be wrong. Who knows?
Tags: caroline forbes, damon salvatore, damon/elena, elena gilbert, the vampire diaries

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