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1.09 - 'Reigning Pain in New Orleans' (The Originals)

I'm not saying I'm back to doing this regularly, but a certain couple of characters and a certain relationship has captured my fancy enough that I did want to write about tonight's episode so here we go.

You know if they would just at least the address the freaking Elijah/Katherine situation maybe it would help, but until they do, I feel annoyed and like I'm betraying my Katherine/Elijah feels every time they go anywhere near the Elijah/Hayley thing. And it really bugs me because I do think that Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin have chemistry and I don't mind Tonkin as horribly here as I have in the past. *sigh* I don't feel that with shipping Katherine on TVD because she doesn't know that Elijah was in a box for two months, she just thinks Elijah walked away without a word to her. Having Elijah suddenly act like Katherine no longer mattered to him at all, it's just REALLY, REALLY frustrating and feels OOC.

So they just need to freaking DEAL with the Katherine-sized elephant in the room, damnit! When you spent two years establishing that Elijah LOVED Katherine, including the last quarter of the season before you moved him over The Originals, I think it rather behooves you to not ignore that salient detail. And, no, having him tell her goodbye as he kisses her forehead while his entire person still screams how much he loves her doesn't do the trick!

Other than that, this was a good episode, a really good one. Last week was good as well. However, I did roll my eyes and was unable to fully enjoy Klaus taking down all those vampires because I kept thinking, 'OK, so Klaus could take down dozens and dozens of vampires all coming at him, even chained up all awesomely like that' all on his lonesome in less than a minute, but FREAKING TYLER LOCKWOOD! held his own for almost two minutes? Really? REALLY!?!??! GMAFB! UGH!

I did want to say, though, that the main reason I decided to write something up is because damned if I'm not finding myself kinda loving Klaus on The Originals way more than I ever did on The Vampire Diaries, am now loving Cami (I know!), am loving their storyline and given a bit more time, hell if I won't find myself shipping them hardcore down the line. I could for real totally see it happening. Really.

Color me totally shocked. Cami/Leah Pipes was by far my least favorite character/actor on the show when it was introduced as the backdoor pilot on TVD, but, I love Cami, I think Pipes is the strongest actor on the show (after Claire Holt, even if Rebekah isn't as dynamic a character on TO) and Klaus/Cami have such a wonderfully compelling and fantastic horrible/awful/wonderful relationship building. She is beginning to understand him, and she has compassion for his pain. They have chemistry, their relationship did begin as friendship, and there is also humor there surprisingly. Cami challenges him, she also softens him. He genuinely does seem to care about her, and there is a purity to her that seems to reach something inside of him that is quite beautiful. On the other hand, there is that darkness and terribleness with how he compelled her and just controlled her at his mercy and whim. And Joseph Morgan and Pipes have chemistry. I am finding myself more and more drawn to them with every episode. A lot.

And now thanks to Davina, all of Klaus' compulsion is gone and Cami will remember EVERYTHING. Whoah! I can't wait to see what happens!
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