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5.06 - 'Handle With Care' (The Vampire Diaries)

Another Thursday night and I'm finally getting this done on Friday Saturday morning. Phew! OK, I'm going to break this down into sections or I might not even get it written, time flies…


I loved Katherine's dress at the party. It was so cute. And I *loved* Katherine at the party. Seriously, she is evil, manipulative, a villainess, blah, blah, blah, whatever... she's freaking adorable and I love her. And how is it that as Katherine, she has chemistry with Aaron? There was like NOTHING there between Elena and Aaron, nothing, but her and Aaron? So cute. Just all kinds of adorable. But, like whoah! What is going on? At first with the grey streak in the beginning, I thought, OK, so she's got like some cool Bonnie Raitt thing --


But then her tooth fell out... not so cool. So what be going on with Miss Katherine. Eww! Not so eww? Seeing Katherine and Caroline work together, I realized that putting aside the whole Katherine murdered Caroline thing (erm, shrug?), those two could be way better besties than Caroline and Elena personality-wise. Sorry, but so true. They mesh together so well. I never would have ever thought of that, but they play off of each other so perfectly.


Stefan did not piss me off this episode. YAY, STEFAN! I love when I can unabashedly, no-holds-barred love my Steffy-poo! because I do love Stefan. I knew that Stefan was going to do something to save Elena because despite what some people are suggesting elsewhere, it IS his instinct to save her always. He rarely succeeds because, well, he's Stefan, but it is his instinct. On the bridge when he threatened to kill her, he was Ripper!Stefan. When she drowned, it was his instinct to save her, but she wanted him to save Matt. When he let her go to Klaus for the sacrifice, she wanted to do that, as soon as she left, the first thing he did was call Damon to run interference. His instinct is to save her. So Elena was right, and I liked that they had that sweet conversation—unknown to the viewers—in full hearing of both Damon and Jeremy which basically means that Elena doesn't feel she has to hide her relationship with Stefan from Damon because she knows it is completely innocent.

Which brings me to a point I want to make about the so-called fan-servicing that the show is supposedly doing for the Stefan/Elena fanbase that I completely do not see. What I see is great character writing for Elena (and a positive for Damon/Elena when you take a closer look). It's clear to me that Damon and Elena are this show's OTP and all the Stefan/Elena stuff is a MacGuffin of crumbs thrown for the Stefan/Elena fanbase who refuse to see what is right in front of them.

Elena is *always* going to see Stefan and their relationship with rose-colored glasses because of what he and their relationship represent to her. He was there when she needed someone to bring her out of her darkest period based solely on human-based events when it was her parents' death that was destroying her emotionally. That is what he represents to her and will always represent to her. He was her light, her anchor. She will never look back and nitpick all of the crap he pulled. Ever. She chooses to see the good, because looking back and seeing the bad accomplishes nothing.

And it's not just with regards to what Stefan represents; it's also because that is who Elena is as a character. She chooses to see the *good* in people. Just as she does with Matt or Caroline and Damon now. I mean, really, if she were to focus on the negative she wouldn't be with him—the guy snapped her brother's neck. I look at it this way… when she looks at the good with Stefan and she looks at the good with Damon, all the good she sees with Stefan isn't enough to measure up to the good with Damon. Damon is still who she wants. Damon is still who she is in love with.

So, bottom-line, it's not fan-servicing for Stefan/Elena fans. It's writing Elena in character. And it's saying that regardless of how good she still sees Stefan and how rose-colored she still sees their relationship, she still chooses to be with Damon!

Speaking of choice, Damon had a very valid point—and remember many a time in the past, he has been this show's truthteller—Silas has been moving heaven and earth to be with Amara—that's not fate, that's crazy. Another way of looking at it? That's Silas' choice to make this thing happen… and hey, even if you want to take a ride on the destiny train, when Silas tries to make destiny, what happens? Once again the two doppelgangers great love story ends in tragedy. Amara and Silas are reunited after two thousand years and she stabs him in the back, preferring death over an eternity with him.

Seriously, folks, we have to look at the bigger picture here. This show is all about, well SHOW, not tell, and take a look at the show versus the tell. We are being told that for two thousand years the doppelgangers have been fated to be together in this grand beautiful love story. But who is telling us this?

- A vindictive, paranoid, psychotic, two-thousand year-old witch who still has major issues with her cheating ex and the girl he cheated with aka the original doppelgangers.
- An evil, self-proclaimed monster that has been lying on a slab for mostly two thousand years who's built up this amazing true love story that he's been dreaming of to reach fruition.

What has actually been shown:

- Silas and Amara, the original doppelgangers, and cheating lovers, who were torn apart by Quetsiyah when she "brutally murdered" Amara.
- Katherine and Stefan were torn apart because Katherine is a lying, conniving, manipulative, self-serving, self-proclaimed villainess who was sleeping with his brother at the same time.
- Stefan and Elena were torn apart because Stefan chose to desert Elena for three months to save his brother and then when he had the opportunity to reunite with her, he chose revenge and ripperdom. Meanwhile, Elena was falling more and more in love with said brother, and eventually left Stefan for him.
- Amara wound up being alive and it was discovered that Quetsiyah (now calling herself Tessa) had not killed Amara but instead used her immortality to make Amara the anchor that created the other side and thus without access to blood, she dessicated into stone over the course of the last 2,000 years. Finally, she and Silas were reunited; Amara then stabbed Silas in the back and drank his blood in the hopes of drinking the cure and thus dying.

Seeing a pattern here? Not so much about this great love destined to find each other, but rather just two people who look alike destined to never find happiness with each other. Sure there are doppelgangers, but witches need a balance. There is an immortal Silas, thus there needs to be the balance of a "Silas" who can die, thus the Silas doppelgangers. Same with Amara doppelgangers. We now know that she was made immortal as well, therefore, there needed the balance of an “Amara” who could die. The reason that they found each other wasn't for some great cosmic love, but just probably because they were drawn to each other because of the original connection—which obviously isn't some great epic love… seeing as how every single connection between the couples has ended thus far. And, of course, I keep going back to Stefan and Katherine. If any doppelganger pairing has a shot…it's gonna be them, they are the only ones without closure. Uh huh.

Now, again, I'm not saying that nothing is going to happen with Stefan and Elena and that the Stefan/Elena fanbase will not continue to get crumbs thrown their way as they got in this episode. But that's OK! I mean, here was Elena jealous of Stefan and Tessa sleeping together? Yeah, I think she was a little bit. Did she have the right to be? Nope. (Just like she had no right to be over Damon sleeping with Rebekah.) Should she have been? Nope. Can she help how she feels? Nope. Is it ok? Yup. Does it mean she's still in love with Stefan? Nope. Even a little bit? Nope. Does it mean she's not totally in love with Damon? Nope. Not at all.

It's just weird, the idea of Stefan—who. ever since she's known him, has been kinda "hers"— to be with someone else, to even want to be with someone else, someone new (since there was all of this weird history and hijinks wrapped up with Rebekah). So, yeah, a teeny bit of jealousy does make sense and I can deal with it, especially when you consider that it has only been a handful of months and they are all living in crowded quarters and everything is on hyperdrive emotion-wise with them. They are vampires, it's how they roll.

It's not fair, it's not right of her, but she's young and emotional and it's… it's weird. She's allowed to have feelings she shouldn't. It doesn't mean that she is feeling anything she shouldn't for Stefan. Which brings me back to those crumbs. When Stefan and Elena were a couple through those first three and a half-seasons, there were tons of Damon/Elena crumbs (and mighty big ones) thrown our way all the time and those crumbs we got were *building a future* for Damon and Elena. The crumbs that Stefan and Elena fans are getting now are referencing a *past.* I wouldn't complain.


Yeah, whatever, it's a stupid poll! I don't care, woohoo! We won the best TV couple of all time. Woohoo! And it's easy to see why. Seriously Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have some amazing chemistry. They really, really do. It doesn't matter what characters they're playing. Obviously, I do love Damon and Elena the mostest. I don't ship Damon and Katherine, but heartily enjoy their scenes, and not just the sexy scenes we got with them, but also the banter, and even the heavier scenes simply because Nina and Ian just play off of each other so well, Their rhythm, their body language, their connection is so on target… it's amazing. And the same was there in the seconds long scene of Damon and Amara. I mean, just a few seconds and yet, BOOM! It was there between Damon and Amara. Yup.


But, of course, nothing compares to Damon and Elena… nothing. Seeing the two all wrapped up in each other at the top of the episodes (damn credits, grrr!), talking about their happiness and comfort in their lives together, teasing, little kisses, just… ahh, so adorable. Alas, that was all we got for the episode. It was lovely… so lovely…


But… yeah… that was it. And it's not enough. We need to start getting more focus on Damon and Elena as a couple. I was very happy after episodes one and two with how they were focusing on them as a couple, and I like how they are writing them still as a couple, but we're not getting enough. It feels like there is too much focus on Stefan's loss and feelings for Elena rather than Damon and Elena's feelings for one another and their relationship. And honestly even the stuff in the second episode was more about Stefan and the Stefan/Elena relationship (past or not) than the Damon and Elena relationship. November sweeps have begun, let's start focusing on the couple that viewers actually care about, mmkay? Thanks.

Now, back to the writing of the couple stuff that I continue to like, I mentioned above that it was cool how we had that sweet Stefan/Elena scene where they discussed him saving her life, and then we pulled back and saw that the discussion took place right in front of Jeremy and Damon. No hiding that.

I also really loved that when Tessa told Damon to kill Silas or she would kill Elena, the whole jealousy ploy that Tessa used didn't faze either Damon or Elena really once they realized what she was doing. When Elena told her that Damon had never chosen anyone's life over hers even his own, she made it clear that she knew what his choice would be, she didn't blame him, she understood and as painful as it was, it was a beautiful moment because it showed how well she knows him, how much she loves him, how much she *gets* him. But even more than that, man, I *loved* that Damon talked to Jeremy first! He didn't ask him, he didn't talk it over with him. Of course he was going to do it, but the fact that he talked to Jeremy about it was so amazing meaningful and, of course, Jeremy understood… and Bonnie saw it, heard that Damon talked to Jeremy and Bonnie understood. Man, I just loved it. Loved all of that so much. Such freaking growth for my bb Damon.

Speaking of growth, I also love that it's exceedingly obvious that the doppelganger soulmate crap bugs the hell out of Damon, but he is forcing himself to power through it and just ignore it. He's trusting in his love for Elena, her love for him and just push through it. Go Damon. I'm proud of you,


The Snookie's backyard comment cracked me up. Not that I think Damon watches Jersey Shore but because you just know that Damon keeps up on pop culture simply so that his insults are up-to-date and on target. My favorite line, though, was the final one—and this one was all in the delivery Mr. Somerhalder—"Elena, meet crazy pants. Crazy pants, meet Elena." Oh man, I must have rewound that at least five times. I laughed so hard. So freaking hard. Just—the delivery man, so freaking perfect. HI-larious.

Then there was the world's most misleading commercial break, hee-hee! Damon is attacked by the travelers, his hand begins to burn, Fade to black. OH NOES! What will Damon do?! Come back from commercial. Damon frowns, “always the daylight ring?” Zooms to baddie, gets the info he needs, quips again, rips out the heart of baddie, grabs the knife from baddie, throws it at other baddie, dead goes other baddie. All done in about 15 seconds. Yup, that's what Damon did. Damon is so bad-ass.


- Dude, I can't believe Nina Dobrev is playing three characters now. Poor Nina, but I'm excited to see next week, I really am, but dang, poor Nina! Speaking of Amara, I don't know why, but I loved Amara screaming when she saw Elena.

- Katherine and the whole “secret society” thing with Aaron cracked me up. Hee! I love Katherine pretending to be Elena, it's like she thinks Elena is a stereotypical dumb blonde or something, LOL! And, yeah, they do have chemistry... that just wasn't really there when she was playing Elena. Hmm, I wonder now if Aaron—who looked just utterly bewitched with delight by Katherine's Elena—is going to react entirely differently to Elena now, and how Elena is going to handle that!


- Sigh, Damon did the standing in front of Elena thing when Silas did his magic-fire-fingers show-off threaten thing. Double sigh.

- So, I said last week that Silas felt like a real character, well, to continue to give credit where due, Silas and Stefan both felt like two different characters to me this week and I felt that Silas was a fun character to watch so kudos Paul.

- Huh. As soon as Silas explained that a doppelganger was created to balance out his immortality in 2.23 we should have known that Amara had to be alive somewhere because it's the only way to explain why there are Amara doppelgangers at all. Because what we “knew” is that only Silas had been given the immortality cure… but to be fair, dumbass Silas hadn't figured it out either. Heh, Damon did figure it out with just a few clues though! Unless I'm missing something… which I probably am. Someone make this make sense for me. I'm missing something, aren't I?

- Janina Gavankar continues to be incredibly awesome. I love her and I love Tessa.

- No Matty again, wah!

- I liked when Elena was talking to Bonnie and kinda just randomly looking around the room all over the place. Damon is much better talking to ghost!Bonnie than Elena is. LOL

- So Stefan has his memory back, hmmm. Hopefully he will remember the stuff he lost it too, including his new take on Caroline and his bit of closure with Elena before Tessa gave him is memories back. I wonder if that could give a new change to how he interacts with her and Damon.

- I loved how Elena was all curled up against Damon in that final scene and before he stood up, you could see that he had his hand draped over her knee. Awww.


Another great episode. Actually, I think so far this season, all episodes have been great with nary a clunker in the mix, I'm just still waiting for that OMG!Awesome episode. Come on, November sweeps! Still, great season so far, whee!!!
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