Arabian (arabian) wrote,

1.06 - "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree" (The Originals)

I honestly don't have much to say about this episode. (Yeah, this wound up way longer than intended. Of course. It's me, LOL!)

Originally (haha) my post was going to consist of one line -- I spent most of this episode rolling my eyes so I just can't bother writing much of anything else. Really. However, I'll offer up a few reasons for the eye-rolls.

- Really? Elijah just has to stick around and stay by his brother's side cuz that's how he rolls? Really now? If so where the hell was he the last two seasons of The Vampire Diaries cuz he barely spent any bonding time with Klaus when he was in Mystic Falls.

- I'm sorry, but I do NOT buy this Marcel/Rebekah twu epic wuv AT ALL.

- Just about everything in this episode was neon-bright blindingly predictable.

- I forgot to look and see who wrote the episode. When we got to the end I REALLY wanted to be wrong. I REALLY wanted it to be written by some TVD peeps, so I could say that it wasn't just my TVD bias. I really, really, really did. But it wasn't. Sure, the guy Charlie Charbonneau wrote 3 episodes of TVD, but 3 out of nearly 100 episodes is not a huge ratio, so, yeah, the non-TVD-heavy writers just aren't cutting it for me, sorry.

- Well, the one good thing I can say is that at least they addressed the fact that Rebekah did say she was only going to New Orleans to help with Elijah so now she's leaving, but I'm supposed to buy that this whatever BFF-ness with her and Hayley is now gonna keep her there? Pfft!

- I did realize, ironically, that Leah Pipes has kinda finally won me over and I realized that if they'd had Cami and Rebekah become friends I might have bought that, the whole good/bad thing is cool and the two blondes, cool. But Hayley and Rebekah? Nah.

- Oh, and having more scenes in this episode where she had to actually, you know, act? Not a good look for Phoebe Tonkin seeing as how she can't actually, you know, act. *sigh*

- And I'm sorry, but I just can't get over the Elijah/Katherine and the Matt/Rebekah stuff. I'm trying, but... dude, Elijah was FREAKING CENTURIES-LONG IN LOVE WITH HIS KATERINA! Rebekah was majorly, majorly, majorly into Matt. HELLO!!!! *double sigh* I've really been trying, but with the lack of acting prowess of Tonkin shining brightly, not even the fact that, yes, she and Daniel Gillies *do* have chemistry can override that and the awful mishandling of the love affairs left over from Vampire Diaries that just continue to get under my skin. And I thought I was getting over it, but clearly I'm not.

So, uhm yeah, lots of eye-rolling about and disappointment in this episode. Ugh.
Tags: daniel gillies, elijah mikaelson, elijah/hayley, elijah/katherine, rebekah mikaelson, rebekah/matt, the originals, the vampire diaries, tv

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