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1.05 - 'Sinners and Saints' (The Originals)

Barely got this one done in time for the new Vampire Diaries. Man, it's tough with this show being on before my day off, LOL! But I got it done, phew! It doesn't help with work being so busy, me being so sleepy at home, and the need to do gifs for the episodes now, hah!

I understand that this is not The Vampire Diaries, but knowing that they were going to completely move the characters onto new romances (again, I understand that) I wish they had sought to actually end more permanently the romances on TVD and not leave all three so open-ended to the degree that they did. Yes, they were either all ended (or in the case of Klaus and Caroline, never begun), but they were left in such a situation that how all three characters are acting now, for TVD-watchers, it feels... off. To start with, now I don't care about Klaus and Caroline, and Klaus isn't all hot and bothered over anyone, but he's also completely not pining over anyone either. And considering he spent the last two seasons doing just that over Caroline to suddenly NOT absolutely is just... you know, off.

Then there's Rebekah who was crazy about Matt, absolutely crazy about him, and a few weeks ago (well, actually a week or so) she was kissing him, beaming all about him and seemed as into him as she ever was (see gifs!). A few episodes ago on The Originals, Klaus even referenced quarterbacks when talking about Rebekah and yet he doesn't even seem to be on her mind at all. Instead, she's all hung up on Marcel as if Matt isn't even a flicker in the back of her mind. And it doesn't track, and as someone who watches both shows, it's frustratingly out of character and a slap in the face as a Matt/Rebekah shipper.


Which brings us to Elijah and Katherine. Look, I surprisingly like Elijah and Hayley. That shocks the hell out of me... BUT, as far as Elijah goes, it's only been about one to two days (what with being all daggered up for a few months) since he kissed his Katerina goodbye on the forehead and walked away and he was still very much in love with her (see gifs) and now he's making all moony-eyed looks at Hayley? Really? Come on, show. It's just frustrating.

I mean, it's not like they couldn't have come up with Katherine pulling some kind of horrible betrayal that completely wrecked things with Elijah. It's *Katherine!* But, no, things ended, even if it was goodbye, it was a regretful goodbye where it was clear they both still loved each other and the goodbye was because of familial obligation. So to have the Katherine equation seem to suddenly be gone, just as the Matt equation is suddenly gone for Rebekah, is frustrating.

So, a few rambling paragraphs later, my point is that I don't think they've handled the romantic entangled transfers very well AT ALL. Harrumph! End rant.

As for this week's episode... I really loved it. To me, this was by far the strongest episode they've had. Co-written by Julie Plec (non-shocking), but also (ooh!) Marguerite McIntyre (Sheriff Liz Forbes on The Vampire Diaries)!!), I thought it had so many fabulous elements all-around, I was quite, quite pleased. Took me forever to get to this one, so going with bullet-points. :)

- Despite my unhappiness with how the Katherine/Elijah side of things is pretty much being ignored, yeah, I am shipping Elijah and Hayley. I was grinning when he was all 'excuse me' to Rebekah so he could go see Hayley. And kept grinning all through their scene. :D :D :D

- So I still think that they are setting up a triangle between Elijah, Hayley and Klaus eventually, but it does look like it's more Elijah/Hayley (obviously) than Klaus/Hayley as the to-root-for couple at this point. Hmmm.

- I can't believe we found out right away about who was responsible for Cami's twin... and that it was a witch and not a vampire's compulsion. Double hmm....

- Can't say I missed Cami. Great character with great back-story, but weak actress in terms of charisma. *sigh*

- On the other hand, loving the addition of the priest to the show. So we have strong vampires, witches, werewolves and now humans. Cool! I love all the mystical, including religious, forces coming into play.

- I loved the Sophie backstory and how she basically played the Originals, hahahaha.

- So it's all about killing Davina to bring back Monique (and of course Davina and the other girls too). That's just so awesome and such an unexpected twist. I love that this whole vampires vs. witch huge war/battle thing was a bunch of malarkey, and it was all about what these shows/this universe is always about... family and love. And I adore that Sophie is at the heart of it because Sophie is awesome.

- When Rebekah saw Elijah and ran to him, hugging him, it was honestly the first time that I truly felt a bond between the two of them as siblings. About damn time.

- With that said, can Rebekah go back to Mystic Falls now please? Man, she just is so nothing on this show. She's just the bitchy, baby sister. She brings nothing to the table, serves no purpose other than to be Marcel's epic twu wuv and, yeah, the bitchy baby sister. She was SO MUCH MORE on The Vampire Diaries.

- With that said, I will admit that when they got up in each other's faces in the bar, for the first time I did feel that Claire Holt and Charles Michael Davis had some chemistry, but this great, epic love story that the show is trying to sell, uhm, yeah, a few scenes don't an epic love story make. Sorry, but not sorry. Nope.

- *Sigh* I still think that Elijah should be the lead, not Klaus. He is the more compelling character, and Daniel Gillies is a better actor. :shrugs:

- Sorry, I don't buy Rebekah and Hayley as besties, whatever. I get that Claire and Phoebe Tonkin are best friends in real life, but that chemistry doesn't translate on screen for me. Claire and Nina Dobrev had way better on screen chemistry and I loved watching the two of them interact (as either Elena/Rebekah or Katherine/Rebekah actually). Rebekah and Hayley produce as big a meh as did Rebekah and Caroline, and they were pretty meh for me.

- The whole harvest/reaping thing was cool. Creepy and ooky. I love stuff like that.

So, fantastic episode, but my reservation remains in that another episode that I really enjoyed was written by a TVD person. I'm still holding my breath that I'll love an episode by a non-TVD person, then I'll breathe easily that this show can stand outside the TVD-veil for me. But the Elijah/Hayley squee helps. :D
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