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1.04 - 'Girl In New Orleans' (The Originals)

I actually had this written up this morning, but realized while writing it that I wanted to add a few gifs, so yay, some gifs in this one. Whee!

Thoughts behind the cut as always. :)

Well, this was a much better episode, I am happy to say. I do still have a few complaints, unfortunately they aren't small ones and they arent about this episode but about the overall show. Namely, I still think that Rebekah and Marcel are terribly forced, Davis and Holt haven't much chemistry and that Rebekah just doesn't fit much on this show. And Leah Pipes (Cami) just doesn't work for me as an actress. Don't get me wrong, she can act, she just doesn't do anything for me. However -- and from here on out, I'm mostly pretty durn positive! -- Cami *does* at last work as a character now. This episode did wonders for her, giving us great background for Cami, explaining her issues with damaged people and why she's so haunted. That the psycho priest gone crazy brought up earlier in the episode had to do with her (a twin brother!) and that it was because he was compelled (!) was fascinating and an unexpected twist.

I also like what they are doing with her and Klaus, it seems so far. I say it seems because I could be wrong, but it kinda feels like they aren't going the romantic route, but rather the platonic friends route and I appreciate that. I hope it sticks, I really do. And it helped me to enjoy that final scene even more. Which was wrong and awful and terrible and yet so heartbreaking and kind and one of the sweetest most unselfish things Klaus has ever done, but again, yes, just so, so terrible and just so very, very wrong. To take that from her, to take that from her after she begged, but then to give her peace and promise to find out who was responsible for doing this to her brother and to take that vengeance for her was almost noble and beautiful. It was such a poetic show of the dichotomy of just who Klaus is, the devil and the angel in one scene and Joseph Morgan played it beautifully. But, God, it was so, so, so very, very, very wrong what he did. So heartbreaking and beautiful and terrible. Gah! And Pipes did do the scene well. I hope she can win me over, I really do, but I just have my doubts sadly, she just doesn't do anything for me. (Man, I wish they had cast someone else, *sigh*)

Anyhoo, part of the the reason why I want Klaus and Cami to remain friends is because I am still very intrigued with the idea of Klaus and Hayley. And, yet, I still like Hayley and Elijah as well. Which leads me to an interesting place. I'm generally not a fan of triangles (like AT ALL), but right now I simply don't have a particular pony in this race. I ship Elijah with Katherine, but that ain't gonna happen since well The Originals and The Vampire Diaries are two separate shows now. And I really did like the little I saw with Hayley and Elijah. So........... that leaves me quite open to the possibility of Elijah and Hayley, and when Hayley totally lit up when Rebekah mentioned Elijah and she found out he wanted them to care for her, I had a little eternal squee. And Klaus totally reacted to that. The camera cut to him and there was just the slightest tightening on his face, but he did react to it and we were meant to notice.

I think it's going to happen slowly--as it should because, yes, Elijah is in love with Katherine, and Klaus does have strong feelings for Caroline--but I do think we are eventually going to head to a triangle between the brothers and Hayley. I mean it, though, I am totally OK with a triangle here because it makes sense with these brothers in this situation with this set-up thus far. And, so yup, I'm actually all for it at this point and I don't know who I'm rooting for it yet because I think there is chemistry on both sides as much as I squeed when Hayley reacted to Elijah's wanting to protect her, I squeed when Klaus rushed over and lifted her into his arms, calling her love.

Speaking of Elijah! Whee!! Elijah's back! Sorta. If anyone can win over Davina, it would be Elijah, that's for sure. :Nods: I thought it was cool how they had him communicate with Rebekah, but I do wonder how non-TVD viewers are taking this information in since it's known to us already. I did think that the explanation of compulsion and how it was done by Klaus to Cami in this episode was very organically and very effectively done, though. My only issue with it is that I wish they had done this with her (and actually her backstory) in the second or third episode and not waited until now.

Waiting until now to learn a bit more about Davina was fine, even if we are still very much in the dark on much about her, I think it's a good kind of intrigued. Her crush on Tim is cute, as was her devastation and her realization that while she has so much power, she truly has no clue how to use it... perhaps that is how Elijah will reason with her?

OK, a few randoms and then I'm done ...

- So, yeah, clearly not all the witches are down with the werepire baby then, huh?

- The vamp blood of the baby healed Hayley? Whoah!

- A wolf is protecting Hayley? What wolf? Isn't that kinda freaky? I think so.

- Wah? I missed Sophie. I need more Sophie!

- So, I'm sure there's more going on with Marcel and the priest. I wonder even if Marcel is the vampire who compelled Cami's brother.

So definitely a better episode, but I'm still a bit wary because this one was co-written by Michael Narducci, aka TVD-person. I need to see a really good episode that I enjoy the heck out of written by a non-TVD person before I feel fully confident. Please show. But still, I definitely enjoyed this one so that is muy good! :)
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