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1.03 - "Tangled Up in Blue" (The Originals)

I can't promise that most TO write-ups won't roughly come around this time considering my work schedule! But here it is. :)

So, I'm not loving The Originals as much. For three specific reasons. The lack of Elijah is very glaring. The Vampire Diaries works because you have *good* characters balancing out the *bad* characters, right now the only truly *good* character that we're seeing a lot of is Cami and she's somewhat of a cipher and I personally don't find the actress very charismatic. I could be wrong but based on what I've read/heard elsewhere, she's not exactly raking in the fans so I'm not alone. I suppose that technically Sophie is *good* too, but she's already done more sketchy things that she's starting out on the greyer side of things. So really we just have Cami.

And Elijah. Yes, yes, he has done some things, but Elijah is noble. He radiates GOOD. But Elijah was daggered at the end of the first episode and so that GOOD is gone. So we are left with a lot of bad and now the show is pretty dang lopsided in the bad department. It's now full of bad guys and mean girls doing naughty things. And honestly, that gets kinda boring.

Reason number two and I can NOT believe I'm saying this: Rebekah. She's not fitting in on The Originals. I felt that she really only began fitting in last week until about halfway through. Well, in this episode, she felt out of place throughout the whole thing and she never meshed. All she is is the whiny, bratty sister. I loved Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries. Adored her. A-D-O-R-E-D HER. She was my third favorite character after Damon and Elena. So far I just kinda like her on The Originals. Here, they just aren't doing *anything* with her. I mean, really why is she even here? OK, fine, she wants to get Elijah back. Then what? Will she just leave? I see no other reason why she'll stay. There's nothing to her. This Rebekah really is just a mean girl. There are no layers, no depth. She's a mean girl who loves her brothers, but most people do love their family, right? That's not particularly remarkable. OK, then. And?

*sigh* On TVD, she is SO MUCH MORE. She's real. She was becoming not just the mean girl, but a real girl. And, honestly, Rebekah just doesn't feel like she belongs here, she feels like she's visiting. She belongs in Mystic Falls, damnit.

Finally, I'm now thinking that it's a good thing this show doesn't air after The Vampire Diaries because it would suffer the same malady as every other show post-TVD has: major letdown. So much happens on TVD, that The Originals, like those, would suffer from comparison. It's simply slow and sluggish in comparison. And with that said, I just don't really have deep thoughts, so some randoms...

- Rebekah/Marcel feels forced. 100% forced.

- Such as ... that on/off thing made sense referring to Matt, damnit! not Marcel. Grrr.

- Klaus/Cami may feel fine for TO viewers, but for TVD viewers, it feels wrong because, hello, what about Caroline? (And I so don't ship Klaus/Caroline at all.)

- Elijah's presence is really missed. (Yes, I'll keep bringing that up.)

- Sophie is awesome. I love her. Other than Elijah, she is the one awesome that continues.

- I'm kinda thinking that weird-ass Davina theory is somehow the Klaus/Hayley baby might have wings. I don't know how, but I'm wondering.

- They need to get cracking and have something happen with Hayley because just sitting around in the Klaus-mansion is totes boring.

- Actually, they need to get cracking and have more something happen period. See "slow and sluggish" comment above.

- The Garden concept's cool in a creepy-awful way.

- It's not Cami, it's the actress, yeah.

- I have to say, I'm a wee disappointed. The strongest episode by far was the first. Which heavily featured Elijah. Which was written by TVD writers. Which was a heavily re-written TVD episode essentially. Hmm. Yeah. Please unworry me, show.

- I still like Hayley way more on this than I ever did on TVD.

- I just don't care about the vamps vs the witches yet. Because I only know a few at this point. It's all so distant at this point. God, bring Elijah back!

Yeah, really unimpressed with this episode. NOTHING happened. OK, fine, Marcel trusts Klaus a bit more. Whoopee! Seriously show, unworry me, please!
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