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1.02 - "The House of the Rising Son" (The Originals)

So weird getting another episode so close to the first, but there you go. Here's the second episode of The Originals. Thoughts behind the cut.

I didn't like this episode as much as the premiere, I mean, don't get me wrong I still liked it, but I didn't LOVE it and I loved the premiere. I'm thinking it could be because either practically no Elijah -- excuse me while I go sit in the corner and pout :( -- or because the writers of the episode were ones who've never written for The Vampire Diaries so unlike the premiere it didn't feel as TVD-ish. Still it was good, very good, just not great.

First off, Klaus. Oh, Klaus. One second, I'm thinking he's such an ass, the next I'm feeling so much for him. So basically, typical Klaus. I did like that he does have a plan and he's following through. What I also like is that we aren't seeing him as a carbon copy of the bad brother, Damon. For instance, Damon would (a) never do the long-game plan because that's not his style, and (b) he would NEVER sacrifice his brother as Klaus did.

Speaking of brothers, we have the good brother in Elijah. I loved how through the whole good brother spiel, we got a glimpse into Hayley's character. How she did believe Elijah, not just that she wanted to believe him, but that she *did* despite her cynicism, she did genuinely believe him. That she is someone who has learned to not trust vampires, something in her past has taught her not to trust them specifically and yet Elijah she trusted. (Because Elijah is awesome.) And because of Klaus, she felt betrayed. (Grr, Klaus.)

I continue to be surprised at how much more I like Hayley (and Phoebe Tonkin) when she's not playing an obnoxious, snarky teenager. As a young woman on the precipice of a game-changer in her life, she's much more interesting and Tonkin does a much better job (even if her accent was dreadfully off in the first scene). Hayley's decision to abort Klaus' baby was one that made sense in light of everything that was going on, especially with the new information that Rebekah had given to her about Klaus' familial treatment. And given Hayley's history and parentage, her inability to go through with it made sense as well.

And that led to another surprising moment, or rather scene for me. I actually kinda had some feels in the Hayley/Klaus scene. I know! I was really surprised by that. But I did. When they were having that conversation in her bedroom and just talking, really talking, sharing real words and truths about one another, it felt, well, real. It felt like a connection was being made. I didn't think much of Hayley (or Tonkin) on The Vampire Diaries (or The Secret Circle) at all, but I have to say that moving her over to The Originals is really working out well so far. I'm liking her opposite Sophie, Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah much more than I did opposite anyone I saw her against on TVD... including Klaus on that show.

Oh, oh, and speaking of feels! I thought it was perfectly in character that what would finally bring out that Klaus cares about the baby would be rage that that someone (even the mother) was taking that child from him. So typical Klaus. And the flashback with Marcel and how Klaus raised him was a great insight into *why* Elijah believed that a child could make a difference in setting Klaus on the road to redemption.

Back to characters I'm happy to find myself liking here. I also am liking Cami more much to my relief. Having a regular character/actor I'm not terribly fond of is not something I was looking forward to, but I found myself definitely warming up to her in this episode. And I didn't find anything Caroline-like about her at all. And I find myself curious about her backstory. What did a damaged bad boy do to damage her so badly because clearly she is damaged. And why is Marcel so hung up on her... what has happened in the two months since he first saw her that has him willing to threaten an Original to keep her from being touched? Hmm.....

So, yeah, Marcel. I'm still not sure about him. I think Charles Michael Davis is doing a fabulous job and he is very good-looking and charismatic. I also think he's a little bitch and, yeah, I'm team!Klaus. And I'm not pleased with how this whole Rebekah/Marcel thing is playing out and no, this is not just my Rebekah/Matt feels coming into play. I'm aware that Matt and Rebekah are on hold, I get that, it's how they did the Marcel and Rebekah thing that didn't work for me. And I'm bummed because it actually started to work really well. The fencing lessons leading to him all grown up, the feelings growing between them leading to the Marcel/Klaus discussion was really well done. And then Klaus telling him that Marcel couldn't have her was powerful stuff and I do think that Claire Holt and Davis have chemistry, and I thought, oh, this is really cool. Nothing happened with them because they stayed away from each other, respecting Klaus' wishes and we're going to see those feelings that were sublimated then come to life and now be mixed in with all of this anger and betrayal! Ooh, yummy!

Then came more flashbacks and they did act on them, and Klaus was betrayed (yawn!) and daggered Rebekah for years (yawn!) and Marcel chose himself over Rebekah (yawn!) and now it's just another love betrayal (yawn!) and so it's love/hate (yawn!) and a forced, EPIC love that the show is TELLING me I have to feel. So I'm disappointed in that. Oh well. At least I have the potential of Klaus and Hayley or Klaus and Cami, or Marcel and Cami, or Elijah and Sophie or Elijah and Hayley, or Rebekah and Matt leaving Mystic Falls and moving to New Orleans!

And then there is the whole witch thing and that is all quite interesting! The witches’ power in New Orleans is tied to the ancestors and their cemeteries and stuff. That's cool and draws on the lore we know from the hundred dead witches we know from The Vampire Diaries. I like that. And what about Davina? Hmm. What makes this young witch so powerful? And what is she to Marcel? People were speculating (pretty negatively, I might add, *sigh*) that she just has a crush on Marcel and that's why she's helping him, but I thought there was more to it, perhaps that he has rescued her as a child and raised her. Taking in Marcel's backstory with Klaus, I'm thinking perhaps that is more likely now. Maybe not, but I did not see a crush in their interaction. I am certainly intrigued by little Davina though.

But little witchy girl needs to keep her mitts off of Rebekah! And do NOT kill Elijah! Hell to the NO! I mean, duh, of course it won't happen, but damnit! Why do I always have to be losing my Elijah!? He'll be brought back soon enough naturally. Daniel Gillies does have second billing, and at least I have Rebekah now. But, it was weird, she didn't feel like she fit the first half or so of the show. I felt like she should be back in Mystic Falls. Whereas Klaus really did never fit among the high schoolers there, Rebekah did. However, by the half-way mark, she was meshing and by the end her presence there felt natural so that was very good.

OK, random thoughts ...

- I continue to like Sophie. Even if we only got two scenes with her. Grr. I want more Sophie. I love her sass. She's just cool. I like her. Lots.

- This is a VERY good thing, Rebekah having ownership of those daggers. Good job, Hayley.

- Rebekah has a thing for attacking guys in bars who don't display proper manners. (See TVD 4.17, "Because The Night.")

- OK, so, uhm, that was a crap-ton of make-up that Hayley was wearing when she was trying to "sleep." Dude, the make-up people weren't even trying to pretend there. Come on, now. LOL!

- My favorite line of the episode was Klaus mentioning that Rebekah wouldn't be interested in a bar if there were no high school quarterbacks there. Aww, my inner Matt/Rebekah fangirl squeed!

- I loved the "M" standing for Mikaelson, not Marcel that Klaus told Hayley about.

- Definitely darker than The Vampire Diaries. In four plus seasons, they've never mentioned slavery. In the second episode of The Originals, it comes up.

- I'm sure Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin, best friends in real life, are thrilled. They FINALLY got to share scenes.

- I wrote up a separate post about this, but it pertains, so just linking to this little bit about Elijah and Katherine as it pertains to his daggering.

Hah! And I thought I wouldn't write long posts about The Originals. Hahahahahahaha!
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