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1.01 - 'Always and Forever' (The Originals)

So I watched The Originals' official first episode. Thoughts behind the cut. Not as long as my TVD post, but longer than other TV posts I generally write. And, yeah, I think I'll be doing write-ups for this show too, oh yeah! :D

Not surprisingly since Elijah is one of my favorite characters in The Vampire Diaries universe, I liked this version of The Originals Pilot better than the backdoor Pilot that aired during The Vampire Diaries because it focused more on Elijah rather than Klaus. Still having both of them give so much more of the story was great and I kinda hope that they just have a super long-extended version of the Pilot and combine them on the DVD.

I really liked this A LOT. Elijah just remains the epitome of awesome. And damnit! he had chemistry with both Sophie-Anne and (surprising to me!) Hayley. I was not expecting that. But since I know there is no way I'm getting Elijah and Katherine at this point unless The Originals is cancelled and the Originals come back to TVD, I know I have to give up that dream (sniff! sniff!) I'm willing to seek out other ships for my beloved Elijah. there's the antagonistic bent to the Elijah/Sophie thing, and then the protective stuff with Hayley. I did like his promise to always protect her. I didn't think he was being romantic or thinking that way at all because of course in this specific timeline, he's still very much in love with Katherine (double sniff! sniff!), but still, possibly setting the stage for down the road (which of course sets up an interesting dynamic via Klaus, Hayley the baby and Elijah).

I like that they flat-out addressed the elephant in the room. Duh! Klaus is a vampire, he's dead. And the simple response was, well, nothing's impossible with the Hybrid. And that works for me because, hello, this is all supernatural make-believe. I really like all of the casting so far. A lot. Except for two. My continued misgivings about Phoebe Tonkin, but I know I'm stuck with her and honestly she seems to fit in better here where she's not playing the snarky teenager, but the more mature, serious smacked by the 'life sucks' truck so at least there's that. And for some reason Leah Pipes as Camille the bartender just rubs me a bit off. Hopefully that will get better.

The others I really like. Especially Sophie-Ann. And Marcel. Is freaking hot. Like every scene I'm just more and more whoo! boy! Damn, he is HOT! Like hella hot! Yeah baby. And he's a really good, charismatic actor.

I liked the flashbacks. I liked how they incorporated flashbacks from The Vampire Diaries and even other little things (like Klaus killing the hybrids from "O Come, All Ye Faithful") and I hope they continue to do that from time to time. I loved seeing Sebastian Roche's Mikael again. I hope we continue to see him in future flashbacks. I imagine we will. Erm, but if we do see more of Kol, I hope it's like this (ie, in the coffin!).

And, of course, I have to comment on the end. Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. Really? Staking Elijah? Really?! Come on, Klaus! Boo, what am I gonna do with you? Seriously! I can't say it wasn't surprising though, or that he didn't actually have a point about Elijah's mercy and love. But still... oh, Klaus, you got a lotta growing to do and lessons to learn.

Random thoughts ...

- I LOVED that the credits had the identical dripping blood drop like TVD credits do!
- I did like Hayley's, "your dad's a dick." LOL!
- Elijah's promise to help Klaus kill the coven of witches was rather chilling.
- I don't know if it's still up, but over the summer, the CW had an extra scene on the TVD site tacked onto the end to "The Originals" episode of the witch Davina that Marcel spoke with at the end of this episode that was *very* interesting. Here it is on youtube, but it's a crappy quality, but still better than nothing.

- I still very much wonder what is going to get Rebekah to New Orleans, especially after this stunt that Klaus pulled.
- So Rebekah and Marcel have a past. I hope Claire Holt and Charles Michael Davis have chemistry!

Overall, I very, very much liked this. And I really do wish this came on after TVD. It would be great to have a continuation (even if I didn't watch it right after TVD) of that world. It felt like TVD because it is these characters, and it is this world. I can't wait for the next episode!
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