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Sleepy Hollow and my Fall viewing schedule

So, I'm watching Sleepy Hollow. It was the one new show of the Fall season that I was really looking forward to and it hasn't disappointed me. I really love both lead actors and all of the supporting ones as well. I'm happy that it's doing so well in the ratings. I like the drama, the horror, the silliness, the winks at the audience, the bits of humor, frankly all of it. It's quite, quite enjoyable all around.

I was also planning on watching Blacklist, but after the premiere, nah. As much as I love James Spader, it's just so very predictable and typical. We know exactly what's gonna happen and blah, blah, blah. Anyhoo, shockingly enough I have quite a smaller viewing schedule this Fall then I have had in ages, I'm quite proud of myself. I'm being way more selective. It's quite shocking! Thoughts on new shows after each day with 'em.

Sunday - Once Upon A Time, The Good Wife, The Amazing Race, Homeland
Monday - Sleepy Hollow, Mom*, Heart of Dixie (But I pretty much only watch Wade scenes)

* Mom - It's Allison Janney. I love her always. And it was amusing. I like Anna Faris too. So I'm watching it. IT'S ALLISON JANNEY! I'M WATCHING IT!

Tuesday Brooklyn 99*, The Mindy Project, The Trophy Wife*, Person of Interest, Marvel, Agents of SHIELD*, The Originals*

* B99 - I really liked the pilot, haven't watched the 2nd episode yet, I hope I like it as much.
* TTW - I haven't watched it yet, I hope I like it, if not, eh, there goes another show bye-bye, but the trailer looked funny.
* SHIELD - I didn't have OMG!High hopes for it like so many others, so I enjoyed it. It was good.
* TO - Duh.

Wednesday - Arrow, Survivor, The Tomorrow People*

* TTP - I watched the original, Julie Plec, Jason Dohring guest-starring, I'm there.

Thursday - THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (MY HEART AND SOUL!), Parks & Rec, Reign*, Elementary, Scandal, Project Runway (almost over), White Collar, Glee (but only the 6 episodes with Demi Lovato and only her scenes)

* Reign - We'll see, might suck, might not.

And that is it. See? Very little for me. OK, fine, I'm also watching Washington Capitals Hockey. But still... way less than usual!
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