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Weird TVD Project-Episode Titles!

So I've been working on a weird TVD-project that is totally for my own OCD self. A lot of episode titles I'm pretty meh on and for some reason I've always been partial to really good titles. So............ I've gone through every TVD title and for quite a few of them renamed the episodes (LOL! Hey, I said it was weird!). Some are actually titles of other episodes and I did keep a few, but most are ones I came up with myself. The thing is that I don't toally OMG!Love all of the ones I have, so I'm putting this out there if anyone else has any different title suggestions!

So please share any thoughts/suggestions/ideas you may have, I'd appreciate it. :)


S01.01 - Back to Life (Pilot)
S01.02 - My Brother's Keeper (The Night of the Comet)
S01.03 - Friday Night Bites
S01.04 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Family Ties)
S01.05 - You're Undead to Me
S01.06 - Death Becomes Her (Lost Girls)
S01.07 - Costume Drama (Haunted)
S01.08 - 162 Candles
S01.09 - Promises, Promises (History Repeating)
S01.10 - Photograph (The Turning Point)
S01.11 - Who I Am (Bloodlines)
S01.12 - The Great Pretender (Unpleasantville)
S01.13 - Promise Not To Tell (Children of the Damned)
S01.14 - Fool Me Once
S01.15 - How I Met Your Mother (A Few Good Men)
S01.16 - Past and Present Tense (There Goes the Neighborhood)
S01.17 - Stormy Weather (Let the Right One In)
S01.18 - Under Control
S01.19 - The Good Brother (Miss Mystic Falls)
S01.20 - The First Taste
S01.21 - The Best Laid Plans (Isobel)
S01.22 - Playing The Part (Founder's Day)


S02.01 - The Breaking Point (The Return)
S02.02 - Carnival Ride (Brave New World)
S02.03 - Do The Right Thing (Bad Moon Rising)
S02.04 - Moonstruck (Memory Lane)
S02.05 - Covering Your Tracks (Kill or Be Killed)
S02.06 - Plan B
S02.07 - Masquerade
S02.08 - Death To Elijah (Rose)
S02.09 - Katerina
S02.10 - Someone To Watch Over Me (The Sacrifice)
S02.11 - By the Light of the Moon
S02.12 - Once Bitten (The Descent)
S02.13 - What Doesn't Kill You (Daddy Issues)
S02.14 - Pack Mentality (Crying Wolf)
S02.15 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (Dinner Party)
S02.16 - The House Guest
S02.17 - Partners In Crime (Know Thy Enemy)
S02.18 - Substitute Teacher (The Last Dance)
S02.19 - The Original Curse (Klaus)
S02.20 - The Last Day
S02.21 - The Sacrifice (The Sun Also Rises)
S02.22 - As I Lay Dying


S03.01 - The Ripper Returns (The Birthday)
S03.02 - An Army Of One (The Hybrid)
S03.03 - Dangerous Liaisons (The End Of The Affair)
S03.04 - Take Me As I Am (Disturbing Behavior)
S03.05 - Tick Tock (The Reckoning)
S03.06 - Burn, Baby, Burn (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
S03.07 - Night of Illumination (Ghost World)
S03.08 - Origin Story (Ordinary People)
S03.09 - A Question Of Trust (Homecoming)
S03.10 - Guilty Conscience (The New Deal)
S03.11 - Our Town
S03.12 - Family Reunion (The Ties That Bind)
S03.13 - Parental Control (Bringing Out The Dead)
S03.14 - The Original Family Tree (Dangerous Liaisons)
S03.15 - All My Children
S03.16 - The Ring (1912)
S03.17 - Game Of Seduction (Break on Through)
S03.18 - The Murder of One
S03.19 - Dark Temptation (Heart of Darkness)
S03.20 - Guardian's Fall (Do Not Go Gentle)
S03.21 - Before Sunset
S03.22 - Dearly Departed (The Departed)


S04.01 - Do Not Go Gentle (Growing Pains)
S04.02 - Memorial
S04.03 - Truth Be Told (The Rager)
S04.04 - The Mark Of The Five (The Five)
S04.05 - The Killer
S04.06 - In My Head (We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes)
S04.07 - The Red Dress (My Brother's Keeper)
S04.08 - Two In A Million (We'll Always Have Bourbon Street)
S04.09 - O Come, All Ye Faithful
S04.10 - After School Special
S04.11 - Catch Me If You Can
S04.12 - Risky Business (A View To A Kill)
S04.13 - To Be Human (Into The Wild)
S04.14 - Goodbye Cruel World (Down The Rabbit Hole)
S04.15 - Strike A Match (Stand By Me)
S04.16 - Bring It On
S04.17 - Play Me (Because The Night)
S04.18 - A Time To Kill (American Gothic)
S04.19 - A Step Too Far (Pictures Of You)
S04.20 - The King Of New Orleans (The Originals)
S04.21 - She's Come Undone
S04.22 - Hooked On A Feeling (The Walking Dead)
S04.23 - My Shadow Self (Graduation)
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