Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Anyone else watching 'Orphan Black?'

I just watched the first 9 episodes over the last few days of season 01 (the finale airs tonight). It's a BBC show that's pretty inventive and interesting and the lead actress is outstanding and such a great, nuanced characters. If you haven't, I highly suggest you check it out. BBCAmerica will be marathoning the first 9 episodes starting at NOON today (June 1). CHECK IT OUT!

Tatiana Maslany is the lead and she plays 6 different characters, four of whom we see A LOT of it. And she's awesome. They are clones, sorta and there's this big conspiracy and an awesome foster brother, and a daughter and a foster mom and a hot boyfriend who's ex-military and monitors one of the clones and it's just really, really cool. Of the main clones, my favorite is Allison--which I wouldn't have thought--but her uptight, prissy ways that totally meld with her good heart and frazzled nerves totally have won me over.

It's BBC so there's profanity, nudity, etc., more like you'd see on network cable shows (FX, USA), but a little bit more risque. There are some hot sex scenes, and there's also some gay/lesbian stuff, the foster brother is gay, and one of the clones is a lesbian and her relationship with a French girl is probably my favorite romance on the show at this point--although, totally complicated, cuz, duh, CLONES and CONSPIRACIES!!. I do like Sarah/Paul, but I don't know what's up with Paul for reals yet. It's still murky.

But yeah, just overall, it's REALLY really cool.

So anyone else watch it?
Tags: orphan black, tv

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