Arabian (arabian) wrote,

4.23 - 'Graduation' (The Vampire Diaries)

So the last episode of the season aired. As much as I adore this show, I am always grateful when the season comes to an ed because I can breathe! And I have my Thursdays back, LOL! Still, it's been a great ride and I can't wait until the fall. But let's stick with the finale for now.

Oh, my bbs! I will miss you!Collapse )
Tags: bonnie bennett, caroline forbes, caroline/klaus, damon salvatore, damon/alaric, damon/elena, damon/jeremy, damon/stefan, elena gilbert, ep discussion-tvd, jeremy gilbert, jeremy/bonnie, katherine pierce, matt donovan, rebekah mikaelson, rebekah/matt, stefan salvatore, stefan/caroline, the vampire diaries, tv

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