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4.18 - 'American Gothic' (The Vampire Diaries)

This is a pretty dang short TVD write-up, one of the shortest I've ever done. I'm rather shocked at myself, LOL!

It was odd because not a lot happened in this episode. Elena killed someone. Elijah has the cure, and is still in love with his “Katerina” (squee!) after all these centuries. And we know that Silas can totally mind-control even an Original. And that’s about it. I’m not used to this with The Vampire Diaries. I’m used to LOTS of stuff happening, or at least a lot of information being laid out in even lower-key episodes. But, yeah, that didn’t happen in this one. So, it was… odd.

Not bad, though. I just don’t have a lot to talk about it. So I’m just kinda start with some bulleted-thoughts and see where I go from there.

- The return of Elijah is entirely welcome for a few reasons. Firstly, Daniel Gillies looked really, really good. REALLY good. Secondly, he has such a debonair, worldly air about him that I adore. He’s so classic, old-school. There’s a quality to Elijah that just isn’t found in any other character on the show, so he’s always refreshing when he pops up.

And lastly… well, anyone who reads my TVD-thoughts knows that I positively loathe the idea of Elijah and Elena—it totally squicks me out. I find it gross. Yeah, gross. There really is no other word that does it justice. It’s just gross. So even though there was an Elena/Elijah kiss (SQUICK!!!!), it wasn’t really a kiss between them. Elena wasn’t expecting it and Elijah thought he was kissing Katherine. Or rather “his Katerina.” Because he’s still in love with Katherine! (SQUEE!!) And I’ve been holding onto my Elijah/Katherine dream since “Klaus” (from season 02, episode 19)… and fruition was reached! Booyah!

Katherine has been with Elijah for a few months. Katherine and Elijah have been together. (Excuse me while I do a little dance of joy!) And Katherine might actually have sorta, maybe meant it when she gave him the cure, wanting him to trust her. Of course, being Katherine, one can’t truly know if she was being real or not, but she might have been! And she told him she loved him. And she looked upset that she’d disappointed him. And he called her Katerina and admitted that for Katherine, yes, he was a fool. And, of course, for my pleasure, what he felt for Elena (even that letter as recited back) in retrospect played totally as how I had always seen Elijah’s feelings for Elena—practically paternal. So yeah, I totally loved that.

(Although, yes, I’m totally pouting that I was actually denied their reunion or even an Elijah/Katherine kiss, but sigh, they aren’t main characters, so I get it, but still… sigh.)

- Elena doing the deed. So, there ya go. Elena killed someone, just to show she could do it, just to teach the boys that they needed to stop forcing the cure on her. It was interesting where we were at with her. It’s like the little sojourn with Damon in New York when she hoped they were just going to have fun is over with now, so she's back to totally not caring. She had let some emotion in and was disappointed. Again, and again. And she’s just tired of it. So she’s settled back into the blank apathy that had filled her mostly after she first switched it off. There is another possibility at play too, of course. She wasn't with Damon throughout most of the episode.

In "Bring It On," she was more alive (for lack of a better word) only when with Damon. And that was the same case in "Because the Night." Other than grinning at Rebekah when they left New York, Elena was even rather blank when with only her. It was only when she was with Damon that we saw smiles and, well, emotion--despite her overall lack of emotion. And how she interacted with Rebekah, Katherine and Elijah was much more similar to her apathetic self from "Bring It On." In fact, I'd say the only time that we've seen her so emotionless around Damon is when Stefan is around too (the post-shower scene in BIO, and the final scene in this episode). Which makes me go hmmm........

Obviously, I'm not happy that Elena killed someone because when her switch is turned back on, she will regret it. She will feel terrible. But I have to applaud the show for going there with Elena. And I'm curious to see where we're going from here. I have been spoiled a bit to small degrees on episodes 16-20. However, I know nothing about episodes 21-23. I'm really hoping I can keep it that way! I like not knowing anything. :)

- So Stefan totally thinks that he is the center of the universe, doesn't he? I mean, it makes sense. He was such for his dad, for Damon, for Katherine, Lexi, Rebekah, Klaus, Elena (for a time), Caroline. No wonder he thinks the world revolves around him. I mean seriously every single bit of advice that Stefan gives to anyone revolves around how it affected Stefan, how he acted, reacted. It's ALL ABOUT STEFAN. Oh, Stefan. I love you boo, but really, he is incredibly self-centered. He truly is.

- Obviously I have no idea where they are going for the next few seasons, but it feels as if they are continuing to pull Stefan and Elena apart. (Yes, I did see the preview for next week... eh, it's Elena with her switch off, probably trying to (a) piss Damon off, or (b) prove a point because Damon's right, switch-off Elena is a bitch). Having Stefan flat-out say that once Elena gets the cure and is human, he's going to take off no matter what, well, OK, then. Whether or not, he'd actually do that (and even if she does get the cure, he obviously won't, duh!) or not, that he's even thinking that, to me, shows that Stefan is pulling away. He's slowly but surely falling out of love with Elena (if he's not already there). He still loves her (as she loves him), but it's not quite "in love" anymore.

On the other hand, Damon is sooo still there. He's selfish enough because of how much he wants her to have that weak moment where he doesn't want her to have the cure because he believes that he'll probably lose her if she becomes a human again. But he loves her enough to be willing to risk losing her if it means that she gets what he thinks she wants (the cure). And note that when Stefan said he was gonna ride off into the sunset, Damon so did not offer to join him. Of course not. Cuz he ain't leaving Elena. Nuh uh!

- I wonder what will finally make Rebekah decide to not want the cure. She's had Damon, Katherine and now Elijah in varying ways tell her that it won't give her what she wants.

- Damon really does not care about Rebekah at all. Had she not still been a vampire, she would be dead because Damon aimed that baby to kill.

- I just don't ship Klaus and Caroline at all. But at least they don't bore me. (Cough, cough *TylerCaroline* cough, cough) I get why Caroline acts as she does. As sarcasticcheese pointed out, sometimes you just connect to someone whether it's right or wrong, and Caroline has connected with Klaus. I hope that maybe they're using this to show that Caroline has managed to kinda wedge up a sliver of decency in Klaus and hopefully that will be expanded in The Originals, mostly through his siblings. And to open the door to a better Caroline/Damon relationship, and Caroline understanding about Elena with Damon.

- Katherine, Elena and Rebekah were awesome. All of the snark, all of the bitchiness, all of the cattiness, Rebekah and Elena tag-teaming Katherine, Elena FINALLY being able to keep Katherine in her place (thanks to the Original power of Rebekah). Don't get me wrong, I love Katherine, but she's a selfish, awful, terrible bitch and I adore Elena. It was so nice seeing Elena come out the victor. "I want your shoes." HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

- No Matt, no Bonnie. Wah!

- So Silas can look like anyone? Hmmm. And Silas can control the mind of an Original. There's no way that Caroline's line about Silas being able to do that to Klaus, so what could he do to them was not foreshadowing. Uh huh, shivers!

- Dang, they like snapping necks on this show!

- "Complication here." HEE!

- Katherine compelling an entire town. Oh, Katherine.

- I don't quite have the feels with Rebekah and Elijah. I'm sure it will come because both Gillies and Claire Holt are fantastic actors, and are very charismatic, but I don't feel they have an instant connection like Holt and Joseph Morgan, Morgan and Gillies, heck even Nathanial Buzolic (Kol) and Morgan, Holt and Gillies. (Dude playing Finn barely interacted, so.....) But I'm not just getting that instant sibling vibe with Gillies and Holt. So, yeah, the feels weren't all there for me. But, again, I'm sure they'll segue into it quickly enough.

- So lots of characters to love this episode (Elena, Damon, Katherine, Stefan, Rebekah, Caroline, Elijah, eh, OK, Klaus too). There was some fantastic interaction between Klaus and Caroline, Rebekah/Elena/Katherine, Damon/Stefan, and that final scene with Elena was definitely a whoah! Because they actually went there. And, of course, after nearly two seasons, I finally got me some Elijah/Katherine!! (YEAH, BABY!)

So, yeah, I'm happy! :)
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