Arabian (arabian) wrote,

That's some freaky shit!

I heard about this but didn't watch it. Is it from a fan, or some viral thing like Serenity with the River Tam interviews from the parent company doing some sneaky promoting? Either way, it's freaky as shit! And fucking brilliant! www.helpmeveronica. (Sorta contains spoilers as it alludes to the first mystery in S3.)

Honestly, if this WAS done by a fan, the CW needs to hire this person pronto because that got me interested in the S3 mystery and the noir/dark aspects of the show like nobody's business. I already feel more interested in what's going to happen non-Logan/Veronica and non-character development in S3 than I did at ANY POINT during S2 all because of this thing.

I mean, seriously, freaky shit.
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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