Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Musing on Early VM S1 (Mostly Donut)

You know I'm watching early S1 VM and I'm remembering that while I never loved him, I DID like Duncan and it's really a shame what RT did to the character. And Teddy Dunn did well with what he was given then, no he's not a great thespian and anything challenging is beyond him, but still I enjoyed Duncan. (Especially in CWCD, MJS, TWoC, RotK and AEFC -- it all seemed to go downhill from there).

And that's part of my frustration. I liked Duncan. I loved Meg. I really liked Beaver. And all of these characters were destroyed in one way or another, not by the actor, but by their creator. And that's just sad.
Tags: tv, veronica mars

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