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4.14 - 'Down The Rabbit Hole' (The Vampire Diaries)

The Vampire Diaries aired tonight! Yay! Thoughts -- prepare to be shocked, very short for me -- behind the cut.

- When Stefan was alone with Shane, it was a really striking moment for me because it showed absolutely who Stefan is. Elena, Caroline, even Tyler would have shown compassion. Stefan did not. He made a cruel comment (dangling hope before snatching it) and then walked away, leaving an injured man to possibly die. I'm not comparing Stefan to Damon and saying Damon is better, just that Damon is honest. Damon would have walked away from Shane too, but no one would question him doing that because he's honest about who and what he is. Stefan pretends to be something he's not, and until he stops doing that, he's always going to be messed-up, confused little puppy.

- I kept trying to process and rationalize that Jeremy isn't dead, but folks? I think Jeremy is dead. Dead dead. He had no vampire blood in his system, and as a hunter, the ring will no longer work for him as a supernatural creature. So, yup, they killed Jeremy. I'm still processing. I think that once it hits Elena -- which, based on the preview, she's obviously fighting that reality -- she will turn her humanity switch off.... which might lead to another big sign that the sire bond isn't real because I could see Damon trying to invoke the sire bond to make her turn the switch back on, or to not turn it off period, and yet she does so anyway.

- Damon was really positioned as Elena's great love for the first time fully in this episode. Sure we've seen Damon as selfless plenty of times, but this was the first time that other characters (including Stefan) not only saw that selflessness at play, but also acknowledged it. We also had Damon making it clear that despite us all knowing that he doesn't want Elena to take the cure, he knows it's what she wants and therefore he was determined that she get what she wants, putting her first as always.

- I found Elena's attitude towards Damon and his situation interesting. It read to me a combination of her still being annoyed with him for walking away, but also not terribly worried simply because she knows that Damon can take care of himself (and she also thinks he's totally bad-ass). It's like she knows they are facing some issues and she's got to figure out how to deal with it, but right now way too much other stuff is going on so she just can't deal right now. And she knows that Damon would get that.

- Damon didn't break the ropes from Vaughn earlier because he wanted to be led to where Jeremy, Bonnie and Shane were presumably. I had to think on that one, LOL!

- Aha! I sorta guessed it! Commenting to someone after "Catch Me If You Can," I said that "I was thinking that Elijah or Katherine or some other witch may be in play too" as to the other person potentially looking for the cure that Stefan and Rebekah wondered about in that episode. As to why she wants the cure, I doubt very highly she wants it for herself, but rather as a bargaining chip to make a deal with Klaus. She gives him the cure, they are even and he leaves her be.

- And because it must be said.... KATHERINE!!!!!!

- I actually felt something during that Tyler/Caroline scene, very nicely done, very nicely written and acted on both parts (and on a shallow note, I thought Trevino looked REALLY good in that scene too). butterfly commented that she found it interesting that Caroline used almost exactly the same phrases that Damon did to Charlotte to send Tyler away, and then it was emphasized wheN Tyler repeated it back. Sure it was a completely different vibe -- and I loved that about the scene, how even though they both said the words, they were brimming over with such beautiful love, really well done -- but it was still the same sentiment. And Jose Molina wrote this episode. And Jose Molina co-wrote "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street." I don't know that it was supposed to be a deliberate parallel, but rather just another clue that the sire bond isn't about control or taking away one's agency, but just rooted deeply in love. Maybe.

- As soon as Grams started talking, I knew it wasn't her. No way, that's not Grams. I'm glad that Jeremy (SOB!) was able to see through that quickly and get through to Bonnie. I loved all the sweet, little moments with Jeremy (SOB!) but they are horrifically bittersweet now, damnit! The look on Bonnie's face as she lay there, terribly injured, breathing shallowly, just staring at a lifeless (NOOOO!) Jeremy (SOB!)in shock gutted me.

- So from an outsider's perspective, Jeremy (SOB!) is Damon's "pal," Bonnie is Damon's "witch" and the whole gang are Damon's friends. Nice to know.

- Ignoring the fact that Damon does in fact have a small tattoo (courtesy of Ian Somerhalder's tattoo) on his inner forearm, I still got a kick out of Damon's "look at my skin, it's flawless." So rarely do you have characters (played by good-looking actors, and in Somerhalder's case, insanely, ridiculously, surreally good-looking) acknowledge how good looking they are. I love that Damon knows he's hot and the show has no problem with having him and other characters express that reality often. Because, really, he is ridiculously hot. (RIP, Jenna.)

- So, both Elena/Stefan scenes were pretty great from a Damon/Elena fangirl point of view, especially one who's long wanted to see Stefan and Elena as friends after the smoke clears. The fact that Elena is acting very much like with Stefan the way she does when with Matt was nice to see, and even moreso was her telling Stefan essentially that it didn't matter whether she became a human again or not, she and Stefan were not getting back together. And, of course, her blase reaction to the sire bond continues to amuse me. Stefan says you'll be sired to Damon forever, and she's all :shrug: No big, we'll deal.

- On that note, I really did like how Elena finally appeared to be ready to finally embrace who she is now. I think she would have been there after "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes," but then the possibility of the cure popped up right away so hope sprang eternal. So it will be interesting to see how she handles it. Of course, this entails dealing with whatever happens when she turns her humanity switch off because you just so know we're going there. I hope very much so that it's Damon who winds up getting through to her to bring her back. I hope so.

- I also liked how once Elena realized that Klaus was a major issue again she stopped the pity party and got going. That's not something I can see anyone else of our gang do as easily aside from Damon. Those two, so made for each other. *sigh*

- So it appears as if every couple (except for Damon and Elena) pretty much hit a dead-end tonight...

  • Tyler/Caroline - For at least a good while, until they decide to bring him back, which hopefully won't be for a looooong time and will only happen if they don't spark something with Caroline and someone else Stefan!

  • Caroline/Klaus - Klaus has no clue what love is, he truly doesn't and Caroline could never be with someone like that. And for the first time, I actually bought that Caroline truly does love Tyler -- even if I still don't buy that she was ever in love with him, sorry -- and because of that, I can't see her with Klaus unless he winds up taking the cure somehow, but with the spin-off coming up, I just don't see that happening.

  • Bonnie/Jeremy (SOB!) - Because SOB! Jeremy!!! Processing, still processing.

  • Stefan/Elena - There was just no subtext there between them, and again, this is the first time where DAMON was positioned as the epic, forever love of Elena as opposed to Stefan.

  • Stefan/Rebekah - Still, the fact that he would give the cure to Elena (which I don't see as a romantic gesture, because every vampire we know -- except Rebekah and Katherine -- would give the cure to Elena because (a) she's the newest, (b) the issue with Jeremy (SOB!), the hunter, and (c) the supposed sire bond), I think was the final nail in whatever she has going with Stefan.

    We'll see, though, just because it appeared that way with any of them doesn't mean anything on this show. We'll see.

    - No Matt. :( Hopefully this means the end of no-Matt episodes for this season, though.

    - So Silas was playing Shane ALL ALONG. He was nothing but a puppet this whole time.

    - I think I like the new Hunter guy. I'm not sure yet though. We'll see.

    - Once again, Joseph Morgan did a great job with his reduced screen time. While I'm heartbroken that Claire Holt will be on The Originals instead of a regular on The Vampire Diaries, it does make me look even more forward to it because Morgan has just been stepping up his game beautifully, Daniel Gillies is fabulous and seeing more Claire on my screen every week in a probably leading role is fantastic.

    - Speaking of, so I'm guessing Klaus trying to make up with Rebekah, and impressing her with his help was laying the groundwork for Rebekah joining him in New Orleans.

    - I did like that we got the acknowledgement from Caroline that she wouldn't have taken the cure.

    I am tired and am still processing Jeremy (SOB!). I may rewatch the episode tomorrow night and do a more traditional type of post, but for now, here you go. I thought this was a really strong episode, but, yeah, still processing. On one hand, I obviously do NOT want Jeremy gone because (SOB!) Jeremy! But on the other hand, when they kill someone, they need to stay dead to get that full impact. I had been wondering how they were going to get around the vampire/hunter thing which is why I figured that Elena would wind up getting the cure somehow because I never really thought they'd kill Jeremy. But damn, ya'll, they killed Jeremy (SOB!).

    Still processing. So not there yet.
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