Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Scandal.... good show!

So I figured I'd do a quick write-up on Scandal.

EXCELLENT episode tonight. Just broke my heart!! GAH! Such great acting. The James/Cyrus scene slayed me, and then Abby/Harrison where he told her that Olivia had saved all of them, it was time to save her slayed me again. Then, then, then ... Cyrus hired the assassin dude to kill James!!! Then called it off thank goodness, but still!!! Then James lied!!!! Then David tore into Abby and Harrison hugged her, then she had the card, then Olivia hugged her and I was re-slayed!!

THEN, THEN, THEN... Olivia told Fitz she'd wait for him and he was so cruel and I realized that OMG! he knew about the rigging! Then we saw it intercut with the eulogy and then OH MY GOD! HE KILLED VERNA!!! HOLY CRAP! THIS FUCKING SHOW!!! Hee!!

Everything, dude, EVERYTHING was resolved, laid out on the table in terms of the mysteries and set-ups, lies and secrets, all out there and yet emotionally everything is still INSANE! And Scott Foley is coming to the show. Scott Foley, whom I've loved intensely since Felicity and have never stopped loving.

Seriously, why are all the best shows on TV on Thursday night?!?!? Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Parks and Rec, Elementary, Person of Interest.... geez louise!!!

Ack, such a great episode tonight.
Tags: kerry washington, olivia/fitz, scandal, tv

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