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4.10 - 'After School Special' (The Vampire Diaries)

Whee! The Vampire Diaries back. This equals happy me! :)

Let's just fire it up and start with the Damon/Elena scene. First of all, there is obvious parallelism going on that this show loves so. Elena and Damon on the phone, as they were in "The Departed" (which the writer of this episode, Brett Matthews, co-wrote. Uh huh). However, much like in the past where it's as if the show is "correcting a mistake," we got that here tonight. Booyah! I noted this in "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes" and how that episode reminded me of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" putting a negative spin on earlier, happier Stefan/Elena moments to a degree. The difference was that in the season 03 episode, it was a Stefan/Elena contrast, in "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes" Stefan/Elena scenes were contrasted with Damon/Elena ones and gave those moments "done over" to Damon and Elena. Here we now have the reverse of what they did in "Smells Like Teen Spirit." They've taken a depressing Damon/Elena scene from an earlier time (the phone conversation in "The Departed") and put a positive spin on it.

In that conversation, Elena told Damon that she never fell out of love with Stefan. She told him she would see him soon, believing that she'd never see him again. She was also driving *away* from him. In this conversation, Elena told Damon that she loved him. She ended the conversation by telling him she would be there soon because, this time, she would be driving *to* him. Ah, this show and their love of parallels that I love so much. :)

There was another interesting contrast. I went back and re-watched when Elena first told Stefan that she loved him, and it wasn't face to face (yes, they were together, but his back was to her) and her eyes were shining with suppressed emotion, and her voice was heavy with determination, but it wasn't a happy moment. The shine of her eyes wasn't one of happiness, but because she was trying not to cry because Stefan was walking away from her. On the flip side, Elena and Damon aren't face to face, but they are emotionally connected. Her eyes are shining with emotion, but it's not suppressed, and it's happy and her glistening eyes are glistening with tears of joy barely held back.


You can see the relief she feels in both moments, but the underlying mood in the Stefan one is of sadness, and when telling Damon, it is happiness. But maybe that's just the Damon/Elena fangirl in me. We see what we want to see, right? But I really think I see that. When she told Stefan she loved him for the first time, she was upset. When she told Damon she loved him for the first time, she was happy. Yeah. (Isn't' it lovely how along with real and right, happy is now becoming a go-to Damon/Elena word association?)

And Damon's face, oh boy, Damon's face. I just absolutely adored and was floored by how Ian Somerhalder played this scene. After she told him, my goodness, his face, his eyes! (HIS EYES!)... his reaction was perfection. When he told her that he was going to get the cure, would do things she didn't like, it was as if he was just getting through that part, because he had to be honest, it had to be said, but he so needed to get to the 'come to me' part. It was like he physically was incapable of NOT having her with him after she told him she loved him. You could feel the joyous desperation emanating from him to just have her with him. The way he said the words, the look on his face, in his eyes, it was as if he physically NEEDED her there with him as soon as possible. *sigh* And, of course, he'll still question it, but he loves her. He loves her so much and knows that sire bond or not, she does feel strongly for him, so he's allowing himself to believe in her belief that she loves him. And that's just beautiful.

That paired with Elena's bubbling joy as she told Damon she loved him that second time, and that song, the soaring music (whose lyrics are gloriously romantic about this incredible love and need to be together *), and how both took and received the "I love you" just screams endgame. And what screams endgame even more is the fact that there WILL be problems. Elena will NOT be down with what Damon acquiesced to Klaus doing. They will fight about it, but they will deal with it. Because that's who they are. That's what Damon and Elena do.
    * Snow Patrol's "New York"

    If you were here beside me instead of in New York
    If the curve of you was curved on me
    I'd tell you that I loved you before I ever knew you
    'Cause I loved the simple thought of you
    If our hearts are never broken and there's no joy in the mending
    There's so much this hurt can teach us both
    There's distance and there's silence, your words have never left me
    They're the prayer that I say every day

    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    The lone neon nights and the ache of the ocean
    And the fire that was starting to spark
    I miss it all, from the love to the lightning
    And the lack of it snaps me in two

    If you were here beside me instead of in New York
    In the arms you said you'd never leave
    I'd tell you that it's simple and it was only ever thus
    There is nowhere else that I belong

    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    Come on, come out, come here, come here
    The lone neon nights and the ache of the ocean
    And the fire that was starting to spark
    I miss it all from the love to the lightning
    And the lack of it snaps me in two

    Just give me a sign, there's an end and not beginning
    To the quiet chaos driving me mad
    The lone neon nights and the walls of the ocean
    And the fire that is starting to go out

    And one more squee about this song! Per Julie Plec's tweets tonight, "Snow Patrol's 'New York' (tonight's 'phone call' song) was originally chosen for the D/E kiss in episode #310, but we lost it to Grey's Anatomy which aired that same night. We've been waiting a year to use it."

Still, it's not hearts and flowers with these two, and the fact that even as we got those three words, we also got the reality that Damon IS a vampire and Damon may have his list of people that he'll protect/care for, but Damon does kill people, and he will cross ANY line to do what's best for Elena. That's where the certainty of endgame comes from for me because just because they are together and they love each other, there is still a journey here. They still have many an obstacle to overcome.

And one of those obstacles I don't think is a sire bond with regards to how she feels for him. Whether it's real or not, and I'm trusting the show with whichever direction they go, there is absolutely no way that it's effecting or creating Elena's feelings. And I like that the two of them aren't questioning that to the degree that others would want them to. Elena's preface to telling Damon how she felt was awesome. Basically when she told him that maybe it was the sire bond, her vocal and facial attitude was saying, OK, fine, I'll acknowledge the possibility, whatever, I don't buy it, moving on, I LOVE YOU, DAMON!.

Then she said it. She told him she loved him and that it was the most real thing she'd ever felt in her entire life… meaning that the show is beginning to set up that, yes, what she feels for Damon is more, is bigger than what she had with Stefan. Booyah! And she was on the porch, you guys. ON THE PORCH! After their kiss on the porch in "The New Deal," Plec said that "all of [Damon and Elena's] important moments -- their worst moments together and their best moments together -- have happened either in her bedroom or on her front porch. Those are two important locations for us as far as telling the story of their evolving intimacy." *sigh*

So, yeah, right now, I just can't get all fussed up about the sire bond (real or not) because based on what we've seen with these two, Damon is in his own way, just as sire bonded to Elena if it's real and how Elena has been acting with Damon is an indication of what that means. If it's real, sure, Elena can't say no to Damon... but has Damon EVER said no to Elena? He may not be technically bonded to her, but he might as well be because he's never said no. He always does what she wants. He always gives in. He always defers to her. Even if he fights her on it. Just as she fights him on stuff. And again, he was giving her specifically, absolutely what SHE wanted. That's why we heard her voice mails and why we heard her specifically say: "I wish you would let me come to you." And so he said to her "come to me." Those words. He was doing EXACTLY word for word what she wanted him to do. So once again, Damon was actually deferring to HER wish, HER command.

One more thing before I move on. I noted in "Ordinary People" write-up that one of the things I loved about their bed scene was how "they were just so dang comfortable with each other, sharing the details of their day…" That's something that's kinda becoming their thing, right? Because the first day after they got together, when Damon returned from New Orleans, they asked each other how their day was. And the phone conversation began with Damon asking her about her day. It's just such a quiet, real moment in the midst of the insanity that is their lives in Mystic Falls.

Damon and Elena are not some clichéd EPIC romance, made up of big moments only. They have the big moments, yes, but the foundation of what they have now is based on the in-betweens, the silence in the spaces, the comfort in the knowing and wanting to know completely who they other is. This is something that she never had with Stefan. Because Stefan wanted this perfect picture with the two of them acting out their roles just so.

And Elena's role in Stefan's vision was of the broken toy. I'd never quite realized how much until this episode. When they broke up, I wrote this about it:
    I know that on the surface their entire conversation was about human!Elena versus vampire!Elena thus her not being into Stefan anymore, but those were just words that Stefan was saying to make himself feel better. And also Elena agreed with because it makes her feel better to believe that she's letting go of her 'always' belief with Stefan and admitting she wants his brother not because she actually does- after all, what does that say about her with all of Damon's bad-bad brother mojo? - but rather because of that pesky vampirism. In other words, their most honest conversation was still full of lies and the inability to be honest with themselves or each other.
It was a little frustrating then, but completely in character. And the same thing happened here. Elena talked about "lately" Stefan looked at her like a project, a broken toy that needed to be fixed. And it was clear she was talking about post-vampirism. But like during their break-up conversation, things were like this with them before.

Just as Vamp!Elena is not this drastically different person than human!Elena, how Stefan was treating her as a vampire was not that much different than how he treated her before he left in season 02. The difference is that she was displaying the growth she'd had experienced when he was gone now that he was no longer there holding her back and treating her like that broken toy. She's not broken anymore; she's not the helpless damsel in distress who Stefan doesn't want to fight back (as he said in "Unpleasantville"). She's healthier, she's stronger, she fights back. And that has nothing to do with her being a vampire, but the both of them keep addressing the change in their relationship that way.

I get why. I'm not sure that Elena even realizes that it's how things were with him. And the timing of her vampiric turn makes it easy for both of them to use that as an excuse for why they stopped working. And I know that the show is doing this deliberately. After all, human!Elena chose Stefan, vampire!Elena is with Damon. This keeps the dream alive for Stefan and Elena (and their fans), but truly, the problems they had upon restarting their relationship would have been there whether she was a vampire or not.

But no one's gonna say that right now, and Stefan certainly doesn't want to believe that. Was he an asshole this episode? Absolutely. But I didn't have a problem with him at all because already broken up or not, Elena *did* jump into bed with Damon within a day of breaking up with Stefan. She did, so he feels betrayed. I get that. It's understandable. It still didn't make him any less of an ass, LOL!

Because of the preview and his line about how many ways Elena could rip his heart out, once they ran off separately to get away from Ty-were, I expected more conversation that would lead to that devastated line from him. Of course, that didn't happen. Nope, Elena admitting that she wasn't in love with Stefan any longer and that he treated her as he KNEW he did and that Damon made her happy, that was enough to make Stefan throw his little drama-queen hissy fit. And so instead of sympathy (as I'd felt when Elena said those things in the library), all that comment elicited from me was yet another 'oh, Stefan' moment. Because, really, oh, Stefan.

I mean, he played it like he was the wounded party. The set-up was such that the people there wouldn't correct how Stefan painted it as if Elena (a trollop who likes bad boys, oh, Rebekah) cheated on him, thus they broke up. This was not the sequence of events, dude. The sleeping together happened AFTER they broke up. Yes, it was two seconds after, but come on, Stefan knew how insanely in love Damon was with Elena, and Stefan knew that Elena had these deep feelings for Damon... and then he LEFT THEM ALONE IN THAT EMPTY HOUSE! Had Stefan stayed, the sex wouldn't have happened, not then. It was an explosion of emotions that Stefan helped enable by walking away.

That was the sequence of events… and here's what is key. Obviously, the WRITERS know this. So, I believe this is all leading to Stefan's eventual rock-bottom-ness and then eventual recovery into a better, happier, healthier Stefan. He needs to let go of Elena, and his anger towards her and Damon before he can get there. Now, Elena has let him go. And I'm OK with that even if it means she didn't call him out (again) on the crappy things he did last season. I'm OK with that because as I said in the "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes" write-up, I just needed to know that Elena knew that Stefan pulled shit, that he just sweet-talked his way out of things and she let him. That was her choice, to not call him on his shit.

And that's OK too because that's Elena. She didn't call Bonnie on not de-spelling the watch. She didn't call Tyler on nearly getting her killed and getting Stefan shot. (In fact, she comforted him afterwards.) There are so many things she didn't call Damon on, or discuss with him (namely, oh, I know, snapping her brother's neck! Seriously, ya'll, she was already beginning to forgive him by episode five and they never discussed it). And in this episode, she didn't call Caroline out for ratting her Damon-sexcapades to Stefan.

That's Elena. She's a forgiver who does not hold grudges, who does not need to rehash past sins. She lets it go. And when Stefan walked away and she just watched him go, she let go of more than just the crap he'd pulled, she let him go completely. Now, Stefan needs to find that place where he can let her go.

My only issue with Stefan being such a dick is that I don't feel that Paul Wesley played the layers. Instead of a bitter, angry and wounded Stefan, the Stefan in the opening scene and much more in his last scene played like switch-turned-off, Ripper!Stefan. And I don't think that was the intention. *Shrugs*

Anyhoo, moving on. My favorite thing about Rebekah's game of truth or dare was not only that we got the love vs. in love which is something I've been pushing for… forever!, but how Nina Dobrev played it. When Rebekah asked if she still loved Stefan, she looked at him and said with conviction "Yes" because Elena does love him, and she doesn't want to hurt him so she could give him that. And then Rebekah asked if she was still in love with him, and you could see the pain on her face because she knew she was telling the truth, unvarnished here, and that she would hurt him, but she didn't hesitate, didn't think about it. "No." Because, yeah, she so is not. But she does care, as she would, being Elena, with the story that's been told thus far.

Some have said that they have been frustrated how the Damon/Elena stuff of episodes 7-9 seemed to make it like Elena had suddenly stopped caring for Stefan. I didn't see it that way and this episode confirmed that perception. Yes, she was more about Damon in the past episode, but that makes sense as it was over the course of a few days and she had just finally allowed herself to feel for Damon. But here, in how she didn't want to hurt him, in her reaction to his being hustled into the library by Rebekah, in her feeling of betrayal when he wanted to erase everything, showed, that yes, Elena still cares for Stefan, as she should.

Speaking of– yeah, that was pretty low, Stefan. That he would rather forget everything about Elena if he can't have her love as opposed to at least cherishing the good times that they had is telling yet again that when it's real… well, you don't walk away. As Stefan did. And you don't want to forget. As Stefan did. Which Damon did not, never has done. He even told Elena on his deathbed that he would have gone through all the pain, even without her loving him, if it meant he had known her.

Yeah. So much for epic, huh? (And, yes, Rebekah commenting on their epic love was so making fun of it. Hee.) Nope, the epic love of Stefan's life at this point is his brother. Period. There has been a lot of speculation that Damon is going to die-die (of course, he'll come back somehow, because, duh, Ian Somerhalder), and how there have been a LOT of references to Damon dying this season. (florencia7 actually pointed this out in 4.06 and I pshaw'd it, but she totally may have been onto something).

In addition to this speculation, there's been a lot of commentary that it's just a new way to create angst between Damon and Elena and blah, blah, blah, lame, accomplishes nothing we don't already know and is just a cheap way to get audiences all angsting. I disagree. Not because I think it won't change or teach us anything new about Damon and Elena. I agree with that, it won't. They love each other, it's real, it's right, it's right now and they're happy. I disagree because I don't think it has anything to do with the Damon/Elena relationship. Remember, Elena is not the only person who loves Damon. Stefan loves him too. And he is the key, I believe.

If Damon does die, I don't think it's about proving Elena's love for him, or creating angst for them- these two done got plenty o' angst enough already. I think it's all about the relationship at the heart of the series: Damon and Stefan. While I expect Elena to break down, fall apart, cry and lose it over Damon dying, it's Stefan's reaction that is the point. I think it will be, yes, epic. And I think that is why we're having this whole 'my brother wants to kill me/I hate my brother' stuff going on right now and likely building. Because Stefan, I really think, needs to hit rock-bottom and believing he's truly lost Damon would make him hit rock-bottom. And, of course, once Damon is magically resurrected, we can get to the real reparation of their relationship. Uh huh.

Moving on to Damon's pseudo-baby brother: Jeremy! I admit I would have liked some more, I dunno, something from their scenes, a bit more warmth, a line or look here or there that would have showed that it was more than about Elena. Because I can't believe that it isn't the case. We've seen too much between these two to not believe that. But other than Jeremy essentially teasing Damon about Elena ("running out of voicemails to listen to?"), there really wasn't much Damon/Jeremy crack for me to enjoy tonight. (sobs)

On the other hand, I liked the very little bit with Damon and Matt. And I LOVE how Matt continues to so be on the same wavelength with Damon. Damon essentially says that Jeremy isn't ready. Jeremy persists. Matt essentially tells him he's not ready. See? Damon/Matt = mind twins! And, heh, to the "I don't have to listen to you/you do if you want to eat" bit. Especially because it was preceded by Matt looking after Jeremy like, silly boy, and then Damon ordered him to run too. Oh, Matt, you're getting there but you're not nearly as cool as Damon and nowhere near Ric-status yet.

Of course, by episode's end, things weren't exactly going swell for our Lake house trio thanks to Klaus! You know, I was peeved with Stefan for what he did to Jeremy in "My Brother's Keeper," so I'm not gonna turn around and be happy that Damon is enabling Klaus to do similar, but it isn't exactly the same. (And I swear this isn't my Damon fan-girl talking.) It was an idea Damon had, that he discarded, but was only put into play because of Klaus, and Klaus is the one who did it. Yes, Damon could have fought him on it, but we all know and they all know that if Klaus wanted to do that, no ONE was going to stop him.

On the other hand, Stefan came up with his plan, followed through, and emotionally traumatized Jeremy in the process. He showed absolutely zero concern for Jeremy, which despite Jeremy's contention that Damon doesn't care about his life (not cool, Jere!), Damon does and has shown concern for Jeremy's well-being. This could change next week, but I don't expect it to. In fact, I'll be surprised if we don't see Damon still trying to work with Jeremy alongside this new Klaus-assist. We'll see.

Regardless of the little differences, it's still very wrong what both brothers did/are doing. But the reasoning behind it does make Damon's play less wrong in my eyes. Stefan's was entirely selfish, and all about getting human-passive-Stefan-worshiping Elena back. Damon's is about getting the cure so that Elena gets what she wants (not being a vampire), and her not being a vampire means that Jeremy won't be trying to kill her. Basically, what we've been told is that Stefan wants Elena as a human so that she'll love him again. Damon wants Elena to be a human so that she can have her life, the chance to be a normal girl again. Again, still wrong, but the motivations at least make Damon's reasoning selfless as opposed to Stefan's all about me.

Speaking of Elena and her desire for the cure… there has been much talk about how no one has asked Elena if she wants it, how everyone is running around desperate to get it for her, but no one has asked her if she wants it. Frankly, I find that silly. Sorry, but I do. Of course she wants the cure. I think the only reason we haven't seen that discussion is because OF COURSE she wants the cure. Elena doesn't want to be a vampire. We know that, we've been told that over and over. She doesn't hate it now, she doesn't feel she's broken any longer, but she does not want to be a vampire. This we emphatically know about this character. Why waste precious seconds and dialogue on stuff we emphatically know already?

Especially when instead we're getting seconds and dialogue spent on Elena telling Stefan (and Caroline) how she really feels! I know some were upset that Elena was compelled, but it didn't bother me at all because Stefan and Caroline wouldn't believe it any other way. Sure, Stefan will convince himself that it's the sire bond (and by episode's end, we know that he's still holding onto that), but I do think that deep down he knows, he absolutely knows the truth of it. And now Elena does absolutely as well. I loved that small moment after Elena said all sassy-like to Rebekah that she slept with Damon because she's in love with him. Right afterwards, she took that moment and you saw on her face, in her eyes that it was like after she said it, she finally got it. She truly realized it so completely in that moment. And she knew it was 100% the truth because she was compelled to tell the truth. That's not a sire bond (real or not), that's telling the truth.

Which brings us to the compeller… Rebekah, Rebekah, Rebekah. butterfly made an interesting point. She thinks that Matt was kept out of town during Rebekah's revenge spree (which really compared to what she could have done wasn't all that bad) to keep him from being tainted with it. I sure hope so, because, yes, I still love me some Matt and Rebekah.

And I still love me some Rebekah majorly. I just can't hate on her, even for what she did to Elena and Matt, because she didn't do anything these guys wouldn't do for their loved ones. To save the rest of her family, Rebekah killed Elena to kill the creature that was going to destroy the rest of her family. Less than a week later, the group (minus Tyler) essentially led to slaughtering an innocent (Chris) to protect their own. I'm not saying what Rebekah did wasn't awful, but our group did/does awful things too and I'm not going to hate on and judge her any differently than I would them.

So, yeah, I love Rebekah and Claire Holt makes it soooooo easy to do so. She is just fucking awesome. Every line, every quip, every tearjerker, all of it was just perfection. I especially loved the "Did it hurt?" after Stefan told her to go to hell because she said "Did" in a louder voice and then gave a long pause before falling to her knees before him and finished the "it hurt" part. I loved it so because before she finished the sentence, it sounded like she was saying that she had gone to hell. And that just gave this added layer of heartbreak to the moment. Poor Rebekah. She just wants to be loved, she just wants to not be alone. Seriously, you could see that in that final scene with Stefan. She does still want that companionship so badly. My poor Rebekah. Slightly spoilerish for episode descriptions (but fair warning, although I've read the synopses up to episode 13, I'm not reading them any longer!). And I wonder...

[Spoiler (click to open)]If stuff in this episode could be leading up to Rebekah getting some affection. Maybe? We had the reminder that Klaus made Stefan forget his love for Rebekah, and the two of them teaming up at the end. I wonder if the rumors about Stefan losing himself in a blonde, including Stefan making things up to Rebekah when Mayor Hopkins cancels the 80's dance are going to tie into the above. I think that maybe instead of actually just getting together, the two pretend to do so in order to hide their real agenda. But then spending time together causes those feelings to begin to re-emerge which leads to things like Stefan making Rebekah feel better by about missing out on another dance. I dunno. It's possible.

Sadly, I fear that with April finding out that Rebekah twisted things a bit in her telling of things that Rebekah will lose her little April-shaped minion. Which makes me sad, because they were a hoot together. Especially the whole note-taking bit. Hee! Speaking of April, I gotta say, I love what they're doing with this character. Her wanting people to start telling the truth makes sense and yet it makes just as much sense why the rest of our gang when finding out the truth didn't really spill. Because they were part of the gang, April is not. So she's just an understandable truth-seeking missile and it's awesome. And is likely making butterfly quite happy!

Ooh, one more April-related thing. So, there's totally more to her than meets the eye, yes/yes? Bonnie threw out the casual explanation that wasn't an explanation that the spell was linked to April somehow. Uh, yeah, things don't just "somehow" happen on this show. There is definitely more to this girl than we know now. Possibly more than anyone, including Shane, knows. Very interesting.

Phew! Random stuffies…

- Bonnie had two moments in this episode that Kat Graham just knocked out of the park. The first was her reaction to the introduction of Mayor Hopkins- who at the time we didn't know was her father (well, if we didn't read any pre-episode information). She didn't quite roll her eyes, but totally had this expression of 'yeah, whatever' that was so perfectly annoyed, teenaged-child-reaction to parent.

The second was in her final scene with Shane. After he fervently promised her his protection in a creepy scene where it almost felt like a kiss was coming and it felt so very wrong (which I think was intentional), her response was aces. She gave the barest glimmer of a smile, and it was a cross between gratification that someone wanted to protect her, but there was also clearly the feeling that something was NOT right. Of course, his whole 'you're the key to everything EVAR!' probably had her a bit spooked too, and Graham gave us that too. Beautifully played.

- One more Bonnie-related thing…. So yeah, her dad was a traveling pharmaceutical rep. That's as good as possible explanation for dad not being around, I think.

- Hahahah! Shane fan-boying over Rebekah and Kol Mikaelson was so wrong, and so hilarious. I know he's NOT a good guy, but I freaking love Shane.

- So, yeah, I'm thinking the whole sire bond, possibly the cure storyline is going to be over by the end of the next batch of episodes because clearly we be heading into something majorly major with Silas… who is gonna totes be the Big Bad, right?

- OK, maybe this is my die-hard Stefan/Caroline-ness on display here, but am I crazy in thinking that maybe, just maybe they are laying the foundation (slowwwwwly) for something with those two down the line? Their little conversation at the top had the healthiest bit of conversation I've ever heard between Stefan and Caroline and anyone they've been in a relationship with. Caroline essentially told him- I was there for you, be there for me now. Equal partners.

- Nice little bit that the pizza girl couldn't enter even after Matt - who doesn't own that place - couldn't invite her in.

- Six people turned the mayor job down, LOL!

- I was talking to sarcasticcheese and mentioned that this was a low-key episode. This isn't a bad thing, it's just that low-key and The Vampire Diaries generally don't go hand-in-hand. Then I checked the director and had to chuckle because it was directed by David Von Ancken, and when it was first announced he was directing this one - which I'd since forgotten - I was worried because of the last episode he directed. This is what I wrote up for "Crying Wolf" … "this episode was a lot more laidback. Low-key is the word that best describes it. […] So yeah, very good episode, if not one of their best. So I kinda hope they don't use this director guy again. The Vampire Diaries is many things. Low-key is not one of them.:

So, yeah, low-key. I did like it, and that low-key factor worked for this episode, but this is not a guy they should go to very often to direct. (He also did "Under Control," but I watched that in blur with most of season 01 and I wasn't doing episode write-ups then so I don't know if I had any thoughts similar with that one. Shrugs.)

- Is this a clue? Will it finally happen? Will Tyler Lockwood die this season for good?! I wonder because when Tyler entered the library, there was a book next to him and you could clearly see the title: The Final Days. Like uberly-clear, white background with big blue print. (It's a book about Nixon's final days and that is the cover, but we only see the title, not the Tricky Dick pic.)

In the midst of my evil joy at the prospect of Tyler going, I will point out that I think Michael Trevino did a nice job in that final scene where he broke down about his mom. :(

- So, erm, how did Kol get the stake from Stefan? Obviously, Stefan didn't give it back to Damon after Elena gave it to him in "The Rager," or Kol wouldn't have found it that easily… so hmm?

Thanks sarcasticcheese. Caroline came into the school with it. And as dorothydash pointed out, Kol took it from Rebekah who'd gotten it from Caroline.

- LOLOLOL! Damon being offended at his whittling skills being dissed, hah!

- Did anyone else notice that the name of the bar was Zanadew? LOL!

- So clearly the cut scene from the preview (Jeremy all up in Damon's face about not wanting to do things Klaus' way) was the conversation that Jeremy referred to when he told Damon that he thought he'd convince Klaus otherwise. Which it hadn't been cut. :( But, hey, wow, Jeremy really is impressed by Damon if he thinks that he has that kind of sway over Klaus! I guess there was some Damon/Jeremy crack tonight after all!

- "This is for Carol Lockwood." LOVED IT. Of course, Damon had some other great, great lines. (Doesn't he always, though?) My two other favorites were:
    - "Take a seat at the bench, quarterback. The karate kid wants a shot at the title."
    - "If you're here for payback, go for it, but you'll be stuck babysitting the little Hunter that could."
So, it was a really good episode – if low-key – but that's not a bad thing, and I liked pretty much every moment we got and freaking loved a heckuva lot of other moments. YAY! To close, the best, best, bestest part ….

Damon Salvatore. He got the girl. And he's smiling. *sigh*

Tags: bonnie bennett, damon salvatore, damon/elena, damon/jeremy, damon/matt, elena gilbert, ep discussion-tvd, ian somerhalder, jeremy gilbert, matt donovan, nina dobrev, rebekah mikaelson, stefan salvatore, stefan/caroline, stefan/rebekah, the vampire diaries, tv

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  • Emmy predictions (hah!)

    My thoughts on the (main) Emmy nominations (well, main to me) with my picks of who I think will win, should win, sentimental favorite (ie, I don't…

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