Arabian (arabian) wrote,

A TVD spin-off... I haz thoughts!

So Vampire Diaries spin-off?

I gotta be honest, my main concern is but, but, but... I LOVE Matt/Rebekah! I LOVE them. A LOT. My secondary concern is Phoebe Tonkin? Really? At least she'd be off TVD. (Although, it could just be that she's in the backdoor pilot episode, and not the series.) My third concern is, OK, so Kevin took off to produce other shows and now it's like he has NOTHING to do with TVD anymore. So, now, Julie's gonna produce another show... guys, what about the FIRST-BORN!!?!?!?

ETA: Of course, the article DOES mention that there would be two other EPs with this show, so that would hopefully mean that Julie's main focus would still be TVD. My hope is that paired with the fact that they presumably have such a set outline for the last 2 and 1/2 seasons of TVD that the group of regular writers they have on the show can steer the ship with supervision, and if her main focus remains on TVD, then that should be enough supervision. I mean, there are definitely a handful of writers/co-producers who know their stuff, do great work on TVD, and Julie has co-written episodes with a few of them, which I think would help. But yeah, that niggle of worry remains.....

Other than those concerns, LOL!, I do think this could be interesting. And I'd certainly watch it. The chance to see Klaus -- OMG! YOU GUYS TOTES KNOW THAT THIS MEANS STEFAN/CAROLINE HAVE A BETTER SHOT, YES/YES?!?!?!??! -- Ahem, the chance to see Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah doing their thang without the 'morality' (such as it is, snerk) of the Mystic Falls gang weighing them down could be very interesting. I do love and/or like all the actors/characters.

And, of course, this opens the door big-time to getting some more story for Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler -- but the thing is, other than Bonnie -- who could use more now -- I think they're using the other three organically, involved within and around the Originals story much better than they did the first season. Matt is a significant player now. He may not be my cup of tea, but Tyler is the alpha-man! And Jeremy is coming into his own big-time. I guess, I just see how moving the Originals on might wind up not meaning more story-time for the others, but rather just more story for the three leads, and probably Candice, hopefully Kat, while the others are left stranded a bit.

I don't know, we'll see. I just do know that this could severely hamper my Matt/Rebekah*, Elijah/Katherine endgame, damnit!

* Well, to be fair, if the show is successful, after TVD ends, I could see Matt potentially moving over to that show (and possibly other characters/actors from TVD) with maybe even guest-spots from the others who don't cross over.
Tags: matt/rebekah, stefan/caroline, the vampire diaries, tv

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