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So, watched 'Lincoln' ...

I am a pretty big Lincoln fan, I guess is the word. I've read literally dozens and dozens of book on him. I can recite the Gettysburg Address as the drop of a hat. I hold him in the highest regard and consider him the person throughout history I most admire. With that said, I held off watching Steven Spielberig's Lincoln until last night. I didn't want to be disappointed; I didn't want to see Lincoln portrayed as not what we know he was. I didn't want it to be not right for someone like me who holds Lincoln in such esteem.

So yeah, I finally watched it. And it did not disappoint. I enjoyed just about every moment. I was riveted by the dialogue, so much of it taken from the BRILLIANT book by Doris Goodwin Kearns' Team of Rivals (well, yes, a part of it as the movie listed, a very small part), and from quotes from the man himself beautifully laid out in screenplay format by Tony Kushner. I recognized so many of the figures from their historical portraits, and relationships with Lincoln. The film did a wonderful job in recreating those figures.

Sally Field was amazing as Mary Todd Lincoln. She didn't shy away from the very well-known unlikable aspects of the woman, and really got to the core of her grief. I thought the way their marriage was portrayed was very truthfully done -- the good and the bad -- with all we do know of that relationship. The performances across the board were all outstanding, not one poor one in the bunch, although, James Spader did stand out for me. But then, James Spader never fails to not stand out for me. David Straitharn, another actor I always think is wonderful, was fabulous as Seward -- getting across Seward's love for Lincoln, as well as showing the heart of their undeniable friendship and ultimate trust in one another even when they did not agree.

Then there was Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln. Wow. I was actually prepared to be disappointed even with all of the praise because come on... it's Lincoln. ABRAHAM LINCOLN! But, yeah, wow. I just -- yeah, I'm speechless. Wow.

I was riveted through the whole film, and when the Speaker of the House voted aye for the 13th amendment, I started to tear up, by the time the bells rang announcing its passing, I was flat-out crying. They dried up for the next few scenes, but then Lincoln was told that he was late, and Mrs. Lincoln was waiting for him, and I knew what that meant -- man, I'm crying again! -- and yeah, the waterworks really started. And then he turned to face the men in the room, and the audience and said "I suppose it's time to go, but I would rather stay." And I was done. Just gone. Because I really wish he'd been able to stay too.

Stupid John Wilkes Booth. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!

Anyway, yeah, really great movie. Deserves all the accolades and then some. And as rah!rah!rah!-ed as Daniel Day-Lewis' career is, this might just be the high point. Wow
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