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27 December 2012 @ 12:12 am
Vampire Academy & Bloodlines?  
Has anyone else read these series' by Richelle Mead? The first (Vampire Academy) is a 6-book series, and the 2nd (Bloodlines) is going to be another 6-part series that is an offshoot of VA. VA is complete, and I finished it a week or so ago. They are YA, but they are soooooooooo good, and definitely more towards the older young adult spectrum rather than younger.

I enjoyed it, but found myself only kinda liking the main love story (Rose/Dimitri), but not INTO it or anything. However, I loved the characters, the writing, the style, the set-up and mythology created. Definitely unlike the Twilight Series or even The Vampire Diaries book series (based on the little of it I've read). Comparing style, skill and awesomeness, the closest comparison I can see is actually TVD, the TV series, but Rose is like insanely pro-active, and strong and kick-ass. The books are all told 1st person from her point of view and are lots of fun.

They are making a movie based on the books, and the guy who wrote the script for Heathers is doing the screenplay, so I'm cautiously optimistic. They just better do good casting. I'm really hoping that whoever they cast as Rose and Dimitri have really, really good chemistry to overtake my lack of uber-love in the books. Just because I love the characters so much, I want them to do stellar casting all around. Especially for Sydney and Adrian... which brings me to:

The reason I'm writing this post. While I took my time reading the VA series, I finished up the books (only two so far! ugh!) in the Bloodlines series because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I really liked the VA ones, but the lead character, Sydney, is different from Rose, but awesome in her own way, and I like her better. Rose's impetuousness and stupid decisions sometimes made me want to smack her, but Sydney is the opposite of impetuous and she's super-smart. Then there is Adrian -- introduced in the VA series (as was Sydney) -- and he is basically a younger, (way) less effective Damon Salvatore. Snarky, funny, full of self-loathing, vulnerable, hot as hell. Man, I love him so much.

And Adrian and Sydney are SO guh! Whereas Rose and Dimitri were good and I knew I was supposed to root for them, I ache for Adrian and Sydney and they leave me breathless and giddy. Love them, love them, love them. Fortunately the next book in the series comes out in February, but the wait for the final three is gonna wreck me! It's been a looooooooong time since I shipped a book couple, but I SOOOO ship them.

So, erm, yeah, anyone else read these? (I've got her other series' and I'm tackling those next. Richelle is a great writer.)
hotarujazz: hands and dance 4x07hotarujazz on December 27th, 2012 01:20 pm (UTC)
I love Vampire Academy series!!! Rose is so my kind of character- red head and badass!!! My favorite characters are Rose and Adrian although I don't ship them together. The problem with Dimitri for me is two-fold: he's just not my type of personality(stoic and overly disciplined) and I felt like there should have been a little more of them together before the separation and strigoi turning. I do ship Roza(I love that he calls her that)/Dimitri.
I looooove Adrian and he is soooo my type personality-wise, I'm with you on younger Damon thing. The thing with Sydney is that I just didn't connect to her that much. I'm not impressed with her but I've yet to start Bloodlines. I was too annoyed with Rose in some instances but I read a lot of YA books and she was the least annoying female lead so far. I can see Sydney being smarter and I hope that Bloodlines make me ship Adrian and her together because I sooo wish a good Adrian romance. The whole trinagle in VA has left me sort of bitter tasting because I feel that Rose was extremely unfair to Adrian and I kinda hated Dimitri at the end because I couldn't really understand his behavior after Lissa brought him back. I was dissatisfied with the explanation because I felt that he basically spit in Roses face after she sacrificed so much for him. Lissa just did the final thing and he acted like she was his god and Rose was scum at the bottom of his shoe that he couldn't be bothered with. I have this perverse desire for her to make him suffer more for how he acted. Even tough I wasn't for Rose/Adrian ending I still wished she handled it better and not cheated on him and then just said basically: "Sorry! He's back, I don't need you anymore! You were just a placeholder!".
Uf, I really need for casting to pull trough for this movie because it's been in the works for long time and Richelle Mead is so good writer so books are better meat for the movie than twilight or tvd or hunger games were. In fact out of all these popular YA franchises today none of the books can compare to Richelle's. Twilight and TVD books I liked when I was 14 and didn't know any better. Hunger Games I read relatively recently and I didn't like the writing at all. Only actually fun and tolerable part of the books was first games. And this is coming from avid YA reader who made herself tolerant to all kinds of bad writing because I go on these YA series kicks and read a bunch of them in line no matter the quality!!
Arabian: Damon & Elena23arabian on December 27th, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
I was OK about Sydney in the VA series. I didn't love her, I didn't dislike her, she was just kinda there, but I LOVE her SO MUCH in her series. And she and Adrian..... OMG! I love them so much.

I was only OK with how things happened with Rose and Adrian because Rose and Dimitri KNEW that how Rose treated Adrian was bad, and the writing made it clear that when it came to Adrian, Rose did him wrong, intentional or not. And, I tell ya, Bloodlines is TOTALLY making up for it. It's just.... oh, I love it so.

Gotta disagree with you about Hunger Games. I adore it. I've probably read the trilogy about 4/5 times. I love Peeta so hard, there are no words. I adore it. And I think the writing is fantastic for it, building up this amazing political landscape in simple terms, but one that had devastating effect. Great characters, beautiful, uncomplicated love story, and just .... ah, love it so much. So, yeah, we disagree on that one.
hotarujazz: hands and dance 4x07hotarujazz on December 27th, 2012 09:35 pm (UTC)
You are bumping Bloodlines on my reading list, LOL!! I liked that they acknowledged that Rose treated Adrian bad in books but he's kinda my baby of the series and everybody should treat him nice if you ask me!! XD
The Hunger Games for me had excellent world building and core story. But to me the writing was to uneven and I felt that only Peeta got decent character development. I don't feel that Katniss changed in any significant way from the beginning. I felt she just had bunch more crap to add to her issues but she didn't learn to handle anything better or changed her way of thinking significantly in my opinion. Peeta is my favorite from the series and I never liked Gale. Ironically, I connected to Primrose best after Peeta although there is so few scenes with her in the book. I hated the ending of the book because I felt like she forgot to untangle some plot lines and then just did a quick 2 paragraphs explaining what happened. But then THG is one of the few series that I can understand liking even though I'm not a huge fan. I like the movies fine and I will definitely watch all of them.
I'm coming back to YA after a long romantic suspense novels faze so I will be on the hunt for recs, if you have some please share!!
Arabian: Damon & Elena25arabian on December 30th, 2012 05:28 am (UTC)
See, I didn't think the writing was uneven at all. While I adored Peeta, I thought that the journeys of Katniss, Gale and other characters were strong as well. And for me Katniss changed a whole bunch. Her eyes were opened to the good choices in bad, vice versa, she found a strength in herself she didn't realize she had, she opened herself up to believing in something other than her and Prim. She also opened her heart up to Peeta at the end and accepted that without accepting the good, the hope, the promise, you won't really live and that showed by the fact that she married him AND had children.

So, we're really just going to disagree on this one. I had no problems with it. None. It left me completely satisfied in every way.

Of other YA novels, I uber-adore the Percy Jackson series, and I really like the spin-off Heroes of Olympus series as well. Of a different vein, I also really liked the Airhead series by Meg Cabot (she of Princess Diaries fame, although I haven't read that series). I read Divergent and it was good, but I've had difficulty getting into the sequel Insurgent. I'll be trying again. I checked out Mead's other series though (the Dark Swan) and it isn't grabbing me right now (and it's adult, not YA), I'm on chapter 4 and just not all that interested in reading more. So I'm checking out the Rae Carson trilogy, The Fire and Thorns (two books, a short story out, with the third coming in the fall of 2013). We'll see. There is one other Mead series I'm gonna check out after the Carson trilogy (Georgina Kincaid series'). I'll let you know how these are. :)

ETA: Dark Swan didn't grab me. I gave up after 4 chapters. On the other hand, the first 2 books of the Carson trilogy was AWESOME! Highly, highly recommended.

That's all I can think of that really sticks out for me, though. If you have any recs, by all many share! :)

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