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Vampire Academy & Bloodlines?

Has anyone else read these series' by Richelle Mead? The first (Vampire Academy) is a 6-book series, and the 2nd (Bloodlines) is going to be another 6-part series that is an offshoot of VA. VA is complete, and I finished it a week or so ago. They are YA, but they are soooooooooo good, and definitely more towards the older young adult spectrum rather than younger.

I enjoyed it, but found myself only kinda liking the main love story (Rose/Dimitri), but not INTO it or anything. However, I loved the characters, the writing, the style, the set-up and mythology created. Definitely unlike the Twilight Series or even The Vampire Diaries book series (based on the little of it I've read). Comparing style, skill and awesomeness, the closest comparison I can see is actually TVD, the TV series, but Rose is like insanely pro-active, and strong and kick-ass. The books are all told 1st person from her point of view and are lots of fun.

They are making a movie based on the books, and the guy who wrote the script for Heathers is doing the screenplay, so I'm cautiously optimistic. They just better do good casting. I'm really hoping that whoever they cast as Rose and Dimitri have really, really good chemistry to overtake my lack of uber-love in the books. Just because I love the characters so much, I want them to do stellar casting all around. Especially for Sydney and Adrian... which brings me to:

The reason I'm writing this post. While I took my time reading the VA series, I finished up the books (only two so far! ugh!) in the Bloodlines series because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I really liked the VA ones, but the lead character, Sydney, is different from Rose, but awesome in her own way, and I like her better. Rose's impetuousness and stupid decisions sometimes made me want to smack her, but Sydney is the opposite of impetuous and she's super-smart. Then there is Adrian -- introduced in the VA series (as was Sydney) -- and he is basically a younger, (way) less effective Damon Salvatore. Snarky, funny, full of self-loathing, vulnerable, hot as hell. Man, I love him so much.

And Adrian and Sydney are SO guh! Whereas Rose and Dimitri were good and I knew I was supposed to root for them, I ache for Adrian and Sydney and they leave me breathless and giddy. Love them, love them, love them. Fortunately the next book in the series comes out in February, but the wait for the final three is gonna wreck me! It's been a looooooooong time since I shipped a book couple, but I SOOOO ship them.

So, erm, yeah, anyone else read these? (I've got her other series' and I'm tackling those next. Richelle is a great writer.)
Tags: adrian/sydney, bloodlines, books

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