Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Quick question re: the promo for next week's episode of TVD

So, there was this one thing that I keep focusing on and I wonder if it's what I think it means --

So between 10 and 11 seconds, you know when Damon is licking Elena's neck, notice that blackish kind of film that seems to float up from the bottom? I've never noticed the promos doing anything like that before and they certainly don't have it anywhere else in this promo. So, I wonder if that's not going to be Damon and Elena actually have some sexytiems, but rather some fantasy, or dream, or something non-real and that's the fade-out of it? I dunno. Did that strike anyone else as odd?

And how hot was Damon telling her "I wanna throw you back in my bed and never let you leave" followed by her challenging, "so do it." SQUEE!!!
Tags: damon/elena, the vampire diaries

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