Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Edited scene from TVD 4.08 --

Working with what they gave me, I did some editing. See what I did behind the cut.

Second verse, pretty much same as the verse. So I cut out Stefan/Caroline (sorry, love you two!), lightened the video (damn TVD and their ultra-dark lighting even on light scenes!) and edited the Blue Foundation song ("Eyes on Fire") that was used to fit with the edited scene. I think it turned out decently. :) ETA: A non-lightened version too.


Hah! I knew we'd get a second love scene, but so soon? Damn. And hotter/racier than the first? DAYUM! I think this is BRILLIANT what they're doing. They're giving the D/E fanbase some ultra hot scenes, but still keeping us hanging on because we're now waiting for THE uninterrupted, full-on, full scale love scene. But in the meantime, we're getting THIS kind of hotness. HOLY SMOKERS!

And, in case you missed the first one... here's the editing on the love scene from the last episode.
Tags: damon/elena, the vampire diaries, vid

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