Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Fave TV Show Meme

1. Name your four favorite TV shows.
2. Name your favorite character.
3. Name your least favorite character.
4. Name the pair with the best chemistry (not neccessarily a "couple").

I'm tagging ... afrocurl, beatlegirl59, missmarch and sowell., but I'd love to see anyone else's responses.

1. Veronica Mars
- Grey's Anatomy
- The Office
- Scrubs

2. Logan Echolls
- George O'Malley
- Jim Halpert
- Dr. Cox

3. Duncan Kane
- (tie) Meredith Grey/Alex Kareff
- Roy
- The Janitor (I still like him, but I don't always love him)

4. Logan/Veronica
- Izzy/George
- Jim/Pam
- JD/Turk
Tags: grey's anatomy, scrubs, the office, tv, veronica mars

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