Arabian (arabian) wrote,

People like Ian -- so give us more!

I don't get it. I do not get why Hollywood, the entertainment industry, magazine publications, etc. are not taking notice of this! Last year, in Entertainment Weekly's year-end entertainer poll which had 12 options to vote for, Ian Somerhalder came in second behind Ryan Gosling -- who was EVERYWHERE last year -- as sexiest male entertainer. Well, the list is out for this year. Technically, Ian came in second again at 16%, because Channing Tatum (I don't agree, but again, dude is EVERYWHERE) and Michael Fassbender were tied at first with 19% (so really, he was third, but still!). Ian also won the favorite TV actor category with 21% of the vote. (BTW: Nina Dobrev, came in 4th place -- the only other TVD person).

Bottom-line, the guy is popular. He really, really is. So why do we not see more of him? I don't get it.
Tags: ian somerhalder, nina dobrev

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