Arabian (arabian) wrote,

omgomgomgomg SQUEEEEEEEEE (VM S3 Promo)

Yes, yes, yes, the VERONICA MARS SEASON THREE PROMO IS OUT!!!!!!!!! And oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, lapses is the most wonderful, fabulous person in the universe (I'm so frickin' glad I'm on her flist right now, NO WORDS!) because among other things she brought us from the promo is the first shot of bench-kissing!!!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Veronica looks awesome!! (NICE HAIR!) Logan looks beautiful! Mac looks great in her one shot. Keith looks like Keith. And there is bench-kissing. Bench-kissing!!! Bench-kissing!!

Praise be to lapses -- LOOK AT THE BENCH-KISSING!!!! See the icon!!! BENCH-KISSING!!! And the final promo shot was the CW ad-thingies with KB, JD and EC, then KB walking up like in that spotlight part we've seen before. And JD nods. Yes, he nods and looks HOT!!!

And just aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

ETA: I am slightly bummed that we got to hear Piz speak so prominently and that not only does Logan not speak, other than the walking away shot when Veronica asks for his copy of 101 brooding comments, we don't see Logan (not counting JD at the end). I can't help but be worried that they are still pushing these Piz dude. Although, really, despite the decent line delivery, he's just so not ... how to I put this nicely? Competition for Logan like at all.

ETA more: Hmm, thinking on Chris Lowell's delivery of that line about Veronica, I'm not sure that the whole he's a nice, sweet guy is going to sell because honestly, he sounded kinda smarmy. I wouldn't expect a line like that said like that from the descriptions we've been getting of the character. I'm not saying that there is anything inherently wrong in the line, although I DO think it's skeevy commenting like that about his roommate's BFF who clearly has a boyfriend, but such a line said like that does not fit with the image I've been building due to RT and KB's comments about him. So, hmmm.
Tags: logan/veronica, tv, veronica mars

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