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Man, I like 'Emily Owens MD' {pouts}

Not quite sure why, but I decided to give Emily Owens MD a chance. Partly because I like fluffy shows and don't really have a show that fulfills that for me right now. (Hart of Dixie tries, but really it's just not a very good show at all, I pretty much fastforward through most non-Wade/Zoe scenes at this point.) So tonight I watched all five episodes, and yup, it's a fluffy show with a smart, yet insecure lead and a pretty great cast (and if you're looking for it, dang diverse -- of the main/supporting, two are African-American, one is Indian and one is a lesbian). While Emily is obviously the main character, I like that they've given some time and attention to all the characters. And there is dimension to them, no one is all good or all bad, they're kinda real. I'm not shipping anyone right now, I'm just going with the flow.

As for the characters ...

Emily Owens - Mamie Gummer - Gummer is a really great actress (I know her best from The Good Wife, and, yes, that she is Meryl Streep's daughter), and she makes even the voice-overs work. Her Emily is just really strong and likable. She's quirky without it being overboard, believably insecure about the things she's insecure about, but also smart and an inherently good person. And dang, in some moments, she looks and sounds SO MUCH like her mom!

Justin Hartley - Will Rider - He's hot. Yes, I'm shallow, but dude, he's hot. And wears glasses and is hot. He's also not your stereotypical hero-guy. I like him. And I do like the idea of him and Emily romantically, but also really like them as friends. I'm open to where it goes.

Aja Naomi King as Cassandra Kopelson - She's the "bad" girl, and I kinda love that she's totally a bitch, owns that she's a bitch, but that's not all she is. She does have good moments, she does have a heart and her bitchiness comes from insecurity and ambition, and she doesn't let it make her a victim. And she's gorgeous. And even though I more prefer the idea of Will and Emily, Cassandra and Will are kinda sparkly!

Kelly McCreary as Tyra Granger - I like her, but she's probably the least developed, most cliched character at this point. So probably my least favorite of the bunch, but I do still like her. However, the taking advantage of Emily has got to kinda stop. It's not there, but it could border on making her unlikable because I like Emily so much and I just want her to tell Tyra to back off.

Michael Rady as Micah Ellis - He's obviously another potential love interest, and what I really like is I genuinely can't tell who the "love interest" is supposed to be: Will or Micah. Sometimes I think Will, other times Micah. I haven't seen any press or stuff on this so I don't know if that gives it away, but I kinda hope that the creator (main writer) Jennie Snyder Urman is playing it by ear to see which works out best. And right now, there definitely needs to be some not-going-there with Emily and Micah since he has a girlfriend... and she's not over Will.

Necar Zadegan as Gina Bandari - I love this actress. She was beyond awesome on 24 (in, I think it's last season, maybe the season before that), and was hilarious in a totally different role on Major Crimes this year. We don't see much of her, but I enjoy whatever we get.

So, yeah, I like it. It's cute and a cut above the writing/acting level of the CW. Alas, it's almost certain to be cancelled. Of course. I will not give up hope until the fat lady sings though because Hart of Dixie was certain to be cancelled until it wasn't last season. And EOMD is a much better overall show than HOD. (Of course to be fair, I enjoyed HOD a lot when I marathoned it, but when I began to watch it they put George more and play and they've kinda futzed up Wade a bit, so... yeah, just saying.) But, dangit, I *like* this one! So hope will spring until it falls to the ground with a thud that it will persevere.

Anyone else watch it?
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