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4.06 - 'We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes' (The Vampire Diaries)

Shockingly enough I have a migraine -- rested some, but it's still there a wee bit so I'm bullet-pointing this stuff. Still way longer than any post has the right to be, LOL!

But before I start -- PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME. I'm not watching webclips. I'm not watching any episode preview other than the one that airs right after the show. I'm not looking at episode stills -- unless I accidentally get spoiled, grr. I'm not reading episode synopses. I'm not reading/watching interviews or following the actor/creators TVD-related tweets. Basically, rule of thumb: If it has not aired, please do not mention it in this post. Thank you; I really appreciate it. :)

- So what we learned in Elena's subconscious --

1.) She knows that Stefan will never accept her as a vampire.

2.) Stefan's 'vampires are evil' attitude has created this 'vampires are monsters' attitude in Elena that really doesn't fit the reality of her life and loves. It simply does not fit the reality of how she actually views, yes, Stefan, but also Damon, Caroline and Tyler. (And Rose and Elijah.) She firmly believes that these vampires are not evil or monsters, however, Stefan's attitude -- total dismay and disappointment in her new status -- has made her feel that she is not who she was, convincing herself that she's such a different person now. Even though she is not. But more on that later.

3.) But she still has Damon. That's what the in-Elena's-head version of Katherine told her. Yes, it was presented in her mind (*sigh*) as if he was second-choice, but Rome wasn't built in a day. And see point above: She's still seeing things -- whether they make sense or not -- in shades of absolute.

4.) Elena was ready to die in "The Departed," because she felt that she should have died the year before.

- I know there has been some complaint about the big deal made about Elena's over-the-top compassion, when 'Hey! Caroline killed Carter and those two deputies!' The thing is, though, that the vampire mythology on the show is clear that there are only certain aspects specific to a person that are amplified. For Caroline it was her super-control freak nature that puts thing in perspectives that brighten her worldview. For Stefan it was always projecting the right image and his hypocrisy. For Damon it's his self-loathing and feeling of not being the chosen one. For Elena it's her compassion. So I don't think that it's that Caroline is stronger than Elena or that Elena is a "better' person that Caroline, I think it's just that the aspects of Caroline that were amplified helped her deal with her vampirism with ease while the aspects of Elena that are amplified are making it harder.

- Hah! Damon saying that it didn't take a genius to figure out where Elena was... Nah, I think you're one of only a few who would have figured that out.

- Damon saved her. Of course. What else is new? But was what new was how Elena looked at him afterwards and how she said the words 'You saved me.' It was as if she was seeing Damon, 100% fully, completely Damon as her hero. I don't think we've ever seen her look that way at him solely about him being there for her without tears, without sadness (ala "The New Deal"). It was just... he was her hero. That look, that tone of voice we've only see her direct at Stefan before. But here, it was directed at Damon. Of course, there are two in this game, and yeah, Damon's reaction: See the self-loathing and feeling of not being the chosen one' above? Thus his slight headshake, look down and sarcastic deflection after she thanked him.


- My exact thoughts while Elena was standing on the bridge at one point: Elena took the ring off! Yes!! And then when the commercial ended, focusing on that ring: Damon found the ring. Darn. Ah well, at least we know (even if we didn't see it) that he put the ring on her finger this time. And he took her home, got her in her sleepy clothes, put her to bed and waited for her to wake up. Awww.

- I was reminded of how in "The Reckoning" it was very specific that Stefan wasn't able to stop himself from tearing into Elena, and we saw Damon be the one to save her. Here, it was again very specific that we saw Damon be the one to save her. Considering why she stopped fighting Damon on the bridge -- because the spell was broken -- means that Stefan being there would have most likely (and quite easily) had the same effect, but instead they made it Damon there to do the saving. Uh huh.

- About the Stefan/Elena break-up (pause for a moment to let the cheering subside)... Ahem. First off, kudos deserved, Paul Wesley's acting in that final scene was stellar. Some of his best in a while. Now, onto the scene. I found a few things interesting. First off, what was unspoken when Stefan said her feelings for Damon were magnified was that if Elena's feelings for Stefan were so strong pre-vampire days, then her feelings for him would have magnified as well... which would mean that she wouldn't be drawn to Damon more. But she is. Because her feelings pre-vampire days were stronger for Damon than they were for Stefan by the time she "chose" Stefan.

Which I still maintain wasn't really her true choice at all when looking at the entirety of the circumstances. I know that on the surface their entire conversation was about human!Elena versus vampire!Elena thus her not being into Stefan anymore, but those were just words that Stefan was saying to make himself feel better. And also Elena agreed with because it makes her feel better to believe that she's letting go of her 'always' belief with Stefan and admitting she wants his brother not because she actually does -- after all, what does that say about her with all of Damon's bad-bad brother mojo? -- but rather because of that pesky vampirism. In other words, their most honest conversation was still full of lies and the inability to be honest with themselves or each other. Elena just still cannot handle the fact that she was hot for Damon as a human. And Stefan can't fathom it.

The truth of the matter is that Vamp!Elena is not this drastically different person. This Elena were seeing now is the Elena who was growing into adulthood, becoming braver, stronger, more independent without Stefan in season 03. That's the girl who started to fall hard for Damon even as she desperately tried to hold onto her love for his brother. Yes, she chose Stefan... but remember she chose Stefan to say goodbye to, under a time crunch, when she believed they were both going to die. We can never really know for sure if Elena and Stefan would have worked had she stayed human. Based on everything prior to her vampiric turn, I don't think they would have because the problems, the issues, her feelings for Damon that are making things not work for Stefan and Elena as a couple now would have been there whether she was a vampire or not. Those were things that changed and grew when Stefan was gone and Elena was growing up and Damon was right beside her.

So, again, the whole Elena not choosing Stefan now because she's not a human and admitting to wanting Damon because she's a vampire is essentially a load of bunk. Just because Stefan and Elena are saying these words doesn't mean that the SHOW is saying it's only human!Elena for Stefan and vamp!Elena for Damon. Nope, this is what these two specific characters WHO LIE TO EACH OTHER AND THEMSELVES are saying. The show is SHOWING us and has shown us that human!Elena was pretty damn into Damon too.

- *sigh* Gotta say, I'm even more frustrated with Joshua Butler with each passing episode. Obviously, what happened in "The Five" between Damon and Elena and Stefan and Elena's inability to be even remotely honest with one another in that final scene was supposed to show that growing connection, desire between Damon and Elena, while also showing the growing distance between Stefan and Elena. However based on the direction which horribly did not highlight the Damon/Elena in a meaningful (or sexy) way at all while at the same time portrayed as Stefan/Elena UNITED AGAINST THE WORLD! made it seem as if the progress of Damon/Elena took a few steps back while Stefan/Elena were finding more solid ground. Again, clearly the opposite was supposed to happen which would have flowed and made perfect sense going into episode 05, and especially this episode leading to the Stefan/Elena break-up. Arrrrggghh!! Damn you, Butler!

- OK, I don't have any more deep thoughts about Elena and the boys because this week pretty much just solidified everything but the above that I talked about in last week's episode, so random thoughts time....

- I gotta say I loved how even though she started to, she corrected herself and Elena didn't separate the vampire self from who she is, unlike Stefan who separates the Ripper from who he is.

- Is handporn going to be a DE thing? Yes, please!


And dear sweet baby Jesus, the way she smiles at him... totally, totally the smile of a girl in love, and happy about it.

Further proof that Damon is winning over more than the girl?

- Jeremy casually saying he'd stake Damon was awesome because it showed the complete trust and comfort level that Jere has with Damon now. Booyah! And just because: Hee! "Little Gilbert."

- April kinda felt like expository girl this week, but I won't complain because it led to the awesome scene between Damon and Matt. WOOHOO!!! And something I found interesting was that Matt didn't tell Damon "I don't like you," but rather "You don't like me." Hmmm... And then he looked proud and pleased that he was impressing Damon. Uh huh!

- Bonnie called Damon her friend without even a hint of hesitation, awww. Speaking of Damon and Bonnie, I see that they are back to their semi-respectful, prickly working relationship which I like! I also like that Bonnie complained about being out of the loop (because, uhm, yeah!), and then that Damon had a fairly reasonable explanation to offer in response.

- Seriously, though I continue to love how everyone goes to, works with, takes Damon's lead now. Awesome!

- I loved that Damon couldn't look Elena in the face and NOT tell her the truth, while Stefan had no problem doing so. Yeah.

- I also loved that when Stefan tried to make Elena being pissed off at him about Damon, she wouldn't let him go there, but put it squarely where it belonged: on him. Also: What Elena fan didn't cheer when she told him "I'm not in the mood to listen to you try to talk your way out of this." I know I did! GO ELENA!

- Aww, Damon. Thank you, show, for not dropping the Damon/Alaric bromance. We had not one, not two, but THREE Ric mentions/references from Damon tonight. Aww, aww, aww!

- So, explain to me like I'm stupid why didn't Klaus kill Hayley? (By the way, Phoebe Tonkin continues to prove that the only reason she got the kudos she did on The Secret Circle is because her character got all the cool lines, cuz, she's pretty much not doing much here.) But back to Klaus. I mean, come on! He's supposedly so bad-ass -- yet for no apparent reason let's this little girl talk smack to him and doesn't just rip her head off? -- and twenty steps ahead of everyone, yet Caroline and Tyler are fooling him this easily? Really? Frankly, it's kind of embarrassing. Klaus is proving himself to be pretty lame-ass, unscary, stupid and a bit pathetic.

ETA: OK, people explained my stupidity to me. It's all about him using Hayley to keep a wedge between Caroline and Tyler, plus as emiv pointed out, as a werewolf, Klaus would want to keep open the possibility of another hybrid down the road. So I take this one back. But not this:

- Dude, really? Why the hell would anyone let Klaus know that Jeremy is a hunter now? SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Please Damon have not been a part of THAT decision! Please have just assumed that they'd grab some sired hybrid randomly and do the deed without Klaus' knowledge.

- Elena killed Jeremy. Yeah. That happened. Certain people know what I'm thinking here. All I can say now is really?!

- I liked how Katherine and vamp!Elena even in Elena's head were so different. Go Nina!

- Not so much go? (And totally shallow.) I don't like Nina's dye job, the red highlights are too pronounced and are not flattering to her skin tone. Grrr. I know I'm actually complaining about someone's hair on this show not named Damon or Ian. Shocking!

- So, yeah, am I the only one wondering why we're suddenly seeing this new Elena shower in full glory in the last few episodes? Dare I hope that it's planned for future Damon/Elena sexytiems? Pretty please!? Hey, it would be the one place we haven't seen either with ANYONE ELSE! And that sheer-ish shower curtain that gave us this:

Could easily give us barely PG-ish good Damon/Elena hot stuff, baby tonight! (Calling Donna Summer! Yes, I'm showing my age)

- OK, badboy_fangirl, Damon did say 'Lena after she ran out of the kitchen. (But the 'E' was there when she was spirited away by Klaus.)

- Atticus? I kinda like it. I also do wonder Shane's whole deal. Hmm. And if he's connected to Esther and her story in any way. And if he's immortal somehow, I mean, traveling the world ten times over, all he knows? I dunno. I am curious though.

- Was it just me or did anyone else hear Elena say "Mommy, I didn't mean to disappoint you"? I really hope she did because going back to that more childish form of maternal address is a nice touch on the state of Elena's mind.

- I also really loved the small gesture of Elena pressing her face into her mother's palm. It was just a beautiful moment.

- So, butterfly and I have long agreed that the characters on this show have a major tribal mentality thing going. They don't necessarily want to kill/see others hurt, but if they are people outside their tribe, then well if it's necessary, well, it's necessary. Which is what made the conversation between Caroline and Tyler so interesting (I know! I just typed that!). It actually is making me wonder if Tyler might not stick around in Mystic Falls beyond this season, maybe not even in death, but just leaving because clearly the tribe we all know and love is separate from Tyler's pack, and there may come a time where he has to choose one over the other. That could be the point of Hayley. I don't think that she and Tyler had a thing, but obviously she does care very much for him, and she may wind up being his out to help him leave.

- So, uhm, did Tyler and Caroline break up too? Do I care? Unless it means that we won't have to deal with them boring up my screen anytime soon, then, no, really, I don't.

- Whee!! Domestic!Damon for about ten seconds. I'll take it!

- So yeah, this Silas dude is so gonna be a thing, right?

- OK, new theory! It's not Elena that will wind up turning human at the end of the season, but.... DAMON! We'll see.

So, another strong episode, but I'm still waiting for my socks to be blown off. Come on, show! Blow my socks off. With you, I will not settle for great! I demand magnificence! (But I won't complain about great ;)

And once more for the road: PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME. I'm not watching webclips. I'm not watching any episode preview other than the one that airs right after the show. I'm not looking at episode stills. I'm not reading episode synopses. I'm not reading/watching interviews or following the actor/creators TVD-related tweets.Basically, rule of thumb: If it has not aired, please do not mention it in this post. Thank you; I really appreciate it. :)

Gifs tomorrow, I think!
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