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12 November 2012 @ 02:02 am
TV ROUND-UP ... Ooh! Fun!!  
So, I watch a lot of TV (way too much, LOL), here are some brief thoughts on bunches of them. I also decided to list my current favorite shows (which I'm judging on how quickly I get to them when they air as opposed to letting them languish on my DVR or computer).

01. The Vampire Diaries -- Obviously, I'm still adoring this. If anyone is interested in my thoughts on it, you can check out my MANY posts on it. :)

02. Survivor is kicking ass this season. I LURVE Malcolm, Denise, Lisa -- yes, I watched The Facts of Life, yes I know she's kinda right-wing crazy Christian but she's not shoving it my face, and DAYUM! she looks gorgeous, and Penner! I soooooooooo want these as the final four. I doubt it will happen, but it would be awesome. Every week just continues to be delicious, delicious, delicious!

03. The Rachel Maddow Show -- How did I live before I discovered Rachel Maddow? And why in Zeus' butthole (thank you, Rock-era Nicolas Cage) did it take me so long to discover her? She's smart, funny, adorable, eloquent, impassioned, calm, and just all-around FREAKING AWESOME! (After Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, she gives me the most celebrity-related joy on the planet right now.)

04. Homeland -- Love, love, love this show. Damian Lewis is amazing, Claire Danes is incredible, their chemistry is whoah! and I think they actually may be THE most dysfunctional -- outside of supernatural themed shows -- ever. But I love every scene they share. My only quibble -- and it's teeny -- is that I am not, nor have I ever been a Morena Baccarin fan. She's OK, but when you've got Lewis, Danes, Mandy Patinkin... she just doesn't measure up for me. But, again, she's OK, not bad and the rest is so good, it doesn't bother me (like it did in other stuff I've seen her in).

05. Scandal -- This is such ridiculously, OTT, delicious, soapy, soapy goodness. Oliva Pope is awesome. Kerry Washington weekly proves why I've always been a fan. It's just insanely insane, and I love it!

06. Person of Interest -- My favorite new show from last year; I still love it greatly. The four stars are all fabulous, and Bear is a great addition. And anytime we glimpse Carrie Preson (aka Michael Emerson's real-life wife), I squee! (I met her at Dragon-Con! -- told her how awesome she was.)

07. The Amazing Race -- One of my favorite seasons so far, all the ugly Americans are gone and even the ones who don't get along are pretty chill and cool. Good peeps. I love the Chippendales, Texas and the TWinnies the most. I think my favorite moment this season was when the locals started yelling "Go Twinnie!" during one challenge, and Ryan finally gave in and yelled it a few times too. Cracked me up. I genuinely would be fine with ANY remaining team winning.

08. Parks and Recreation -- That proposal scene was literally (TM Chris Traeger) the sweetest, most wonderfully awesome proposal scene I have EVER watched on tv or film. I loved it SO hard. And I love Ben SO MUCH! And I love his geekiness (ya'll, he read Star Trek fanfiction... that he wrote!). I love Leslie and her awesome, and her crush on Ben's butt, and her crush on everything Ann. I love Andy/April, and Ron, and Donna and the fact that Tom is finally growing. LOVE THIS SHOW.

09. Elementary -- I was excited about this at first, but while I liked the first few episodes they didn't quite click for me. Now, it's grooving along really nicely and I quite, quite enjoy it.

10. Top Chef -- This may go up. Only the first episode aired, but dang it was fantastic. I love how they picked the cheftesants this time out. Very cool. And I already have some I like.

So other shows I watch, but I get to when I can --

- Dexter -- I'm enjoying it the same way I do every season. I'm very chill about this show. I've never not liked it. And I can't be objective about Hannah because she is played by Yvonne Strahovski and I LOVE her.

- Fringe -- Gotta be honest, I'm not really feeling this whole future thing. I guess it's OK and I'll totally finish out the series, but I'm just not die-hard at all.

- The Voice -- My favorite is Amanda Brown -- because I'm like almost everyone else I assume who watched her perform "Dream On." It wasn't just the vocals -- which were AMAZING! -- but how she OWNED that stage, her attitude, her everything. I was also quite pleased that all of my favorites made it through to the top 12 aside from Amanda. From Team Blake: Terry and Mikaela (who really surprised me, but she was WONDERFUL). From Team Christina: Syliva, the only one I like from her team, and to me, clearly the best on her team. From Team Cee-Lo: Cody, who was the only one whose voice I enjoyed. And well, Amanda from Team Adam. Not happy about Melanie as she bugs the BUGSHIT out of me so hard, ugh! But that's what the FF button is for.

- The X Factor -- I love Demi Lovato. That's the only reason I decided to watch the show this season. OH MY GOD! I don't think I can continue watching it. It is SO BAD. Like atrociously, horribly, horrendously bad. Everything about it is the cheesiest, lamest, worst thing you could ever imagine for a singing competition. It is TERRIBLE! And I never had an opinion about Britney Spears before this show other than liking a few of her songs. Now? Dang, she is so annoying. So, so annoying. I just can't -- so bad, you guys, this show is SO BAD.

- Project Runway All-Stars -- Go Anthony Ray! Uhm, yeah, that's pretty much what I've got. Oh, and this host, Carolyn Murphy, is way better than the first season's host, and I think she's actually better than Heidi Klum too.

- Once Upon a Time -- I'm still enjoying it, but it will never be a great show in my eyes. Unless, I wind up getting a couple I uber-ship on the show, it won't ever get higher on my radar.

- The Good Wife -- I still love this show lots. Even weak episodes are great to me. :)

There are a few more shows I watch, but don't really have thoughts on them. So, that's a wrap!
eolivet on November 12th, 2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
You have no thoughts on Downton Abbey? KIDDING!

GAH, I LOVE Scandal. SO GOOD!!! The conspiracy plot is fabulous!!! Fitz/Olivia are SO ANGSTY and amazing, and have such great chemistry. But the acting is fabulous, too -- AHHH, SO GOOD!!! :D

Totally agree with you on Survivor, too. :) Not caught up on TAR yet, but it's pretty good so far.

P&R had the best proposal I've seen on TV this year (hee!) It was VERY sweet -- and considering how cringeworthy proposal scenes are for me, it was surprisingly subtle and heartfelt. :) P&R is the BEST comedy on TV, bar none. Love everyone, as you said. :D

I really like OUaT -- I don't love it, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. :)
Arabian: Emma & Jefferson01arabian on November 13th, 2012 04:55 am (UTC)
I'm waiting for a rerun heavy-week so I'll have time to sit and watch DA. I have all the eps, I just haven't cracked them yet. I promise to let you know my thoughts when I do.

Scandal is just good, soapy fun. FItz/Olivia is great. I could do without Abby, but I like everyone else.

P&R is the BEST comedy on TV, bar none. Love everyone, as you said. :D

I really like OUaT -- I don't love it, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. :)

Ditto on both. :)
Florencia: DE (In Silence)florencia7 on November 12th, 2012 09:00 pm (UTC)
So many shows, so little time! I'm only watching TVD and OUAT '^^ &The main reason why I like OUAT is that I can watch it for fun without going through emotional turmoil before, during & after each episode lol
Arabian: Damon & Elena02arabian on November 13th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
Not having emotional turmoil is fun when watching TV, but oh the blessed rewards when your show hits it!!! AHHHHH!
heartsewnsleeve on November 13th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
Do you watch "Revenge"? I feel like you'd love it!
Arabian: Emily & Nolan01arabian on November 13th, 2012 01:16 am (UTC)
I do watch it, but I've been a little disappointed this season. And right now there are 56 male characters (lead/supporting) -- Jack, Daniel, Nolan, Grayson, Declan and new!guy - and Nolan is BY FAR the only one I like, so it make it eh to watch when so much revolves around these characters I don't like. I do like Emily, love Victoria and Amanda, and I kinda ship Nolan/Emily, but yeah, it's kinda lost me a little. The whole Tekada School for the Vengeful is really stupid in my opinion and I don't like that. I'll stick with it, but it's not working 100% for me.
heartsewnsleeve on November 13th, 2012 01:27 am (UTC)
I think Declan and Jack are so boring. Same with Daniel. I just don't find them interesting. I do enjoy Grayson though because he's all types of wrongs. Yes, Nolan is the best. I primarily love Victoria, Amanda, Nolan, and Em on occasion. I thought the first season was much better IMO. I'm behind right now though because I always forget to keep up with my DVR. I'm hoping this stupid Tekeda plot goes away soon.
Arabian: Elena05arabian on November 13th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
Heh, I typed 5, then realized I meant 6, but didn't delete the 5, LOL!

Yeah, I can see that about Grayson, but I just don't particularly like him. Jack, Grayson, new!guy, Declan are all SO boring and lame.
heartsewnsleeve on November 13th, 2012 01:43 am (UTC)
They literally make me more annoyed than Tyler Lockwood because they don't do ~anything~. LOL at new!guy. I don't know his name either. I tune him out.

Did you ever try "Park 666"? That's not so bad (I'm only on the 2nd episode so far so I may be wrong) and Vanessa Williams is such a HBIC on it. I like my soapy shows. They're my guilty pleasure.
Arabian: Betty01 - Yesarabian on November 13th, 2012 04:59 am (UTC)
I can't really compare most characters I don't like on other shows to TVD characters because I'm inclined to think better of TVD characters because they're, you know, TVD characters. ;)

I didn't watch Park 666 because while I love Vanessa Williams and Terry O'Quinn, it just didn't appeal to me, but I had a co-worker who really liked it. Alas, many a sign are pointing to a cancellation so I'm not gonna bother now.
heartsewnsleeve on November 13th, 2012 05:10 am (UTC)
Completely get ya! ;-) I just have a mental list of male characters that I don't like. I tend to have a specific type of character that I don't like and certain characters trigger it.

I miss Vanessa on Ugly Betty so badly (your icon just made think of how much I miss/loved that show!!!). I got the same vibe from it. I was glad that I didn't start "The Secret Circle" last year because my mom said the last episode was a really horrible way for it to end.
Arabian: Feelings Journalarabian on November 13th, 2012 07:16 am (UTC)
I started TSC but then stopped after 6 eps, it just didn't hold me. Good call!