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15 October 2012 @ 05:55 am
Random TV feels  
Quick TV rundown (of shows not starring Ian Somerhalder)! Spoilers for the most recent episode of all shows mentioned. (I do watch more TV than this, but these are the ones I wanted to share some thoughts on.)

- Revolution -- One of the new shows I'm watching. I don't love it *love it* and I know it's not the greatest thing ever, but I'm enjoying it. I love Miles and I am intrigued by his backstory. Charlie I like too. I'm sad about Maggie as I did really like her. Elizabeth Mitchell is always awesome. Giancarlo Esposito is great. And Danny is pretty cool too. Formerly rich Google dude is OK. One of the things I like is how it makes sense that everyone would be able to take care of themselves because of the lives they've been living for the last fifteen years. I dunno, I'm enjoying it.

- Go On -- I liked this when it started, but with every subsequent episode, I'm loving it more and more. It actually reminds me of the 1st half of season 01 of Community -- which is when I loved that show. The sense of, well, community between the therapy group is wonderful. I love all of them. Matthew Perry I will never not love. Any bit of John Cho we get is fab, and just, yeah, overall, I really, really, REALLY enjoy this.

- Elemenatry-- I'm enjoying, and I think both Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are fabulous, but of the new shows I'm watching, it's one that's kinda just there. It has moments though that show it can be more, and I do enjoy it.

- Person of Interest -- Remains awesome. 'Nuff said. :) I like how they did the whole Root story, (although I totally figured out who the girl was before the big reveal), and I'm THRILLED that the whole team (plus new addition Bear!) are all in it together now.

- Once Upon a Time -- I really like how they've stepped things up and having the three different "stories" play out is awesome. And tonight's episode was fabulous. I legit teared up when Emma said that she's never had anyone put her first. Jennifer Morrison's acting choice in that moment was sublime, as was Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow)'s reaction to it. And can I just say how AWESOME it is having SNOW all the time and no more mousy, wishy-washy Mary-Margaret. Snow is so smart and bad-ass and I just love her. And, and, and JEFFERSON! I just have sads because due to them being in different storylines, I'm not getting any Emma/Jefferson interaction. My only complaint is that I think both actresses playing Aurora and Mulan are rather weak. Ah well. Overall, I'm really enjoying this season.

- The Amazing Race -- I'm so glad the girls went home this leg, and I want the Monster Truckers to go next, because other than the departed girls and that team, EVERYONE has such an AWESOME attitude. I just love so many teams. They are awesome. My faves are Nadiya/Natalie (twins), James/Jaymes (chippendales), Josh/Brent (goat farmers) and Trey/Lexi (young Texan couple). But, yeah, I really like most of them. It's great and makes the race SO MUCH MORE FUN to watch.

- Survivor-- The Facts of Life fan in me can't help but root for Blair (Lisa Welchel), but I have a soft spot for Penner too. But bottom-line my faves are Malcom/Denise. These two might possibly be my favorite alliance EVER on this show. They are both so awesome together. Please Survivor gods, somehow save these two for much, much longer. It's not their fault they're on a sucky tribe and they were the only non-sucky members on it.

As for the happily-gone Russell. I remembered him from his first season, and I didn't like him in his first season for the exact reasons that everyone else doesn't like him this go-round. The only reason so many people forgot what an annoying, pretentious, self-unaware tool he was is because he was on the same season as Russell Hantz. Yeah, that Russell sucks, but I didn't forget that the other one did too. Boy, what a reminder! But, but, but MALCOLM AND DENISE!! WHEE!!!

- Revenge -- It's good, but I'm not loving it. Nolan, Emily and Victoria are great, but Daniel still bores and Jack still annoys. Charlotte outside of the stupid teenage-romance love plot is much more interesting. And, damnit, I LIKE FauxAmanda, and can't stand the whole Jack/Emily thing. Still, Jennifer Jason Leigh! BOOYAH! Tonight's episode was odd in that I found myself thinking that Emily and Aiden have chemistry, and then the dang show had to go and have all of these awesome Nolan/Emily moments ("she's my ... my Emily." And my heart went AWW!) that I just, yeah, I just don't want to see Emily with anyone but Nolan. Sorry, Mike!

- The Good Wife -- SUCH A GOOD SHOW. I love it so. I am sad that we're not getting any Cary/Kalinda and I want Kalinda's husband-story to be done, but that's just from a shipper level. I do think it's a good story, and I LOVE how Kalinda's handling it. I'm just loving everything, except for the return to Alicia/Peter. I don't ship *ship* Alicia/Will, but I do like them and this separation with them makes me sad. One more note: I love Nathan Lane's character and how he's being used. :)

- Homeland -- Ya'll, I can not lie. Because I had issues with the last half of season 03 and the premiere (which mostly stems from issues with the last half of season 03) of The Vampire Diaries, I'm thinking that this show has actually taken the title of BEST SHOW ON TV, in my opinion, away from TVD. It's just SO good. I don't even like Claire Danes much, but I ADORE Carrie. And I do love Damian Lewis, and even though Brody is a terrorist, I love him too. Add Mandy Patinkin, stellar writing and direction and GAH! SO GOOD! (I really, really, really want TVD to reclaim the title, though! Come on, show!) After tonight's episode, I'm soooooooooo glad that Carrie knows she was right. Yes!

- Dexter -- I've never not enjoyed a season (last was probably my least favorite), and I get what pushed Deb to "accept" Dexter, it's a very interesting line they're walking. I mean, she is a cop, she does believe in the law, but ... that woman would be alive and the bad dude dead had Dexter done his thing. It's wrong, so wrong what Dexter does, but if he didn't do what he did a lot of people would be dead. It's a morally gray area that makes you think. I'm glad that they've followed through with the Deb finding out stuff and I'm REALLY hoping that the whole icky love thing is DONE. Finally, she only had one scene so far, but still ... WHEE! Yvonne Strahovski! I LOVE Yvonne Strahovski. (And even if he was horrible and is now dead, I do love me some Enver Gjokaj ... explain to me like I'm stupid why this guy does not have a regular gig. Geesh! So talented.)
she was a work in progress.: stock: televisiondreamer_98 on October 15th, 2012 12:50 pm (UTC)
I'm liking [i]Elementary[/i] so far. It's only had two episodes, so hopefully it only gets stronger over time.

I'm not really liking the additions of Aurora and Mulan on OUAT; I feel like they just threw in two Disney princesses they hadn't featured yet. But I really liked Sarah Bolger (Aurora) as Mary on [i]The Tudors[/i], so I'm hoping their characters and stories will be a bit more fleshed out throughout the season.
Arabian: JenniferMorrison01arabian on October 16th, 2012 07:26 am (UTC)
I'm liking Elementary so far. It's only had two episodes, so hopefully it only gets stronger over time.

Yeah, I'm thinking it definitely has the potential, I do like it.

I'm not really liking the additions of Aurora and Mulan on OUAT; I feel like they just threw in two Disney princesses they hadn't featured yet.

Yeah, and I don't get it! They have enough characters already, more than enough. Spread 'em out! I haven't seen Bolger in anything else, based on OUAT, not impressed. Sorry. :(

harper47: pic#101680101harper47 on October 15th, 2012 05:48 pm (UTC)
I agree. I like a ton of peeps on TAR- don't have a fave yet and I love Malcolm and Denise too. I like Penner but don't think after Rob won that any returnee has a shot of actually winning again.
Arabian: Neil&Lacey01arabian on October 16th, 2012 07:26 am (UTC)
GERRIE!!!!!!!!!!!! {{Runs over and gives you a HUGE SMUSHY HUG!!}}

I don't even post about dance stuff anymore cuz you're never on LJ. On a scale of 1-10 how BORING was SYTYCD? 10! I did crack up that the two girls that Nigel picked as fodder were the final two, and I did love Chehon.

I like a ton of peeps on TAR- don't have a fave yet and I love Malcolm and Denise too. I like Penner but don't think after Rob won that any returnee has a shot of actually winning again.

Yeah, I agree all-around. I'd love to see M/D pull out a miracle!
wickedrum: pic#110811343wickedrum on October 16th, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
I've been lookin forward to Elementary ever since its conception, but so far I didn't feel it delivers. Especially not comparing to Sherlock.

Dexter-I have no idea how they do it, but it just keeps getting better and better all the time!
Florencia: DE (All I Need)florencia7 on October 16th, 2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
Your OUAT thoughts are my thoughts exactly! :)

I always wanted to give Homeland a try and now knowing that you think it's good I'm sure I will (just not now, because I have limited internet that doesn't allow me to watch more than two shows lol)
eolivet on October 24th, 2012 11:22 pm (UTC)
Working backwards, hee!!!

And can I just say how AWESOME it is having SNOW all the time and no more mousy, wishy-washy Mary-Margaret. Snow is so smart and bad-ass and I just love her. And, and, and JEFFERSON!

Ooh, YES!!! I've REALLY enjoyed OUaT this year, and I've just been adoring all the mother/daughter Snow/Emma scenes. I know this is several weeks later (or a couple), but when Snow drew out a sword and told the ogre "Back away from my daughter," that was AWESOME!!! :D

TOTALLY agree about weaker actresses playing Mulan and Aurora, too -- especially Aurora. At least with Mulan, I felt some sense of loss or love between her and Philip in the first episode.

(Can I also say I am ADORING Charming this year? Even more than milquetoast, but kind-hearted Mary Margaret, morally ambiguous wimp David Nolan is gone [but not forgotten!!! LOVED his speech about how all of them are both. :)

I'm not feeling TAR this year (Trey/Lexi get on my last nerve, though I do like Abbie and Ryan in terms of "generically dating couples.") I like the twins, though they were annoying this past ep, but the rest of them -- yeah, I could take or leave them. ;p

But I LOOOOOOVE SURVIVOR!!!! TOTALLY agree about Malcolm/Denise (and OMG an "older" woman in a decent alliance, YAY!!!) Love Penner, love Skupin, love Lisa. I even love to hate that weaselly Jeff Kent, and live in hope someone will out him as the millionaire baseball player he is. ;p

(And Abi Maria is like...INSANE. OMG. I went from disliking RC to kind of feeling sorry for her. The yellow tribe really has personalities on it....)

I think it's hilarious none of them recognize Lisa. Shows their age. ;)

Sigh, that's all we share besides TVD, aww. I tried "Go On," but I'm not a "Community" fan so I couldn't get into the humor. And I'm forever confused about "Homeland" -- mainly because I don't have Showtime, but first I was convinced they were married (don't ask me why), then I found out they were sorta kinda romantically involved and now I'm just confused. I've never seen an episode in my life, but it's ubiquitous on Twitter and LJ. Maybe someday...

I'm currently LOVING "Scandal." West Wing and Grey's Anatomy rolled into one, and an angsty ship with great chemistry. I'm a happy gal. :D
Arabian: Matthew Perry01arabian on October 24th, 2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
I actually stopped watching Revolution, by the way.

TAR: Yeah, the twins were annoying the last episode, but the Chippendales just keep growing on me. Love them.

Survivor: Malcolm/Denise FTW!!! I agree re; Abi Maria and RC. I felt/feel the same way.

Community as is now is not what it was, and it took Go On about 3/4 eps to get into a really good groove. I love MP so I stuck with the early, not as good episodes.

Homeland does need to be watched to get. It's just so rich, and well-acted. And like TVD, STUFF HAPPENS. It's awesome.

Scandal is AWESOME yes. I can't believe I didn't mention that! I'm loving it too.