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07 September 2006 @ 08:46 pm
Project Runway Spoilers  
Do I have no taste? Seriously! I ADORED Kayne's dress. It's possibly my favorite gown I've ever seen on PR.

And I positively HATED Jeffrey's dress. Why? Because it was UGLY!!!! Yes, I didn't like Vincent's either and I'm glad he's FINALLY gone. But Jeffrey's was frickin' ugly too! Uli's on the other hand was lovely, my second-favorite after Kayne's, and I really thought she was going to win. And knowing how the judges almost never seem to like anything Kayne does, I wanted her to win. But JEFFREY!?!?!? Ugh.

Sadly, Michael's did bite, but I think it was telling that he could make a much more favorable impression with just one change. I think he was thrown by the challenge a bit and for the first time his instincts were off. Ah well.

I didn't like Laura's in Paris, but I thought it looked nice on her model in NY. I don't know if it was the darker skin tone or her model just wore it better, but it was nicer.

Ah well. I must clearly just have no taste because I hated Jeffrey's -- which, gasp, won! -- and adored Kayne's which was tacky and tasteless according to them. I mean, come on! It was just gorgeous and I could see any celebrity wear that on a red carpet and make the best-dressed list that night.

Just look at it! It's gorgeous (this is the best shot I could find). Absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

Hey, wait, what's going on?: TDS 9.6.05mycenae on September 8th, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)
I liked Jeffrey's... but I like yellow... a lot... I saw the fabric and was just excited. Yellow plaid does not please everyone, but it's extreme in that sort of coture way. A lot of coture just seems to me to be very expensive WTF. I dunno, I liked it. Although when the model was walking my roommate and I kept going, "Look at my crotch! Look! I flashed it again! Look at my crotch!" Guess she was trying to compete with the yellow plaid.

Kayne's looked good from a distance, but then in the close-ups he just went overboard with everything on the bodice. The skirt was beautiful, though.
Arabian: Dreamy Colbertarabian on December 25th, 2006 10:59 pm (UTC)
Oh, I love yellow. It's my favorite color. It's such a bright, happy color. But yellow plaid and you're right, that crotch!! I was shocked that Michael or Nina didn't pull out the vulgar card. Still, the win? Ugh.

I still loved Kayne's, I really did. Yes, I adored the skirt, but I liked the bodice too. Of course, I'm not fond of most runway stuff, so maybe I'm not just couture enough, LOL!